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Excessive slurping
Veto meeting Monday

Sunday's show won the hour with 7.2 million viewers, 4.3 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' rerun on ABC with 4.4/2.6/5, 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' on NBC with 4.25/2.8/5, and 'The Simpsons' and 'The Cleveland Show' reruns on FOX with 3.8/2.1/4 and 3.75/2.1/4 respectively. 'Big Brother 12' also won the 18-49 demographic.

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Two-hour finale is September 15

Annie & Monet have been sequestered so we might end up with Revive-a-Hamster

The saboteur was Annie. She'd have won $50k if she lasted five weeks undetected.

Have-Nots have their own room again, cold showers again, slop again, plus popcorn, plus additional food items decided by viewer votes.

Nobody knows why Paolo isn't there.

The winner of BB12 will win $500k and 2nd place gets $50k. Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

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>> Matt is Head of Household - Andrew & Kathy are nominated - Brendon holds veto <<

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    I got nothing

    We've had slow days in the habitat before, and slow seasons, but nothing like this

    They laid around a lot.. Kathy started campaigning in earnest in one-on-ones here & there.. they laid around some more.. Rachel & Brendon slurped here and slurped there, like they do

    This was different: I don't recall anyone hanging a towel up there before - I didn't even know there was something to hang a towel from up there

    Britney cozied up with the four guys known as The Brigade (I hate alliance nicknames), and with Kristen, and with Kristen & Hayden, proving her get-around skills are first rate.. mostly they all just laid around a lot

    By the way, THERE ARE NO LIFELONG FRIENDS! It was a poor attempt at stabotage to WREAK HAVOC that failed miserably.. get over it and move on, thanks

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    Daily Ratings - Shoot Me in the Face edition

    Ratings are unspired because they are so utterly uninspiring.. it's going to be a long week

    Sunday's show didn't bring much since we'd already seen the endurance comp (the blocked ending didn't bring any great revelations), and Matt's room reveal which was also blocked was the same as most, with the addition of Stacy's faux illness. Kudos for expanding Britney's role from dedicated mean girl status to the funny, bright, versatile character she is, and for including a clip of her shtick with Lane. That could hit 'The Soup' this week along with Andrew's vacuuming around the slurpies but you have to wonder why they used that for a c-block clip instead of Kathy's weeklong occupation of the Rachel/Brendon HOH bed.

    I like his continued griping about the food and I like his pool floating style. That's all it takes for ups these days.

    He might not be too awful on his own but he's not on his own, and the combo of him & Rachel is just too icky for words. He had a dream about being chased by a lot of people, and he didn't sound like he realizes what that means. Psst, Brendon, they are all coming after you.

    Won: $10
    She's making a lot of rounds lately, making new friends but more importantly, entertaining us all as she does it with her quick wit, her impressions, her comedy show with Lane, New Britney/Old Britney, Would You Rather.. and the rest of her routines. I'm glad CBS is listening and expanding her role on the air show, but they've barely scratched the surface of her potential - she could make this thing a hit tv show again.

    I didn't see or hear much of him today but I'm still riding on his Saturday night comedy show which may have been the highlight of the season.

    He's still in there.

    She's this close to going on permanent ignore around here. You don't start hardcore campaigning on Sunday - it's days to go til the vote! She's becoming the Meg Whitman of Big Brother.

    Won: $100
    No spiders were eaten today, but those ruffled straps that supposedly comprised an outfit - what's that about?

    Won: $1,000
    Roleplay with cows, indeed.

    Won: $1
    Big Brother needs to give him the HOH remote back STAT! I like that he's got them all wrapped around his finger, and I like his footie skull jammies. I don't know why some have a problem with his faking an illness for his wife.. if you have an ethical problem with hamsters lying, you should not be watching this show.

    Slurp this.

    He was AWOL much of the day but rebounded in the evening with fun, funny, informative, kinky, and intelligent convos. It only took 12 seasons but I like that we've finally got a hamster with that combo of qualities, plus Human Centipede info. I'm worried about him again though: he won't eat baby food and his second week on slop is turning him into a skeletor.

    Won: $10,000
    She promised princessy but failed to deliver, opting instead for poor-me tears, complaints about being fat, and a lot of moping around. But she wasn't all doom & gloom: she rode the slip 'n slide and made fun of her keep-warm sleeping layers, and she was Britney's #1 mean girl cohort. She tried out for ANTM and might have fared better there, as they wouldn't have flashed her boobies.

    She turned her nomination into the House of Annie and wheedled everyone for days, to no avail. She promised catfights with Britney and Rachel but nothing came of it, leaving her in the 'Who?' category for future BB trivia, even including her stabotage. She's lucky she went early: she might have cracked bad and the chops would get really brutal.

    Paolo Aviles
    30 - Unemployed real estate agent

    Lucky #14 got away before the season began without any secrets exposed or embarrassing incidents to live forever on the web. Her dirty laundry will remain in the hamper, but boobies fans will be forever disappointed and wonder 'what if?'

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    Andrew: Four more days of this

    Matt: Unless we get some stimulus, it's gonna be a hard show to edit

    Rachel: I'm pretty conservative

    Matt: Go make Rachel a sandwich, Brendon

    Enzo: I never smelled a gay fart before


    Makeout pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    Sex event pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    House meetings: 1

    Major fights: None yet, sadly

    Deaths: 4 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 of 3 shows
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals
    -Rachel the waitress chemist
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 1
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


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