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I don't care who wins, I'm just here for the cheap entertainment.. the cheaper, the better

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This site is about the Big Brother 11 feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Hamsters are now in hotel sequester and will move into the habitat sometime this week.

The premiere is July 9. The feeds might kick on at 9pm PT/midnight ET that night, but more likely at midnight Pacific/3am Eastern.

Ads are announcing 12 strangers, and rumors are saying the dreaded twist will involve teams of Haves versus Have-nots, and/or teams sorted by high school 'social types' labels.

Promises of a 'green' habitat have apparently been grossly exaggerated: they still have the washer & dryer (rats!) not to mention tons of TV lights, but they did get recycling bins.

Feeds will have new replay options as well as the ability to select a date & time to see what you missed - or to rewatch what you just can't believe and have to see again!


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    This just in

    Ross MathewsEverybody's favorite former intern and Celebrity Fit Clubber Ross Mathews - a Hamsterwatcher - has announced that he'll be hosting a weekly edition of Housecalls this season

    Ross has been working at "The Insider" lately and doing daily web shows.. his fun style and goofy, friendly personality will be a much needed boost to Housecalls, and even if the cast and twists turn out to be horrible, this is great news for fans of Big Brother.. now, if only I can get my computer to play it

    The cast will probably be announced on Wednesday.. stay tuned

    Cans, bottles and maternity tops

    Julie ChenLast week was "Media Day" in the habitat, in which various journalists did a one day run-through to test cameras, mics and other techy stuff, but more importantly to create fodder for PR buzz

    Well, their sordid stories are now being released.. as is often the case, B-Side Blog's Ben Mandelker has the only account you'll need to read - which you can do here - some house pics are in the Hamsterwatch forum and videos are on the sidebar.. other notable guest hamsters included BB8 Jen Johnson and Gunther (Chris), the fetish wear dude from "The Late Late Show" - which leads me to believe Craig Ferguson may be doing peek-in segments again this summer

    Also this pic has been released, showing a bit of Julie's new wardrobe with a bit of the new house decor - I always like to start off each season by attempting a positive attitude, so I will just say both are "interesting"

    Also, word on the street is that there will be "four cliques: jocks, populars, brainiacs, and outcasts".. if cliques = competing teams, that would mean three hamsters on each - or maybe they've just decided to publish the not-so-secret code of their stale casting formula

    What we know

    Watch Big Brother 11 on SuperPass. Can't see on TV Big Brother 11 premieres Thursday, July 9 at 8pm - CBS episodes will air Sundays at 8pm, Tuesdays at 9pm, and live eviction shows Thursdays at 8pm

    24/7 feeds will be back on SuperPass

    Big Brother After Dark will be back on Showtime

    Housecalls will not WILL be back, with Ross "The Intern" Mathews!

    Julie Chen is pregnant, but has announced she'll stick around for the full season

    BB6/7 Janelle Pierzina will join BB8 Evel Dick Donato's weekly SuperPass show

    Early Bird feeds signups! SIGN UP NOW and get the full season for only $29.99! Despite what Julie says, you won't see it all - but you'll see a whole lot more than CBS or Showtime will ever show you.. as always, subscribing to the feeds through links on this site are the best way to support it - thanks!

    The CBS site has launched - well, it's mostly just rehash and teasers now.. I especially liked this part about the feeds: "Never Miss a Moment - Don't miss a single fight or showmance moment".. sooo I guess it's going to be another season of them lying to us

    I'll be back with daily Hamsterwatch episodes including my patented houseguest ratings, extracurricular tally, links of the day, news, FAQ, and a bad attitude.. Hamsterwatch Chat and Forum will be open for business shortly

    Meanwhile, to whom it may concern

    Please work at being interesting all the time! Do not sing, do not whisper, and do not be boring! If you lie to another hamster, make sure we know you're doing so! Importantly, if you win a veto comp, be sure to LET US KNOW as comps are not on the feeds! I would say be careful with personal stuff you say or inappropriate stuff you do since we see & hear everything, but that would spoil our fun

    These ads citing "bigger secrets" are worrisome: please, your twists are always stoopid, pointless, and outdated even before the premiere hits the air - if you have interesting hamsters, twists are not necessary! Also, please try to edit the CBS shows from what's actually going on rather than making up some fictionalized version - this is not "The Hills".. PLEASE KEEP FEED BLACKOUTS TO A MINIMUM, and either make them silent or turn down the volume on the damn music.. finally and most importantly, PLEASE DO NOT BE STINGY WITH THE BOOZE! A well-lubricated hamster is a fun hamster (and will give you material to make racy commercials)

    You guys rock! Let's remember to keep it fun and poke fun at those deserving it, and avoid hating on the hamsters - without them and their stupidity courage in putting themselves out there for our amusement, we'd have to find something else to do all summer

    If you just can't wait til July to get your Big Brother fix, feel free to relive the past here on Hamsterwatch: Big Brother 10 - Big Brother 9 - Big Brother 8 - Big Brother 7 All-Stars - Big Brother 6 - Big Brother 5

    See you all soon!
    that dingo

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    Watch this space for all the 'I can't believe someone would say that!' gems to spew out of their mouths


    Videos from the habitat
    B-Side Blog posted the one-day season that took place last week

    Ross endorses Hamsterwatch
    Ross 'The Intern' Mathews, looking forward to BB11, gives ups to Hamsterwatch on his 'Insider' webshow

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    They'll have to work hard to get up to as much sex & fights as last season, but I have high hopes for them

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