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Jordan is Head of Household
Adam & Dominic are nominated
Adam & Dominic hold veto
Adam, Dominic, Cassi, Shelly are Have-nots
Rachel's on slop 2 weeks from 7/16
Daniele & Porsche have Golden Keys


Pick one: Take a swig whenever one of them sings - see you under the table



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They call Dominic PT for pre-teen, a running gag about how young he looks, and/or part-time, referring to his modeling career.

Nominations & veto will be pairs-based until there are 10 left.

The surviving partner of evictee gets one of four Golden Keys, meaning they can't be nominated or play for HOH until there are 10 left.

Dick left myseriously, off the feeds, due to 'personal reasons' per CBS. We may never know the full story.

CBS shows air Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm, and live eviction Thursdays at 9pm

BBAD airs 1-4am Thursdays and 12-3am other nights, on Showtime in USA and Global Reality in Canada

BB13 prizes are the same: $500k for the winner and $50k for 2nd place. The others still earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.

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Now we've got a show

It was a mostly nothing day with lots of sunbathing, and lots of Cassi saying they want her out because she's pretty, Rachel buddying up with Dominic, and Cassi, Dominic and Kalia each urging Jordan to backdoor Rachel.. Daniele told Rachel & Brendon that "someone" was suggesting that, which ticked her off a bit, understandably

Evening brought Cassi fixing up her hair & makeup, and then asking Rachel for a sit-down.. it started off well enough with the usual let's bury the hatchet stuff, but quickly accelerated to attacks on each other's honesty, gameplay and maturity.. Cassi scored some direct hits with "Oh, sweetheart" - the Southern-speak equivalent of "bitch" - and telling Rachel she's "ugly on the inside" - Rachel probably just heard "you're ugly".. flashback 7/17 8.26pm F1

Retells ensued, like they do, with Cassi repeating it to Jeff and Rachel to Jordan.. Jordan countered by insightfully (and repetitively) telling Rachel that yes, she does come across as bitchy in there, and that she should either not pay attention to what's said about her out here, or change her behavior if it bothers her

Others eventually rambled in and out of each rehash.. when Brendon showed up in HOH, Rachel said nothing was wrong but of course soon told him all of it (from her point of view) and the floodgates opened.. if she'd heard anything Jordan said, she forgot it quickly.. Brendon backed off lecturing long enough to be a supportive boyfriend for a bit, kinda.. he said Cassi's just jealous of Rachel, and that Cassi's a whore.. elsewhere, Cassi was calling Rachel a horse


Poopy pants

Brendon discovered what he thought were Dominic's poopy pants in his room, and started showing them to whoever passed by - naturally they were aghast.. Brendon took the pants to the pantry garbage, but then assembled a meeting in there to show the others, saying he wanted to "save Dominic the embarrassment" - go figure

Daniele copped to it being a hoax by Jeff, done with chocolate.. Rachel went up to HOH to warn Dominic that he was being pranked "about something" and Jordan divulged that Jeff had chocolated her brother's pants once, so the whole thing was a dud as a prank - but it was good for a minute for them and for us


Ratings - Meow edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value

Golden Ticket Holder? Seriously, they forgot the name of their own twist on Sunday's show? If I had more time & energy, I'd give them all Willy Wonka pics tonight. Let's see, Dominic as Charlie, Adam as his grandpa, Cassi as the egotistical Veruca Salt, Rachel as competitive Violet Beauregarde, Jeff as Mike Teavee, Lawon as a snazzy dressing Oompa Loompa, etc etc - you get the idea. And of course the wonderful Willy Wonka himself in this spot. "Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination" - also known as the CBS 'reality' show Big Brother.

As for the rest of the show, that food comp was even more Human Centipede-ish than the hamsters made it sound.

Paired with Dominic
Ups for being one of the stars of tonight's show (like nominees are) and for superb acting surprised, shocked & disappointed at the noms meeting. Also for his everlasting shout-outs to me and more so, to the lovely Fara. His open love and devotion for her may be starting to grate on Rachel.

Paired with Rachel
His glee in telling everyone what he thought was an embarrassment for Dominic was ridiculous, but he gets an upgrade to neutral for talking down a very upset Rachel for once, instead of delivering the same lecture that usually just whips up her frenzy. Not that he didn't try that at first, but then he turned into a real boyfriend for a minute and was actually supportive. But sadly for us, that also diffused the situation that is Rachel.

Paired with Shelly
This whole 'woe is me, I'm the pretty girl' shtick is so old and sad but she took it to new lows today when she all but declared she was the Cindy Crawford of the habitat. However she redeemed herself by a) taking time & effort to apply warpaint before her showdown with Rachel and b) becoming Mirror-face 2.0. BB5/7 Jase has nothing on her.

Paired with Dick
Once again, I'm all for the veterans getting gone but I have to admit she's an amazing shit stirrer in there. She drops a little bomb here, a little bomb there, and then she sits back to enjoy the show with us. Normally you'd figure she'll be busted and booted for all that, but these are hamsters of very little brain this year.

Paired with Daniele
We haven't had a premiere night no-show since BB9 Jacob, and we haven't had a mysterious early exit since BB9 Neil. These pairs twist seasons just seem to complicate things for production. No real word yet on why Dick's gone (and there may never be) but he sure was looking rough in the premiere.

Paired with Adam
He's trying hard to be a big gamer, scurrying here and whispering there, but compared to masters like Daniele and Shelly, he comes across as just a busybody wannabe.

Paired with Jordan
Sympathy kudos for being Cassi's first retell victim and having to listen to all that, and then hear it again from Jordan later, and everyone else in between. Making chocolate poopy pants is a childish prank but you can't really blame him with all this going on around him.. at least he gave us and them a diversion for a half hour.

Paired with Jeff
Who saw that spot-on in-yer-face advice for Rachel coming from her, when Rachel was her most upset? Not me. She did an incredible job and said all the right things. It's just too bad Rachel probably only heard the bits she wanted to. Jordan had social skills deluxe her first season and it seems she's only fine-tuned them since then, and I give her credit for handling this week as well as she has. She's never been HOH with a full house before and it's a tough job for someone as well-connected socially as she is.

Paired with Lawon
Many dislike her but I still think she's okay. I might change that later on if she sticks and/or when she starts to repeat herself. But so far most of her many stories are new, to me anyway, and that's a good thing. Anyway, she's barely there with all this chaos going on.

Paired with Porsche
He claimed to be a fan since BB1 but even watching only CBS, he clearly wasn't paying attention: who throws a veto comp when they're on the block? He went in with a clearly outlined womanizing strategy which failed miserably, he set off another BB Weinergate, and he panicked himself right out the door.

Paired with Kalia
Easy ups for his ruffled shirt outfit (that he kept on til the wee hours), and especially for his superb reaction upon hearing Cassi's version of The Spat. It was very quick but it was classic. Sorry, I didn't get the timestamp but trust me, it was good.

Paired with Keith
They all keep saying she's crazy but I'm not seeing it - I barely see her at all. She's definitely handicapped in there, having first hitched her wagon to Dick, which might have worked out well for her if he'd stayed but we know how that went. And now she seems most attached to Rachel.. she seems bent on BB suicide.

Paired with Brendon
You know tonight's follies are upsworthy, even if it was close to a rerun of so very many other Rachel escapades. No matter how ridiculous her behavior is, she's still just a little sympathetic when she's truly hurt: she's like a 6-year-old little girl who refuses to be consoled. But then she's back to being herself and/or Violet, plus she spoils a perfectly good prank.

Paired with Cassi
See Daniele, but Shelly's far more sly about it and she does it with empathy. She's put in a LOT of time listening and supporting Cassi about her insecurities without being condescending, and I'd like to think it's genuine. At the same time, it's going to make it very hard for Cassi to campaign against her.. well played, Shelly. Bonus ups for making a homemade Swiffer today.


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Shelly on CBS show: Drama, save it for your mama, not this mama

Rachel to Brendon: Why am I such a silly fiancée?

Brendon about Daniele: What does she even have anything to make fun of me about?

Cassi: They want me out 'cause they're girls, plain and simple

Rachel: You really think you're the most honest person here?
Cassi: I absolutely do
Cassi: I'm not 12
Rachel: You kind of act like it
Cassi: Oh, sweetheart

Rachel: She used all my weaknesses against me
Jordan: You're coming off as bitchy to people

Jordan: I felt Like Dr Phil

Plaidchick in Hamsterwatch Chat: Stop playing armchair psychologist, let's go rip some hair extensions out

Stacy Kaiser: Boy did that house need a shrink tonight!


Golden Ticket Holder CBS forgot the name of their own twist

DogDave on BB12 precedent for telling nominees they're going up

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Premature exits: 1 Dick

Sex events: 1
Brendon/Rachel 7/11 3.32am

Noteworthy fights: 2
Rachel vs Cassi 7/17 8.25pm
Brendon vs Rachel (ongoing)

CBS goofs: 7
Golden Ticket Holder 7/17 show
Julie congratulating Jordan for her 'first HOH win' 7/14 show
Forgot to move Julie to The Talk (fixed)
Labeling Jeff as Dominic (fixed)
Premature show schedule (fixed)
3am wrong trivia screen
Typo 'Evil' Dick
(I'm not even tracking out-of-sequences on the CBS shows or the Showtime crawl errors)

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