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Wednesday, July 16 at 8pm: Live eviction, HOH comp (probably Q&A), assorted dramas

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Tuesday's show dropped to third place for the 9pm hour with a 4.1 rating and 7 share, behind the MLB All-Star Game on Fox with 9.7/16 (up from its 8pm numbers) and 'America's Got Talent' on NBC with 7.8/13.
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Expect a lot of fishies on Wednesday as they get coached for their first live show, plus primping of course

BB8 Evel Dick Donato will do a live show on the feeds before the Wednesday eviction shows

Eviction shows will have a live audience, starting with tomorrow's


Jerry is being called 'The Colonel'

'London' or 'England' is their code to talk about people who didn't sign a release (specifically Brian's ex girlfriend)

The winner will once again receive $500k. Second place will probably be $50k again, and the weekly stipend for the others will probably remain at $750, including sequester weeks.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 mics this season

Finale is scheduled for September 17 so it'll be a slightly shorter season than usual, by about 10 days

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  July 15, 2008 - Day 8

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>> Jerry is Head of Household - Renny & Brian are nominated <<

>> Latest Twitters:
    Pump you up

    Everyone playing the BB10 drinking game got looped early today, as Jessie coached Memphis Bob with the weights.. the guys poked at Memphis Bob a bit, saying all the water would flow out of the pool if he jumped in.. Ollie said he can't swim, and Brian & Angie both quit their jobs to be here

    Earlier Jessie got snapped at by Michelle & Libra about eating the most and doing dishes the least.. Steven joined in defending his own dishwashing and got snapped at for not having been accused otherwise.. Libra is involved in a lot of this type of thing and then plays peacemaker

    Big Brother gave them all afternoon pizza delivery for some reason, and let slip to the feeds a group talking-to about discussing production issues.. if Brian's campaigning very hard - or Renny for that matter - I'm missing it.. Brian's premature exit seems to be a foregone conclusion but he found a silver lining, saying the first to go has the least enemies at the wrap party

    Jerry needed some how-to help for his HOH blog (and an explanation of "blog"), and he needed assistance with the camera for the CBS site pics - he didn't seem to get that they could keep taking pics without changing the film.. Michelle & Libra sat out most or all of silly poses hour

    Way too much of the day & evening was devoted to Keesha's rash and constipation, and Jerry was way too concerned about the latter: he became something of a poop mentor for her, suggesting suppositories and enemas and all kinds of things that had an inappropriate ring considering, but I guess he was just being concerned, or something

    Libra cooked dinner while most of the kiddies sat at the counter watching & waiting for it.. Angie helped a bit, and so did April (who wore stilettos with her cut-offs).. they all sat down and waited for everyone before starting - Brian kept them waiting

    Jerry escorted Keesha to Diary to ask for an enema.. (I know what you're thinking but I can't make this stuff up)

    The ants are already in the habitat - maybe still here from BB9? and our fun guys led by Brian played with them instead of just complaining about them.. Angie demonstrated her champion chugging skills and then Showtime kicked in and they all gathered for boring clappy games.. Renny wore a leopard skin pillbox hat inspired ensemble - maybe an homage to Dylan or maybe just tacky

    Battling Barbies

    They moved on to spinny dizzy games, pool cue balancing, and sack races.. Michelle stubbed her toe so naturally Jerry fixed it up while she baby-talked at him.. feeds went to fishies and Showtime went to break and then it suddenly all hit the fan

    Keesha & April were yelling and cussing at each other, water was thrown, April headed toward Keesha with a pool cue and Ollie held her back.. Keesha kept going after April left, shouting things like "I can't stand the fucking bitch!" and "Fuckin' bring it on, little Barbie bitch!"

    Oddly, Ollie stayed behind with Keesha's camp for a long time after April left - hmmm.. Jerry explained to everyone (several times) that it was all due to Keesha needing an enema, and said he'll ask/demand that April be kicked out for being threatening

    It's a bigger episode today than I was planning to do this season, as this site is largely supported by feeds sign-ups (and they are down drastically this season) so it's counter-productive for me to make the site be a substitute for the feeds.. but it was a busy day and I am over-wordy.. find more caps & videos in the forum, thanks again to ABT and DogDave

    Daily ratings - Special Blonde Ambition 'n Enemas edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value

    I like the new 'You are not allowed to talk about production' announcement but it's obviously going over their heads, and I like that they won't exterminate the ants again. Normally I'm not fond of Diary tampering but I've given up worrying about it, and if they are indeed manipulating a vote flip to keep funny, smart Brian and boot boring Renny, then more power to them for making another good decision this season. I'm not even bothered by the way the too-sudden blondes fight exploded from fishies or the various mentions of things like 'there's 8 pages now' in its aftermath because it was such a joy to behold. I really do think they should put a leash on Jerry, or at least enforce the once-strict rule about one person at a time in Diary, because the inappropriateness of him escorting Keesha in there to request an enema is so far off any scale it's mind-boggling.

    She didn't have much part in the Barbie Enema Wars but she kept glancing at the camera during them. Later she seemed a bit down.. maybe upset she didn't have a bigger part, but you don't impersonate Julie and go far on this show, however well you pull it off. Much later after all the stress died down, she told the internet viewers 'Do NOT go on this show!' but chances are nobody who's likely to was watching or listening, just as she wasn't watching or listening when the same advice was dished out by countless hamsters to feedsters year after year.

    Helping to cook dinner in stilettos was ups-worthy on its own, but being half of the first big blow-up of the season is always the stuff of BB legend. Verbal punches-wise, Keesha did far better than she did, but the fact that one called the other 'little Barbie bitch' was just too rich, no matter which said it. It's just too bad that April didn't know about Keesha's poopy problem (or wasn't quick enough or low enough to use it) because then we would have had something truly spectacular. I still can't believe she didn't lay into Ollie for hanging around with Keesha for so long when it was over.

    This guy can do no wrong - well, he did a lot wrong but he's learned from it already. He's only seen BB Australia and whatever season(s) they threw into pre-show sequester for him, so he can't be totally blamed for his screw-ups. (He probably didn't get BB8 or he'd have learned from Kail's fatal error.) I have faith - however stoopid that is - that he'll stick and continue to be the fun guys' ringleader and entertain us. He also seems to have enough smarts (now that he gets it) to go very far if he does survive tomorrow night. I'm a little concerned about him getting too cocky, but will take that risk rather than watch Renny sit around in new costumes much longer.

    He seems to be mostly a tag-along in the fun crowd but he makes some good contributions when he's with them. I heard him talking about religion and politics to Steven a bit today, and Steven turns into BB5 Cowboy when it comes to those topics. It's a funny skit and I have to give Dan credit that he doesn't rise to the bait and go ballistic with such topics as we'd been led to believe he might.

    Largely thanks to him, Keesha's poopy problem is now national news and the cause of everything that went wrong today (or right, depending on your perspective). It's getting downright creepy how much he involved himself in her problem, and how he involved himself in Michelle's toe problem, and how he's always hugging and touching all the girls. Not understanding the blog concept, the computer to write it, or the digital camera was funny but predictable. What's really worrisome is that he's turning into BB6 Eric/Cappy 2.0, ordering everyone around and expecting them to blindly do whatever he says but no matter: tomorrow he'll become a citizen for the first time, and he may have a longer & harder fall from HOH than most.

    I think he gets funnier the more we see & hear him, and like his body, he seems very moldable to whoever's holding his strings. After getting yelled at for not washing enough dishes, he washed the cooking pots while everyone else ate dinner, and Brian worked on him good 'n hard in the late night in a very smooth but subtle way that might help get a vote or five. Meanwhile.. <hic>

    Very solid ups for the enema heard 'round the world after the very satisfying and hilarious spontaneous catfight with April. The fact that neither Keesha nor Michelle knows how old BB9 Sheila is tells you a lot about their BB study habits (who couldn't know that one??) not to mention the fact that major blow-up participants rarely take home the 500 big ones. But it's all good because we'll forever have the many repetitions of Jerry's recap of the event: 'You know she's in trouble.. she has not gone to the bathroom for 8 days.' Keesha wants to be a soap opera star, but maybe she'll settle for being the model for Enema Nurse Barbie instead.

    She's very busy gaming but she does it in the background in a quiet, intense, whispery way that's probably good for her but it just doesn't interest me much. She needs to step it up to get my attention but strategy aficionados probably like her style.

    Won: Classic Camaro
    He's in the same boat as Dan & Steven as far as being on the fun team, but more so. But he's still growing on me, even though I can't figure out why. I didn't see much of tonight's show but I did notice they're still putting quotes around 'Mixologist' with his Diary nametag, and you gotta love that.

    She's as busy as BB5 Diane, BB6 April and BB8 Amber when it comes to making the rounds, especially after a major incident like tonight's. But she doesn't have Diane's dramatic flair or April's comic appeal so she's starting to look like Amber in more ways than just the hair. Letting Jerry tend to her toe was more Jerry-touching than we needed today and it didn't help matters when he talked about gangrene and oozing pus. But the worst of it was Michelle talking baby-talk to him while he sopped up the blood.

    He's almost at 'Who?' status since he's mostly absent from the feeds. If he & April are such an item, I really would like to know a) why he stayed with the Keesha camp after the big fight rather than go with April, and b) how he got away with doing so?

    I think she thought she was going home until tonight: nobody talks to her and nobody likes her, and now that things might be flipping to indeed send her back where she belongs, she's had some reassurance that she's staying. I'm sure she's quite the character at home, but as a hamster, she's a rock. With her huge assortment of wigs, hats, scarves, buckets and the like, I don't see this doing much for her hairdressing business, and I have to wonder why Libra's the one who seems to do everyone's hair?

    He's an educated guy with a brainy type of job, so I have to wonder if his hick act is genuine or an act. Either way it's good for now but will likely get old. Like Dan, he's great fun when the fun guys are in session, but they all seem to need Brian to lead the way to fun & frolic.

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    'Fuckin' bring it on, little Barbie bitch!' -Keesha about April

    [about BB9 Sheila]
    Keesha: How old was she?
    Michelle: She's maybe in her late 40s, early 50s

    'I just don't want to get into it today - it's my day today' -April

    'Let's make a snack before the pizza shows up' -Brian

    'That's the type of person you are - that's not my problem' -Michelle

    [about studying]
    Steven: I guarantee they listen to us.. anything we talk about, they won't ask
    Brian: Then I counted all those blades of grass for nothing

    'If someone has to go to the bathroom, I want 'em to go to the bathroom' -Jerry


    Makeout pairings: April/Ollie
    Major fights: 1 (Keesha/April)

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