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This site is about the Big Brother 12 feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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We have two make-out couples

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Matt is Head of Household
Andrew & Kathy are nominated
Brendon holds veto
Enzo, Brendon, Andrew & Ragan are Have-nots

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Next CBS show is Sunday 8pm: Endurance comp, nominations, assorted dramas

Excessive slurping
Veto meeting Monday

Thursday's show won the hour with 6.5 million viewers, 3.9 rating and 7 share, ahead of 'Minute to Win It' on NBC with 6.1/3.7/7, 'So You Think You Can Dance' on FOX with 5.6/3.5/7, and 'The Middle' reruns on ABC with 4.1/2.7/5. 'Big Brother 12' also won the 18-49 demographic.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Additional Have-not food items:
Baby food & bok choy

Annie & Monet have been sequestered so we might end up with Revive-a-Hamster

The saboteur was Annie. She'd have won $50k if she lasted five weeks undetected.

Have-Nots have their own room again, cold showers again, slop again, plus popcorn, plus additional food items decided by viewer votes.

Nobody knows why Paolo isn't there.

The winner of BB12 will win $500k and 2nd place gets $50k. Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.


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>> Matt is Head of Household - Andrew & Kathy are nominated - Brendon won veto <<

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    How many ounces in the big bowl?

    Enzo hosted the veto comp wearing in a gold lamé genie suit and saying things like "all o' youse".. it sounds like it had a carnival/fortune teller theme, and they had to guesstimate how many items (ounces, candles, etc) and then choose to stay or hold poker-style.. Brendon won, which dashed Matt's plan to backdoor him - or did it?

    I can't see Matt consciously making an enemy of Brendon or Rachel by sending the other home, especially since the survivor will likely be on the jury.. now they're a two-vote block and may remain so till September.. maybe I'm giving Matt too much credit, but Rachel told Brandon after the comp that she didn't want to target Matt ever, which puts him in a sweet position, especially after last week.. also, now he can tell both Kathy & Andrew that his plan didn't work out and there's no hard feelings to linger there, especially with those two.. once again, whoever goes this week won't be on the jury - unless they do Revive-a-Hamster, which seems likely

    Andrew grouched around after the comp griping about losing, slop, and everything else, but I suspect he was "acting" (read with a Jon Lovitz voice).. Ragan also griped a lot about food, repeatedly claiming baby food has no nutritional value (huh?), which is also odd since he told Matt on the endurance apparatus that he wouldn't mind being a Have-not again

    In other news, Hayden & Britney fried burgers on the stove which highlighted the drastic need for the grill to make its annual comeback, and the fishie they named Scarface became a floater, thus upping the sidebar tally - something few of them are willing or able to do


    Nighttime brought inside lockdown since someone was having a party nearby with loud music.. Rachel mixed up a new batch of sangria with leftover booze, and then orchestrated a game of flip-cup which everyone participated in, even Kathy for a couple rounds

    It was way too loud (Rachel was especially way too loud) but it was a lot better than the comas they're usually in

    Along with the shouting, they were drinking a lot and so got louder & louder.. the game reached a frenzied peak when Kristen picked up the spider they'd found earlier and ate it

    P.S. Thanks for the feedback about yesterday's Rachel ratings - they were fun to do - and for all the well-wishes for my dad.. the kind words are much appreciated

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    Daily Ratings - Eat the Spider edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    The comp sounds colorful and silly, but there was no reason to deny them more beer when they were finally all doing something besides laying around. I'm glad they finally got some new ad copy to SuperPass and the staboteur wording is now gone from the ad banners.. now if they could only do something about the 'unrestricted access' part, and clear up the 'lifelong friends' fiasco, all will be well.

    Andrew the Great
    His comp nickname was less than inspired, making me wonder if The Powers That Be are downplaying him on purpose or if they just don't know what to do with him. His ranting around seemed not quite legit to me and that would go along with his pre-season promises to lie a lot and stir things up. He's possibly in as good a position as Matt - well, except that he could get evicted on Thursday.

    Brendon the Brilliant
    His nickname was just more blatant proof that CBS has him cast as their star, along with Rachel.. they really should learn to listen to their viewers one of these days. I was kind of hoping for another poor-me meltdown and fight with Rachel for being a baby food slopper but then he went and won the veto, so I guess that tempered his whiny a bit.

    Won: $10
    She's fully recovered from her bestie's eviction and back to entertaining them and us on an ongoing basis, including today's 'kill them all' (with a butter knife) skit with Ragan. Some have suggested I do ratings à la Britney, but I could never come up with the stuff she does.

    The Amazing Enzo
    Ditto for Enzo-style ratings - I wish I could be that funny. It sounds like he was a great host and they all enjoyed it, and I'm enjoying his one-liners about being a Have-Cock (his term) for a second week running. He said he asked for animal crackers on his HOH basket request list, so watch for those if/when he ever moves upstairs. His hysterics with Lane about Apple Jacks and Kathy were the funniest thing I've seen so far this season.

    He's still in there.

    Kathy the Incredible
    She went into hardcore campaign mode after losing the comp, using such tried 'n failed strategies as 'I know something important but I can't say what it is'. To her credit, she played a few rounds of flippy-cup but she was far from the life of the party. Considering Rachel's life of the party volume, I'm grateful for that.

    Won: $100
    Remember when nobody knew she was in there? Today she smoked a cigarette, talked about how she knew every cuss word by the age of six, got petted by Kathy, spontaneously ate a spider, and asked for another. She's gone from invisible to spooky.

    Won: $1,000
    Lane the Marvelous
    See Enzo: I'm still rolling at their midnight comedy hour flip-flopping with whispery game chat, all the while Lane stuffing his face with chips 'n dip and anything else he could find, while Enzo's been continuously complaining about living on baby food. Lane can be funny on his own but as a straight man to Enzo or Britney, he's priceless.

    Won: $1
    Matt the Magnificent
    See my recap section above: I could be premature here but I see him as giving Dr Will a run for his money in the strategy department. This is the second week in a row Matt should be toast but instead he's going to come out smelling like a rose with even more favors owed him, and I don't think it's accidental. His duckies delivery is what convinced me - if only he'd give us a puppet show with them to confirm. He's also got the same arrogance in Diary, and the hand down his pants like BB9 winner Adam.

    Rachel the Wonderful
    See Brendon. I'm glad she arranged a fun group activity, but I wish she wasn't so ear-piercing about it.

    Easy ups for crouching on the balcony and being the voices in Britney's head urging her to 'kill them all' (with a butter knife). He needs to stop obsessing about how non-nutritional baby food is and be grateful he's got an unprecedented huge variety of stuff to choose from for a slopper. He seems to be the third one in prime position right now but he keeps giving up a little too much info for his own good. Today he told Matt it's good to 'latch on to the nominees because the one who stays can play for HOH' and look how that turned out with the two of them.

    Won: $10,000
    She promised princessy but failed to deliver, opting instead for poor-me tears, complaints about being fat, and a lot of moping around. But she wasn't all doom & gloom: she rode the slip 'n slide and made fun of her keep-warm sleeping layers, and she was Britney's #1 mean girl cohort. She tried out for ANTM and might have fared better there, as they wouldn't have flashed her boobies.

    She turned her nomination into the House of Annie and wheedled everyone for days, to no avail. She promised catfights with Britney and Rachel but nothing came of it, leaving her in the 'Who?' category for future BB trivia, even including her stabotage. She's lucky she went early: she might have cracked bad and the chops would get really brutal.

    Paolo Aviles
    30 - Unemployed real estate agent

    Lucky #14 got away before the season began without any secrets exposed or embarrassing incidents to live forever on the web. Her dirty laundry will remain in the hamper, but boobies fans will be forever disappointed and wonder 'what if?'

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    Enzo about his outfit: I think I'm gonna get out of this fucking thing, we got 24/7 watching

    Ragan about Rachel & Brendon: I think she was either jerking him off, or there was something hardcore sexual going on

    Ragan to Matt: It's almost smarter to latch on to the nominees because the one who stays can play for Head of Household

    Rachel to Brendon: I don't really want to target Matt, ever

    Brendon to Rachel: We need more people on our fucking side

    Britney about BB6: The effing Nerd Herd would not die, you could shoot them in the face and they would not die

    Lane: This is just like Nip/Tuck, only harder

    Britney: Have you ever noticed Jesus looks the same in all of his headshots?

    Rachel about us: I probably get made fun of a lot

    Enzo about being Have-not: I feel like a caged Mike Vick pit right now

    Brendon: What was the name of your band?
    Matt: Shooting Blanks
    Brendon: Screaming what?

    Rachel: I feel like we're more entertaining than other Big Brother households

    Rachel: Why do they [Diary] hate us?
    Enzo: Cuz we suck

    Kristen about spider #1: I killed it with my tongue

    Kristen about spider #2: I'll kill it, and eat it

    Brendon to Rachel: It's hard for me to be romantic with you and then have gas, it's gross


    Makeout pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    Sex event pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    House meetings: 1

    Major fights: None yet, sadly

    Deaths: 4 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 of 3 shows
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals
    -Rachel the waitress chemist
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 1
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


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