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Porsche is Head of Household
Rachel & Jordan are nominated
Rachel & Jordan won the veto
Nobody is Have-not
Duos are back


Take a swig whenever anyone uses the word 'floater' in there or out here



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Duos were reinstated after Porsche opened Pandora's Box

Brendon was revived a week after eviction after apparently beating the other three evictees to date in a CBS poll, and beating August 11 evictee Lawon in a live ball-chute comp.

They called Adam's elf Cruddy and his beardless look Phillip.

Brendon's knees got messed up from the food comp with the ant costumes.

They called Dominic PT for pre-teen, a running gag about how young he looks, and/or part-time, referring to his modeling career.

Nominations & veto were pairs-based until there were 10 left.

The evictee's surviving partner got one of four Golden Keys, meaning they couldn't be nominated or play for HOH until there were 10 left.

Dick left mysteriously, off the feeds, due to 'personal reasons' per him and CBS. We may never know the full story.

CBS shows air Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm

Big Brother After Dark airs 1-4am Thursdays and 12-3am other nights, on Showtime in USA and Global Reality in Canada

BB13 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester. The BB veterans might get more.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

Vegas Bash
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Eeny meeny chili beany (Saturday)

They delayed the veto comp, possibly due to excessive heat which means it'll probably be a strenuous physical one.. results will be posted here when known, as always - my computer is hanging in there for now

Meanwhile, Shelly noticed the Do Not Disturb sign was gone from the fortune teller so she plugged her in and she came to life, flashing her eyes and moving her head and mouth intermittently, then going dark for some minutes.. Kalia came along and tried to figure it out with her for a bit.. Shelly kept at it for a long time, fiddling with her and muttering to herself that she hopes to figure it out - flashback 8/27 3.05pm.. Big Brother did not say "stop that!" or go to palms to scold them, so it seems the machine might indeed come into play somehow.. later the room was locked, and Kalia told both Porsche and Adam about the "secret"

Rachel won the veto (or contributed more to the win if they competed as a team, per Jordan) so she & Jordan are now safe and Adam & Shelly will go on the block Monday.. it sounds like it was a hanging-on comp similar to the first HOH bananas but on dummies, but they said it was harder - it lasted 33 minutes.. there's some buzz that maybe Lawon came in to host it? I don't know, but he'd be great for the job.. the comp didn't help Shelly's back & sciatica problems any, and Kalia got rope burns on her arm

All that opened the door for Adam to speak to Rachel & Jordan again.. Shelly stayed with the HOH girls for the most part, but it appears that campaigning has already begun, albeit subtly for now.. it will probably carry on hot & heavy all week.. Shelly & Jordan still aren't really on speaking terms, but they found themselves in the same room for awhile and exchanged pleasantries

Adam's shout-outs to me and this site have become a running gag in there, which is what it is, but I wish he'd go back to correcting them when they say he's me, or when they insinuate this is an Adam fansite: it's not, he is a fan of this site (or was - I hope he still will be).. I don't know why that irks me, but it does.. I remain very grateful for his mentions, and a hearty welcome to everyone who's landed here as a result of them



It's been a long two days of cold shoulders but Shelly finally broke the ice and asked Jordan if she could have "five minutes - not game" and they retreated to the confrontation/conference center, formerly known as the Have-not room - flashback 8/28 1.28am

But of course it went right to game, with Jordan exploding about feeling backstabbed and Shelly listening, followed by Shelly explaining her reasons for what she did.. tears ensued, like they do, and Jordan's body language spoke volumes, but by the end of it, there were apologies from both and two hugs.. as viewers, we remain at a disadvantage about the full story since The Powers That Be withheld the big fight before the live show from us, and we'll be left with only a CBS edit tomorrow to go by (and those are often not the most reliable source)

Many viewed this convo as merely game on Shelly's part but she was crying real tears (evidenced by extreme snortage), and anyone who's been paying attention these 57 days knows she was truthful when she told Jordan how often she's said she thinks the world of her.. sure, there was very likely some game and Shellyspeak in there as well (and why not?), but I don't know when clearing the air and making apologies became a bad thing.. Shelly was basically damned if she did and damned if she didn't do anything, and most of all damned for playing this dirty game the way it was designed to be played

For what it's worth, many viewed Nakomis's breakdown on BB5 as game too, and maybe some of it was, but it remains the single most genuine hour I've ever seen on the feeds.. what feedster can forget hearing "I hope you see this, internet fuckers! I hope it makes you fucking happy!" and cringing just a little at that.. this convo tonight was a different setting and has a different backstory, but it carried some of the same emotional impact, in my opinion anyway

Meanwhile, Kalia was working on Rachel and letting her know hamsters have hinted that she'd never win the money even if she gets to finals.. when Jordan & Rachel reunited, Rachel was all gloomy and wouldn't tell her what was up


Floaters (Friday)

Somehow that's become a dirty word in our little BB world, and people can't even agree on what it means.. some define it as hamsters who don't win comps and keep getting by anyway, while others describe it as hamsters who "float" from team to team, and particularly to whoever's in power at a given time.. I'm in the camp that it doesn't really matter how they survive and get to the end of this mess, since getting to the end is the goal, and there are no rules that define any single right or wrong way to do that

Some forget that Dr Will Kirby, whom many agree is the all-time master of Big Brother, never won a single competition.. some also forget that Jeff & Jordan didn't win much on their season until the end.. bottom line, it's Big Brother and it's a dirty game.. all that said, Adam took out a different kind of floater today

Earlier Porsche & Kalia made Adam swear not to use the veto should he win it.. Rachel told Jordan she's late and thinks she's pregnant, but apparently she can't count or she's not sure how these things happen, since she made a big deal about having her period on July 28 when she sat out the skis comp.. even if, we can probably chalk it up to stress or even campaigning for jury votes or the $25k favorite juror prize - it is Rachel after all


Porsche's Pandora

Porsche got a Pandora's Box and got $5k from it, and duos are now back in play as a result: the new pairings are Rachel/Jordan, Adam/Shelly, Porsche/Kalia.. Porsche told Kalia she'll get $5k too but I don't think either has told the others that part.. Porsche read the rules card which said the original rules of duos apply - except there was no stipulation for a veto winning duo removing the nominated duo from the block, and I don't think there was anything mentioned about Golden Keys either, oops - flashback 8/26 4.48pm

Porsche nominated Rachel & Jordan instead of her original plan to put up Rachel & Adam-as-pawn, but Rachel remains her target.. I don't know if Adam's agreement to not using the veto should he & Shelly win it is still valid now or not

Jordan & Rachel - mostly Jordan - made a pitch to Porsche & Kalia to "work together" but there weren't any pinkies or specific deals involved.. Shelly continued bashing Jordan much as she'd been bashing Rachel for a couple weeks - that didn't cause much of a problem but I'm told this is different? I don't understand why it would be, but whatever.. the other five played poker for Showtime with teabag cards and M&M antes, using their special Joisy/Brooklyn accents.. Jordan didn't last long, but her accent was pretty good: she had a Cyndi Lauper sort of thing going

My hard drive is still nominated for eviction with no alliance members nearby, but I hope to be back here with veto comp results on Saturday.. if my computer dies, I will still post the results to Twitter & Facebook, but this page may have to take some time off


Ratings - Speechless edition

They're in touch with the families of the hamsters, so I hope they're aware of the over the top hate stuff going on now about Shelly and that they'll let Tony know. Someone has posted an address for a child protection agency to report her for molestation. Someone else has said Josie should be kidnapped, raped and murdered. Someone else has posted a beyond vulgar chop about Josie. It's pathetic and disgusting that so-called 'fans' take things to this level, and the lesser levels of open hatred for hamsters who are gutsy enough to put themselves out there for our amusement. Perhaps it's time to put this little TV show down and out of its misery before someone does get hurt over it.

Saturday update: They are aware of it and they took a public stand against it - that's rare, so kudos to them for that. We've had this stuff before, many times, but it's usually over more than a fan favorite being evicted, and it has never involved a child before.

Paired with Dominic - GOLDEN KEY
Paired with Shelly
Won: One week elf suit
See Producers rating

Paired with Jeff
Paired with Rachel
Won: One week catsuit + tutu
See Producers rating

Paired with Lawon
Paired with Porsche
Won: $5k, Caribbean trip
See Producers rating

Paired with Keith - GOLDEN KEY
Paired with Kalia
Won: $5k
See Producers rating

Paired with Brendon
Paired with Jordan
See Producers rating

Paired with Cassi - GOLDEN KEY
Paired with Adam
Won: 24 hours solitary, phone call
See Producers rating

Paired with Jordan
Won: $15k
His sense of entitlement to be there and win was as strong as the other vets, but it didn't work out for him this time either. He went out on a bitter note but he gave us his share of funny one-liners while he lasted, especially when he was losing. He had issues with Dumbledore, was a formidable opponent for the new grill and for Adam & Shelly's cigarette supplies, he won all the cash to date, and he'll probably get yet another CBS show after this.

Paired with Dick - GOLDEN KEY/TICKET
Won/used: Veto ticket
She looked & acted different this time, especially when she joked & laughed which was great to see, but she failed at her former specialty of winning vetos and she went back to whining when on the block and on slop. Like all the vets, she had a sense of entitlement but she turned on them too soon, got Dominic booted, and later evicted her teamie Lawon. She was 'literally' almost saved at the 11th hour, but it didn't work out.

Paired with Rachel
Won: 1 week revival
His return was twice unwelcome, especially now that he's had a year to suck the life and Vegas out of Rachel. This time he wore superhero suits, used not-funny voices, lost a toy turtle, lectured everyone, and had big goofy smiles for Big Booty & Porsche's striptease. He had a pathetic sense of entitlement and made a giant stink about Rachel calling him Buki.

Paired with Kalia
Won: nothing
My favorite hamster in years, he came out with his best stuff late nights so many missed it, but he gave great Diary, wore kooky outfits and officiated at the trashbag wedding with tremendous style & flair. He caught flak for pawning himself out the door but his teamies encouraged it and put him up, so it's not all on him. He was Lawonderful with a fantastic laugh and he'll be missed.

Paired with Adam
Won: nothing
He was the first casualty of Daniele's too hard/too fast strategy but he didn't help himself by not brushing up more on how BB works. He told a lot of pointless lies about his modeling, schooling, virginity and then fessed up to them, which might have come back to bite him anyway. His adolescent jokes & behavior did nothing for me.

Paired with Shelly
Won: nothing
She started off okay and had Dominic in her pocket, but Shelly befriended her so well that when they were both nominated, Cassi just laid down and died. She complained a lot, failed to fulfill her catfight potential, and was the third model in a row to be booted out second. She had the best Mirror-Face since BB5/7 Jase.

Paired with Porsche
Won: nothing
He claimed to be a fan since BB1 but even watching only CBS, he clearly wasn't paying attention: who throws a veto comp when they're on the block? He went in with a clearly outlined womanizing strategy which failed miserably, he set off another BB Weinergate, and he panicked himself right out the door.

Paired with Daniele
Won: nothing
We haven't had a premiere night no-show since BB9 Jacob, and we haven't had a mysterious early exit since BB9 Neil. These pairs twist seasons just seem to complicate things for production. No real word yet on why Dick's gone (and there may never be) but he sure was looking rough in the premiere.


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8/28 CBS 8pm Fast Forward fallout, HOH comp, Pandora's Box, nominations
8/29 Veto meeting

9/11 No CBS show
9/14 CBS 9.30pm Finale 90 minutes

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Thursday's double eviction show remained in first place with 8.5 million viewers, 5.1 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Expedition Impossible' on ABC with 5.2/3.1/5, 'Bones' rerun on FOX with 4.5/2.9/5, and 'The Office' and '30 Rock' reruns on NBC with 3/2.1/3 and 2.7/1.9/3 respectively.
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BBQ Smackdown Scorecard

Big Brother 13
Round 2: BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 1: BBQ ½, Adam ½, Rachel 0

Big Brother 12
Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0
Round 3: BBQ 1, Lane 0, CBS 0

Big Brother 11
Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0

Big Brother 10
No title events

Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
Round 3, BBQ ½, Ryan 0

Big Brother 8
Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1

Big Brother 7 All-Stars
BBQ training sabbatical

Big Brother 6
Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0

Big Brother 5
Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
Round 3: BBQ 1, CBS 0, Cowboy 1, Nakomis 0



Rachel to Jordan about winning HOH: If we can't do this, we don't deserve to be here

Jordan: I felt like you stabbed me in the back
Shelly: It was a game move - personally, it's been torture
Jordan: Why didn't you just come up to me and say listen.. we saw it as you going behind my back and being sneaky
Shelly: I did one thing to stab you & Jeff in the back that was bad - [Rachel]'s done it countless times, countless
Shelly: Losing you two in this game, I look like a fool at this point
Jordan: I'm over it now
Shelly: I have every belief that you & Rachel are gonna vote me out this week.. if that's what you're gonna do, I respect that
Shelly: Mostly I respect what your opinion is
Shelly: Adam didn't come and tell you, Rachel didn't come & tell you until the shit hit the fan
Jordan: I don't care about winning this year

Adam: Lovers gotta love, haters gotta hate

Porsche, reading directions: All of the original duo rules apply

Rachel: Oh my god, we have to win that veto
Jordan: If we don't, me and you suck as players

Porsche about Pandora: If I would have known that was the twist, I wouldn't have done it

Shelly about Rachel & Jordan: That's not classy, they're making themselves look bad.. there were plenty of other people involved but I'm the one taking the heat for it

Porsche Diary leak: Is this a real DR DR?

Rachel: Do people really think I'm a liar?
Jordan: Kinda


Final three? chop by Earthdog

Cat Lady Gazette ..zing!

Done-ato and Royally Screwed by BB House Rodents

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Sex events: 5
Brendon/Rachel 8/17 1.48am
Brendon/Rachel 8/16 1.52am
  (next to Jordan)
Brendon/Rachel 8/15 2.05am
  (next to Shelly)
Brendon/Rachel 7/25 3.10am
Brendon/Rachel 7/11 3.32am

Sex events cancelled by knee-jabbing:
1 Brendon/Rachel 7/26 2.54am

Pandora's Box events: 1 Porsche

Food tampering incidents: 1
Porsche 8/13 12.08am

Major fights/house meetings: 1
Brendon, Jordan, Dominic, Kalia, Jeff, Daniele plus supporting players 7/27 1.18pm

Noteworthy fights: 8
Shelly vs Jordan 8/25 7.05pm
Rachel vs Jordan 8/17 1.59pm
Rachel vs Shelly 8/12 7.16pm
Rachel vs Daniele 8/3 3.52pm
Brendon vs Kalia 7/27 12.52pm
Brendon vs Daniele 7/25 10.55am
Rachel vs Cassi 7/17 8.25pm
Brendon vs Rachel (ongoing)
  i.e. 7/19 12.32pm, 8/16 10.28pm

Revivals: 1 Brendon

Pinky swears: 5
Brendon/Rachel 8/16 10.53pm
Jeff/Shelly 8/5 9.15pm
Jordan/Rachel 7/21 10.03pm
Jordan/Kalia 7/18 11.27pm
Jordan/Dominic 7/17 3.37pm

Striptease shows: 3
Jordan 8/24 CBS show
Porsche, Adam 8/1 10.59pm

Weddings: 1
Brendon/Rachel 8/2 10.36pm

'The Soup' mentions: 1
Adam <3 Tori, Hofftacular comp & visit

Beyond BB scandals: 1
Jeff & Dumbledoregate

Nominee speech scorchers: 2
Dominic, Daniele

Premature exits: 1 Dick

Absentee hamsters: 1 Jason

CBS major goofs: 27
- Forgetting to add veto stipulation to new duos rules 8/26 4.48pm
- Day count error by Julie
- Brendon misspelled by CBS
- Android app had 8/17 show as 7/17
- Brendon misspelled by Julie
- Ad had Adam's beard after he shaved
- MSNBC on feeds 8/15 10.37am F2
- They deleted final round of a food comp for CBS, but Jordan told Julie about it on 8/11 show
- Day count error 8/11 show
- Showtime 8/10 crawl misspelling 'Big Brother Odessy'
- Showtime 8/9 & 8/10 crawl: all four evictees will compete against 8/11 evictee for revival
- Misspelled AMERICA
- Revival poll & Brendon's eviction posted a day early
- Pauley Perrette in BB 'Newest Photos'
- All noobs are Alan Cumming
- Called noms 'eviction ceremony'
- Cassi's exit interview bla bla bla
- Survivor Jenna Morasca at ComicCon in Jordan's HOH pics
- Cassi misspelled by Allison Grodner
- Golden Ticket Holder 7/17 show
- Julie congratulating Jordan for her 'first HOH win' 7/14 show
- Forgot to move Julie to The Talk
- Labeling Jeff as Dominic
- Android app said CBS Thursdays 8pm
- Premature show schedule
- 3am wrong trivia screen
- Misspelled Evel Dick
(I'm not even tracking out-of-sequences on the CBS shows or many of the Showtime crawl errors)

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