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Rachel is Head of Household
Keith & Porsche are nominated
Nobody is Have-not
Daniele has Golden Key


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Dick left myseriously, off the feeds, due to 'personal reasons' per CBS. We may never know the full story.

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Things are picking up

In a manner of speaking anyway: the Rachel/Brendon fight from last night continued today, with many feedsters upset over his treatment of her but hey, she likes it.. their fights always follow the same pattern, and they have a kooky dynamic that seems to work for them: he wants to feel needed and in charge, and she wants to have attention and feel loved.. ironically, he was saying a lot last night about wanting to grow up, but today he went back to his missing toy turtle Franklin, and they all planned to hold a trial about it for tonight's Showtime

Keith campaigned to Rachel, alone, who then told Brendon they shouldn't tell people how to vote, so he fetched Daniele to discuss it - she didn't think much of the idea.. later Brendon coached Porsche, alone, about her campaign, and on it goes.. later Keith told Adam he thinks he'll be gone on a 6-4 vote, with Adam, Lawon, Shelly and Kalia voting to keep him.. I haven't seen much effort from either nominee to stay

I don't know why The Powers That Be thought it'd be a good idea to bring back all these has-beens, but I'm already tired of reliving the Rachel/Brendon Show that we just finished.. it's the same as when they brought Jessie back for another round, but doubly so


Franklin trial pre-empted for golf

Jeff made a big stink about Harry Potter's Dumbledore character supposedly being gay and a teacher, which Kalia didn't like and told him so - flashback 7/12 6.45pm F1 for that one.. a whole lot of feedsters didn't like it either, naturally, but it's interesting that some of the complainers also talk about Dominic must be gay and Shelly's a man - things that make you go hmmm

Lawon provided the comedy today, beginning with his first impressions of them all and leading into some very detailed descriptions of his alter ego, Dawon, and later giving "ghetto walk" lessons with Dominic to Jordan and Shelly - flashback 7/12 11.10pm F1.. they got a giant golf apparatus to practice for the HOH comp (presumably), so the Franklin trial was delayed.. recall per Attwx's site that Jordan won the golf when Jeff gave it to her in their first season.. punishment for the Have-nots ended at midnight (yes, it's been a full week for them) and Kalia, Shelly, Cassi and Lawon plowed eagerly through a feast prepared by Jeff


Ratings - Fun in the Sun edition

Ratings are based on entertainment value.

They need to instruct whoever's on the palms/fishies switch what the rules are: mentions of public figures are ok, unnamed acquaintances are ok, made-up songs are ok. The overactive button-pusher in there is a problem. See above about this whole lame has-beens idea, especially since they didn't mix them up to pair with new ones. Also, why on earth don't they provide better material for the 'news' scrolls for Showtime and the Android app with something current? Both of those groups are watching the feeds 'OBVI' and don't need stale info that's based around the CBS schedule.

Paired with Dominic
Ups are not because he's a barrel of monkeys on the feeds, although his comment to Porsche about telling Keith he'll vote to keep him just to end the convo was good. No, tonight's ups are purely personal. I think he must have talked me up to them a lot their first days (till they were sick of it) as even Rachel said I'd be most likely to stalk them all after the show, along with Adam and his girlfriend Fara. It's fun to be mentioned on the feeds but sorry, Rachel, I'm the least likely to stalk any of you.

Paired with Rachel
Qualified ups only because it's the first week and it's too weird that his bizarre relationship with Rachel hasn't developed past their initial get-to-know-you loops of last year, and because his Do As I Say, Not As I Do hypocrisy is so comical, and because of this - thanks to perrocaliente at Sucks for the gif. The crux of the two-day fight seems to be Rachel hollering out her pet name for him 'Buki' in front of everyone, which he didn't like, which leads me to think maybe it springs from bukkake - else why would he have such a problem about it? (see: Penisgate)

Paired with Shelly
She's got her fans for sure, but I haven't really caught much of her in action other than when she's trashing Porsche. There might be hope of a catfight here, either Cassi vs Porsche now, or Cassi vs Rachel or Daniele later. Maybe all of the above, if we're lucky.

Paired with Dick
I'm getting used to this new Daniele finally, and I kind of like her game except that she's always with Rachel & Brendon and I've had my fill of them. I don't want her to win - I don't want any of the vets to win, they had their chance already - but she's looking strong. It's just a matter of time till everyone finds out how many partners she's got. Ups are for her 3-4am routines and because I never thought I'd hear her being so funny or laughing so loud.

Paired with Daniele
We haven't had a premiere night no-show since BB9 Jacob, and we haven't had a mysterious early exit since BB9 Neil. These pairs twist seasons just seem to complicate things for them. No word yet on why Dick's gone but he sure was looking rough in the premiere.

Paired with Adam
He's still in there, thinking he's the social center of them when I suspect most of them just kind of tolerate him and his everlasting weird sexual comments like a pesty little brother. He seems like a nice enough guy but nice often backfires in this game. He'd make for an interesting week if he wins HOH on Thursday, but I don't think he will.

Paired with Jordan
It's one thing that he's barely there this year, but quite another when he lets his ignorance loose on everyone. Jeff, being gay does not equate to being a predatory pedophile, anymore than a heterosexual teacher is automatically going to be molesting kids. Get a grip and get over this dark ages attitude, and get back to being the goofy fun guy. Oh and by the way, Harry Potter's fiction. Kudos for cooking the feast for all the sloppers.

Paired with Jeff
Other than tonight's 'ghetto walk' lessons with Lawon, she's been a non-houseguest.

Paired with Lawon
She says good stuff but she's turning into one of those who says it too many times. Most of her talk is Kalia-centric and that's okay, it's the hamster way, but it might get old soon. She jumped on Jeff when he mouthed off and she did it well, and as far as I know she didn't dwell on it or do endless rehashes later, so that's something. It came out today that she'd been threatened pre-feeds with a penalty nom for repeated singing offenses, but we all know those penalty noms are just a suburban myth.

Paired with Porsche
If he's doing any real campaigning, I'm missing it. All I catch is his asking everyone if they're going to vote for him. He's capable of drama: it's already happened, but we didn't get to see it and now he's all calmed down. I think Porsche's capable of more, so I'd be okay with him walking the plank to Julie's boudoir on Thursday.

Paired with Kalia
This guy's great! He dresses for every non-occasion, he's funny as hell when he gets going, and when he talks game or serious topics, he's thoughtful and articulate. A definite keeper, and I'm hoping to hear more about Dawon.

Paired with Keith
So like she's starting to like campaign? and like talk to people about like wanting to stay? And like I think she's got like potential for like drama so like I'd like to like keep her around? cuz we like NEED some like drama in there and they all like hate her and that's like good for drama? But she like better like bring it and like soon or go home.

Paired with Brendon
See Brendon, only I can't bring myself to give her ups as she's already worn me down. I'm bracing myself for her HOH blog and tomorrow I'll do Rachel Ratings.

Paired with Cassi
Ups for her attempts at 'ghetto walk' lessons and for providing golf commentary. She's no BB5 Marvin Latimer but at least she's trying, which is more than can be said for most of them.


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Daniele: Which of the houseguests is the most likely to stalk the other houseguests after the show?
Everyone: Adam!
Rachel: Adam and Fara, and Dingo

Daniele to Rachel: I think the comment you just made is stupid

Jeff: I hate being painted in that corner, I can't fucking win! Now I'm going to look like an asshole, again

Dominic about Porsche: I cant stand her - bitch.. not bitch, but stupid


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