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July 30 & 31, 2007 - Days 31 & 32

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Ahh, young love (Tuesday)

There's trouble in paradise, as Nick & Daniele have to backpedal a week or so since CBS hasn't caught up yet to the fact they're no longer an item

It's awkward all around - for them and for us - but Nick's new hair makes it necessary to get some lovey-dovey scenes between the two, since that's the only storyline they've got to explain Nick's nomination and planned eviction

Fortunately the kids are up to the task and have no problems providing plenty of love/hate for the cameras, complete with kissyface in the greenlight

Daniele: You look like you just got out of prison
Nick: You keep cutting me off - I don't appreciate it.. learn some fucking manners!

The barbecue sits out another potential Smackdown round - even it's bored of this lot.. Dick explains to Amber how to use it the right way (Dick's way).. six of them sit down to eat and make us drool, anxious for the day five more are gone

I would like to know why Daniele's using the term cocooning which is © ME (as any regular Hamsterwatcher knows).. I don't really want to know why Eric's poking Amber or why Nick & Dustin are holding hands while Zach discusses brainless organisms and Dick discusses testicles

Zach asks Nick's permission to campaign for him and sets to work on Jessica

It's riveting - you can imagine

Ponderment (© BB5 Cowboy) of the day: Dick went off on Jen for (what he perceived as) throwing the veto comp.. why didn't he give Dustin the same, since Dustin admitted throwing it, and for prizes?

Secondary ponderment is why did CBS make a big deal of Amber crying and the others being upset about Dustin throwing the comp, when they omitted his big speech to them all about trying to win the veto at any cost? Things that make you go hmmm

Thid ponderment is if they changed the AP vote wordage from "Who should Eric vote for?" to "Who should Eric get evicted?" (presumably to save on payouts to him), then why won't Julie let him cast his vote?

The site's up the creek again.. sorry

Daily videos

Zach offers to help Nick plus testicle chat & hand-holding; Jen & Kail do-it-yourself orthodontia; Dick & Daniele check-in plus a hint about keeping Nick; Eric & Jessica bedchat about doggies; and Dick & Daniele re-enact their reunion on Day 1 are in the forum along with several by LilTiger

Code red? (Monday)

Contrary to all expectations, Nick doesn't turn into Homicidal Maniac Killer when he's blindsided and nominated

He figures out the backdoor plan within a few minutes and opts to shave his head rather than rampage

The others seem to be sticking to their Buddy System plan anyway.. after all, he could go off at anytime

In more predictable news, Amber cries after the veto meeting.. this time she does it with a two-armed wrap around Nick's leg, right up in his junk

The other event sure to happen also happens: Dick goes off on Jen again, this time comparing her to Saddam Hussein.. Kail deep-cocoons and sobs.. Jameka (who set all this in motion this time) is left on the sidelines again

Jen looks up verbal & sexual abuse and threats in the rulebook.. Eric isn't trying very hard to "do that for a dollar" anymore - the phantom vote is still a mystery to some and he seems worried.. Zach finds something to read, unaware of how close he came to meeting Julie this week

More later if fun or violence breaks out.. otherwise this might be it

Tea for two

Well, we get close to a bit of fun or violence, depending on your point of view

Dick starts in on Jen again, seemingly out of nowhere, with gems like "Why don't you go douche with some Drano, and then drink some of it"

Hilarity ensues as Daniele goes after Jen, Dick pours tea on Jen, and Nick yells at Jen to "shut the fuck up" a few times

Daniele goes off to Diary in tears, then cries to Dick that she wants to go home, and Dick comforts her in that comforting way he has with her.. all this follows a kind of cute flirty Nick & Daniele scene that ends with a Freudian zoom on to bananas & melons

Let's face it kids.. chances are good that not even Jessica can save this night

Jen brings out the leopard for hot tub Showtime time.. Eric's new buzz makes him look about 8.. later he plays king again, then seems to remember we're watching

I'm not sure what this is about but I think Amber says something about throwing up.. Jen helps Eric go from dark brown to black - he says it'll make him look weird, but I don't think it'll be a very drastic change, even after Dustin's razor.. what is weird is the way he rinses out the dye

Jessica saves the day

It's a daunting challenge and our heroine doesn't seem up to it.. at first

Leave it to Jessica though.. even after this shambles of a day that's creating e-wars all over BB fandom, Jessica pulls through for us

Overnight fun includes Jessica barking like her doggie (who also has "a high pitched voice like me"), standing on the chess pieces, squealing, and vowing to make a mockery of all things holy to BB should she win HOH, and kooky golf/killer frisbee with Jameka and commentary by Dick - even he's back to being fun again.. whew

Yes, I attribute all of this fun to Jessica even though others participate: she's the guiding light in there for the rest of these eejits who take all of this (and themselves) so damn seriously

Eric & Jen have a quick check-in also.. I can't say that they're 100% aligned but it sounds that way to me.. here's hoping, anyway

Daily videos

Various fallout after the veto meeting (Nick's reaction, Nick & Daniele, and Dick attacks Jen again); Nick's haircut; Nick flirts with Daniele; a long & short version of the tea dousing plus Dick versus Jen before & after tea; Eric on reality tv editing; several overnight fun quickies; Jessica/Jameka kooky golf and 5am bedtime fun are in the forum along with several by LilTiger

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Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0

Dustin is Head of Household
Kail & Nick are nominated

Who should Eric 'get evicted'? Polls closed at midnight. He's still working on 'I'd do that for a dollar' thru Thursday.

Thursday, August 2 at 8pm - Westies can watch live thanks to Jen & Sean

Tuesday's show was 2nd for its timeslot again with a 4.7 rating and 8 share, behind 30 minutes of 'America's Got Talent' with 7.1/12 and 30 minutes of 'The Singing Bee' with 5.9/10.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

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Code red is a bust and I'm disappointed in that, but I like the title. Daily ratings are based on entertainment value. Editors are based on the most recent air show.

EditorsPLEASE TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THE FEEDS (but not the blues music).
Regarding Tuesday's show, I'm tired of all the nit-picking about their fictionalizations: let's just jump straight to Thursday's show, in which Nick goes on a murderous rampage after being nominated, causing him to shave his head and beat Eric to a bloody pulp. He did bring Daniele & Jen together though, but exactly how he did that is too steamy for primetime CBS. (Showtime's going to release it on DVD though.) Dick & Kail kissed and made up, and she broke up with hubby Darin in Diary as a result - much to Dick's amusement, since he'd already moved on to Amber, who finally stopped crying over Dustin rebuking her advances by making a big speech about how he's happy ever after with Cap'n Crunch. Just before Julie announced the new evictee, Zach tore out of the house and through her boudoir as he'd seen a plane banner offering him a job at Discovery Channel. Jameka & Jessica won the House of Cards HOH comp in a tie thanks to yet more faulty questions, and proceeded to evict everyone else and proclaim themselves the winners.

Stick a fork in her: she's done.

She seems to have gotten away clean about her part in and knowledge of the Kick Nick plan, and that's just as well. We don't need yet another teary storyline for her.

He's playing this game every bit as emotionally as Amber and while she may or may not be smarter than that, he definitely is. His tantrums after every comp and every event are destroying his once-excellent chances of going all the way to the end with this thing, and he's taking Daniele down with him. Verbal assaults are not only allowed but encouraged by production but he keeps at it when he's on his own - and that's often when his most vitriolic stuff comes out, so it's not all just for effect or game, and that's disappointing. Personally I'm even more disappointed in him for losing his lightness and much of his humor along with the apparently cancelled Dick at Night Show and hiding the bunnies.

It's been a reign of a dozen blunders, all of which have gone to his head, but I have to give him credit for being in the semi-pro class of abs class leading, game show hosting, and now haircutting & 'hawk styling.

6 of 11: $10k so far.
He seems to be hiding out and that's probably a good idea. We've seen Jen kick his ass wrestling and Jessica do the same with a pillow.. if & when Nick gets wind of the dirt Eric's been slinging, he's going to need both of them as bodyguards.

I get the feeling she's thinking about all the other things she could have done with her summer than hang around this playground of bickering kiddies.

There's only so much any one person can overlook and she's about at her limit. Now she's looking up the rules about personal attacks and while she might not find anything there (since everyone overlooked the death threats) she's talking about getting a post-game restraining order underway against Dick. Maybe that's an over-reacton but I think she's entitled to one - everyone else in there over-reacts hourly and she's taken more than all of them combined. At any rate, there's plenty of evidence to support her case.

Everlasting ups for never being involved in the continuous childish dramatics and for always brightening things up in there. No matter how horrid a day's been in the habitat, you can count on Jessica to bring it all back every night to where it should be: fun for hamsterwatchers.

Deer, meet headlights.

Easy ups today for 'They're probably expecting a big blow-up, and we're doing each other's hair' even though I'm tired of his 'I'm not here to win' and 'at least I'll get $3,000'. I'm now hoping that's just a ploy and that he'll finally get in the game. I'm also hoping someone lets him know about Eric & Amber blaming everything on him so we can see Homicidal Maniac Killer Nick in action.. I'd do that for a dollar.

I'm starting to feel a little bad for him. Here's hoping the predictable happens once again and he wins HOH on Thursday.


He was on Big Brother 8. Barely. His game was like Drew's but without Diane, and without winning anything.


His & Dustin's part in the 'twist' felt legit and disturbing to eavesdrop on. Joe was chatty and catty, he told stories and entertained, and will be remembered for 'Amber from Vegas' and gonorrhea.


She & Jessica didn't fulfill the 'twist' as advertised so off she goes. She wasn't prepared for this, she moped a lot and was barely around, but she gave a good show when she had it out with all the cameras watching her.

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