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Take a swig every time Jessie mentions his body
Twitter's been playing it all week, and today's SuperPass homepage says 'The new HOH changes the noms a tad' - plus a pic of Michelle.. huh?

Live eviction shows will move from Wednesdays back to Thursdays at 8pm beginning next week

Sunday, July 27 at 8pm: Food comp, nominations, assorted dramas

Wednesday's eviction show remained in second place for the hour with a 4.2 rating and 8 share, behind 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Fox with 5.0/9.
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A very good chance of fights

Veto meeting on Sunday

Plotting, scheming, hating, plus bonus cockroach infestation

Renny's birthday is Tuesday; Keesha's is August 1 and Libra's is August 6


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Nobody's on slop

BB announcements - clues?
·121 marble slots in a Chinese checkerboard
·Sweden is slightly larger than California
·The tallest building west of the Mississippi is 73 stories
·Wurlitzer 1015 Bubbler arguably the most popular jukebox of all time

'Switzerland' refers to Diary Room

Jerry is being called 'The Colonel'

The winner will once again receive $500k. Second place will probably be $50k again, and the weekly stipend for the others will probably remain at $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season

Finale is scheduled for September 17 so it'll be a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days

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  July 26, 2008 - Day 19

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>> Keesha is Head of Household - Angie & Jessie are nominated - Keesha holds veto <<

>> Latest Twitters will show here when Twitter sobers up

    STFU Jessie

    His raging, desperate filibuster carries on

    You get the idea his parents must have given in to any/every demand he ever had, simply to shut him up, and he can't understand why his usual GIMME IT NOW!!! technique isn't working here

    Keesha's shown signs of caving (and not necessarily in his favor) thanks to this everlasting crap.. various audience members come & go as he rampages on.. Renny shows up now & then to say things like "Are you still up here?" and munch popcorn - maybe she sees it all as a comedy show too

    The rest of them are in various uproars all around the habitat, and now they've got cockroaches

    Round 1

    Jerry versus Michelle in the kitchen, over she said/she said involving Angie, plus Jerry allegedly touched her leg, or something

    Jerry flipped off Michelle and walked off, then came back for more - it was loud.. Keesha's crew watched it on the spyscreen.. Jessie & Memphis Bob came in from outside and tried to mouth off a bit to Jerry, but both retreated.. Renny was right there watching it all, quietly, then reported to HOH "You couldn't hear them? Oh my god, it was so good"

    Jerry went upstairs and replayed it, with a tone of glory, and when they wondered if the guys would pop the old man, he said "Their nuts are as soft as mine, and they're gone" and "I would not take a swing at them.. I would kick 'em in the nuts"

    Round 2

    Jerry versus Memphis Bob.. apparently the "Memphis is a womanizer" stuff came out, Memphis Bob screamed and called Jerry "a word [he's] never been called before", and Dan's girlfriend was dragged into it.. but this was all withheld behind fishies after a banner flew - boo!

    Angie's been much like Dan was last week: absent from the chaos that surrounds her, although her name keeps coming up.. her Steven tribute bandana remains in place

    They were all put on meds after that, or so it seemed, and the rest of the day & night was relatively non-eventful - well, unless you count continuous bitching, bashing, trashing, and endless rehashing

    April started crying in HOH listening to the Dixie Chicks.. Renny was right there with her, quietly, when Libra noticed the tears.. she tried to get in on the comforting act but there wasn't quite enough room

    All in all, another almost packed episode and a very satisfying day on the feeds.. April might have gotten a bit more satisfaction than usual too, in her & Ollie's latest post-Showtime escapade, but they went back to greenlight tonight so it's hard to be sure

    Find more screencaps in the forum thanks to ABT

    Daily ratings - Don't mess with Gramps edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    Resounding negative for withholding the Jerry versus Memphis Bob blowout from us! I'd been waiting/hoping for that one. Apparently we'll have to be good at lip-reading if/when they ever air portions of it on CBS: much of it seems to have revolved around a particular 'word' that I haven't heard repeated. For those keeping track, today's banner seems to have said something about Libra being a liar, and it was signed 'Love Steven'. Odds are high that Steven Daigle didn't send it, but it sure wasn't sent by anyone who's been watching the feeds, either: that's not news to any of them, especially Keesha. She can't wait to cut Libra loose.

    She seems to be firmly in bed with the grinches now, and ready to go home, having had a realization that this isn't Happy Times Summer Camp. I'd say fine, grant her wish and send her home, but we have bigger hamsters to fry right now. Somebody needs to tell her that tribute bandanas are against the law for those who voted to evict the tributee (tributary?). Last minute upgrade to neutral for actually smiling & laughing at Michelle's tinfoil dildo.

    Another day of horrors means another night of 'the nice girl' doing the deed with Ollie. With Jerry listening from the next bed.

    Automatic negative for trying to get his new alliance(s) to come up with team name(s).

    I'm liking him again for bringing the most stir it up factor that we've seen in a long time, and that we desperately need - and in green grandpa shorts and tall white socks, no less. He was quite the badass today and in a way it's kind of sad that he's throwing himself on a big plastic sword to save the people who trashed him nonstop for a week, but that's how it goes. Bonus ups for capping off a day of memorable Jerryisms by creeping out once again, when a raspy voice came out of the greenlight at the end of the latest April/Ollie tryst: 'You kids are something else'.

    Dear Jessie,
    Just face it, dude: you lost to a girl. Now suck it up, shut up, put on a damn shirt, and go home.
    Your pal,

    She's holding up real well to hour upon hour of Jessie insanity, and everyone else's insanity with it. Her & Angie's animosity is sad as they could be a formidable team with Renny, and steamroll the rest of these dweebs to the obscurity they're destined for. It reminds me of the way BB5 Diane & BB6 Janelle came into All-Stars with an agenda to despise and mistrust each other, thus cheating us out of seeing a potential female BB superteam take down all comers.

    She was reminiscent of BB3/7 Danielle's ding-dong routine when she tried to get in to see Keesha (who was outside), but she knocked instead of ding-donging. Still, it was enough to send Jessie & Memphis Bob into hysterics, which was their only high point of the day. I'm awfully glad she volunteered the Dixie Chicks vs GW Bush story, as I'm sure nobody was aware of any of that before she enlightened them about all about it. <koff>

    Won: Classic Camaro
    We were cheated out of his promised smackdown with Jerry so we better get a 2nd round of that, and soon. I'm sure it was ups-worthy but the fishies we got weren't, so he's stuck in neutral. He did pop an unintentional funny during yet another How Showbiz Works lecture, when he said Disney World just celebrated its 100th birthday.. he must think Main Street USA is original vintage, and authentic.

    After setting off the day by screaming at the old man, the chief grinch psst-pssst'd her way through the day and night. I sure can't listen to much of that so I don't know if she's aware of how badly Jessie keeps botching her directions or not. Maybe it's all intentional so he'll hang himself instead of leading her to the gallows; maybe not. She capped off her day by outfitting her grinchiness with one of the green catsuits, complete with muffin boobies and a tinfoil dildo, and frolicking around the habitat.

    He was pretty much absent as usual, but he did well comforting a crying April who was missing her twin sister, and he was rewarded for it.. he's new, but he's learning. I think they expanded their repertoire tonight: it lasted longer, and had some different undercovers lumps arrangements, but only Jerry knows for sure.

    She was right in the middle of Jerry vs Michelle and didn't say a word, as usual, and her description of it afterwards was minimal but perfect: 'It was so good!' She's looking like she's one of the best players in there and few of them realize it, and her sudden comedy outbursts (such as today's pickle) are always just what's needed. She's about the only real keeper in there now, so the way things have been going, that probably means she'll be next to get the boot.

    They all liked him and his shenanigans, but his comp potential and desperate pledges of multi allegiance got him booted anyway, plus he was Brian's pal. He entertained them and us like few have before, with skits, dances, nekkid romps, Ambien-induced bedtime stories and general looniness. Too bad he went before he made it upstairs: he'd probably have revived Bath Buddies® and done it right.

    He made more of an impact than most who get voted out first and he had the potential to be a fan fave but he over-allied and betrayed too early and had a very negative edit to boot. He was smart, funny, and a good ringleader for the guys - time will tell if they can be as fun without him. Sock Puppet Theater on only the second night of feeds, under his direction, could be the highlight of the season.

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    Angie: I'm not gonna sit there and not try to save myself

    Michelle: Word on the street is she (April) might let Jerry touch her vajayjay, 'cuz it's real

    April: America's going to see me as the sweet one

    Dan: I'm cashed out - I'm done talking

    Angie: Because I'm an ousider, me wearing something of my friend's is completely different than Keesha wearing something of her friend's

    Libra: Have you seen the movie 'Barbarella' with Brigitte Bardot?


    I'm in jail! This feels like jail, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I lost 10 pounds

    I'm attracted to black women.. I understand their personality, because of the way she (Libra) is

    How hard is it to shake my hand? If you are a nominee, you don't have a vote

    I stood up for Jerry and Renny, and I'm the one who gets whack-balled

    Everyone voted him (Steven) out the door notoriously

    I am incarcerated in a nominee position!
    (thanks to Catherine for this one)

    I'm sorry, but they're stupid for not voting me out


    Jerry: They want to put you up, and I said 'No, Keesha and I can settle our differences.. Memphis and I can never settle our differences'
    Libra: I'm Libra
    Jerry: I mean Libra.. can never.. we can settle our..

    (to Jessie): You know what? You're being a pain in the ass.. you're a jerk

    (to Michelle): You're a snake in the grass.. you're not worthy of my comments! Done! Conversation's over.. period.

    (to Michelle): Four of you were on my ass! You wanna all four? C'mon, let's all get it on! Shit yea!

    Jerry (to Michelle): You and your gang of what
    Memphis Bob: What'd you call me?
    Jerry: What

    (after April/Ollie sex in the next bed): You two are something else


    Sex: April/Ollie (4x)

    Makeout pairings: April/Ollie, Angie/Steven

    Major fights: 4
    Keesha vs April
    Jerry vs Libra, plus Renny
    Jerry vs Michelle
    Jerry vs Memphis Bob (not on feeds)

    Impressive party tricks: Renny

    'The Soup' mentions: 2 (meet April's boobies plus Jerry's affirmation, and Jessie's HOH pics of himself)

    'Best Week Ever' mentions: 1 (Ollie/April sex with the lights on)

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