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Big Brother Season 11

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Thursday's eviction show had its lowest ratings yet, but it still won the hour with a 1.9 rating and 7 share, ahead of a 'Bones' rerun on FOX with 1.4/5, and a JK Rowling special on ABC and a '30 Rock' rerun on NBC, both with 1.1/4.
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The habitat has 52 cameras and 80 mics.

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>> Braden evicted 6-5 - Ronnie is Head of Household <<

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    Mingle 'n mixx

    After Tropical Storm Laura last night and all the rampant waffling everywhere, it's always fun to see them crammed into HOH on live show days so the crew to do rehearsals and the like.. they were pretty quiet but I would imagine an awkward tension filled the room

    The trivia came and the live show, and Chima's speech was bleeped even for the East Coast, but Hamsterwatcher DrunkEnough was in the studio and reports Chima repeated the "beaner" comment as well as "He called YOU a whore, Julie, yes he did!" which was followed by studio gasps, a shocked Julie, and a rattled crew.. the "Early Show" taping had to be delayed, and the pièce de résistance? Julie's hubby and babydaddy Les Moonves (CEO of CBS) was there tonight!

    Braden was assured the TV audience didn't hear it, nobody eliminated Ronnie (what?!), the feeds came back, and Chima was screaming at Michele & Natalie in turn.. big fun tonight!

    From the I Told You Department, when it's a sure thing who's going to be evicted, do not let them suck you into their waffling no matter how hard they try: it never pans out

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    7/15 - 2am - F2 - Casey confirms he knows Jessie (20 minutes in)
    7/16 - 6pm - All - Post-eviction housewide meltdown
    7/16 - 10pm - All - Ronnie's HOH room & letter

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    Daily Ratings - First Eviction: Now It's Real edition

    VTE = Voted to Evict
    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    It was a shocker of a show, but that was all Chima's doing but unfortunately for all concerned, it'll never make the clipdown shows since it was bleeped even for the East Coast. TV-only viewers must have been reeling since they butchered the Race Riot into a little spat over nothing, but at least it explained Braden's exit - maybe? No mention of Lydia practically accusing him of being a molester, but she got loads of airtime tonight (although not much that was relevant) and she's now been cast in the Angry Latina Woman role. I'm not sure where that leaves Natalie but CBS has forgotten she's there anyway.

    Apparently they have finally realized their blunder of recasting Jessie since he went from 60 to zero since Tuesday's show, and they showed a Lydia/Casey convo like it was a pivotal event. Still, they seated Jeff & Russell side by side to ask about their days-old spat and they made sure to get Braden changing shorts under a towel, and that's what matters, right? They also included Jordan saying 'they think we're dumb' but they haven't included any of her dumb stuff so the irony opportunity they'd usually jump all over was wasted. Feeds-wise, I really like the new motion-included control room version of fishies, but it'd be SO much more fun if it was live.

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Chima

    I was half hoping we'd get a double DQ eviction for him & Jessie not playing by the rules, but the rules don't seem to apply. After all, reality tv isn't governed by the famous game show laws - it's classed as 'entertainment' like professional wrestling. I figure Jessie's going to use Big Brother 11 as his WWE audition tape - maybe his buddy Casey's hoping to land the 'Let's get ready to rummmmmble' guy's job.

    Team Brain
    No vote (nominee)

    Super easy ups for that speech! And double ups for the screaming when the feeds came back! She pretty much guaranteed herself safety for an extended stay since none of those image-conscious hamsters want to have their dirty laundry exaggerated and aired on primetime TV like she did Braden's. To add to her already dubious casting ties, tonight she said she's met Marcellas before.

    Team Jock
    VTE Chima

    He just gets better every day. He's starting to sound like BB5 Marvin now, since he's got no alliance, his teamies hate him, and his crush keeps saying she couldn't like him 'like that'. Plus he's a hot-head and good for fireworks. My guess is he'll be one of Ronnie's noms or veto replacement, but here's hoping he sticks.

    Team Jock
    VTE Braden (tiebreaker)

    He remains on ignore, and will get an empty cage before his time for the second time if he survives this week.

    Team Popular
    VTE Chima

    She was alternately deflated and pissed off after losing one of her teamies, and who can blame her? She's stuck with just Laura now! Tonight she was informed by Michele not to use 'that's gay' or 'fag' around her since it offends her because she's bi, and someone else told her not to say that stuff around Kevin because it offends him, but nobody bothers to tell her to not use that language period, so you can't really blame her. She declared Jessie as 'the biggest douchebag EVER' and I'm hoping that doesn't offend feminine hygiene product aficionados. She also said that racism is a thing of the past and she believes it.. bless her pointy lil head.

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Braden

    He's definitely a non-houseguest now. I mean really, the first live show and the fashionista who promised something like 'this designer is going to rock the house!' shows up in yellow plaid flannel and horn rims? Umm, I don't think so.

    Team Popular
    VTE Chima

    She needs captions: 'What She Said' and 'What She Really Means'. You know, when she says something like 'I know you're smart enough to figure that out' it really means 'I'm smarter than you are', and 'You look cute in that' really means 'I look better than you do'. She had another meltdown after tonight's dramatics and I want to see her on the block so bad I can taste it. If she doesn't go up tomorrow or Sunday and amuse us all with deluxe nervousing (© BB5/7 Cowboy), her bitchy condescending act will likely get stale and lose its appeal.

    Team Offbeat
    VTE Braden

    She was the busiest bee in there for a few days and then nothing. She barely even sucked up to Ronnie tonight which was highly unlike her - maybe she'll catch him tomorrow before noms, or maybe they're the One True Secret Alliance. Either way, she keeps rubbing on Jessie and that only pisses off Natalie, and Natalie can only hold her explosions for so long.

    Team Brain
    VTE Chima

    I had very high hopes for her, what with her 'they'll be like my lab experiments' promise, but she's been a disappointment. She's letting them all rattle her, especially the girls, and she's starting to crumble. I hope she can pull out of that because if she does crumble, it won't be fun like say, Laura - it'll be sad.

    Team Jock
    VTE Braden

    Her shoulder 'injury' seems to be one of convenience: one minute she's playing pool and the next she's asking Jessie to rub it. Then she's asking Russell to rub it. (Is it even the same shoulder each time?) Then it's fine again and she decides to sleep in the Jail room, on the hard platform thingy, voluntarily, claiming it's due to snorers. Casey's the only real snorer in there and he's not bad.. my guess is it's more like she didn't want to sleep where Jessie & Lydia bedded down together.

    Team Brain
    VTE Braden

    Anyone who seriously thought he'd voluntarily cut his team to two members against the others' three, three and four really needs to step back from the feeds for an hour or so. If any of them 'had' to win HOH it was him, but seriously, why didn't anyone eliminate him? They've all known he's been playing the weasel game for a week now but they keep forgetting. He was thrilled with his candy basket, his letter from the Lovely Michelle, and his giant bubble maker (although they probably don't have the right brand of detergent to make them work right), but we all know his biggest thrill was knowing he's now in that elite club of hamsters who've called out 'who wants to see my HOH room?'

    Team Jock
    VTE Braden

    He's gaming as hard as any of them but unlike the marathoners and haranguers, he games in handy bite-size pieces. The rest of the time he's providing a fairly accurate running commentary about them all, and coming up with witty repartee like his response to Ronnie's wanting to split the house into two teams to play Play-doh: 'It's already divided, Ron'.

    Team Popular
    His nekkid pics got out before the premiere, he said Julie's a ho, and he started a race riot in there - but his target Kevin wasn't offended by the words as much as that they hadn't been buddies. The habitat went nuts waffling about his eviction vote (vs Chima) but he was barely involved, although he did provide the fodder for her most shocking nominee speech ever. Despite all that, Braden turned out to be a funny hamster and a great third to the Jeff & Jordan comedy team.

    BB10 Brian Hart
    Team Brain
    BB8 Jessica Hughbanks
    Team Popular
    BB5/7 Michael Cowboy Ellis
    Team Offbeat

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    Ronnie: Michele can suck my balls

    Jordan: I hope everyone in America watching right now knows that Jessie is the biggest douchebag EVER

    Ronnie, about a modeling clay game: We can divide the house into two teams
    Russell: It's already divided, Ron

    Jeff: I'm the worst Big Brother player in this house


    Julie grills Braden
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    DrunkEnough at Thursday's show

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