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Britney is Head of Household
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Will Matt out the Brigade? HOH lockdown Thursday morning would be a good opportunity
Thursday is double eviction - they won't know til the show starts

Next CBS show is Thursday 8pm live: eviction #1, HOH comp #1, noms, veto comp & meeting, eviction #2, HOH comp #2 begins; Lane's phone call?, assorted dramas

Wednesday's show won the hour with 7.9 million viewers, 4.7 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Minute to Win It' on NBC with 6.3/4.7/8, 'MasterChef' on FOX with 4.9/2.9/5, and two 'The Middle' reruns on ABC with 4.4/2.8/5. 'Big Brother 12' also won the 18-49 demographic.

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Episode 1 8/8 11pm Quads
Episode 2 8/9 11.44pm F1/2
Episode 3 8/10 11.10pm F3/4
Episode 4 8/11 11.20pm F1/2
Episode 5 8/20 1:47am F3/4
Episode 6 8/22 11:48pm F1/2

What extra foods should Have-nots get?
Broccoli & bean dip

Two hour finale is September 15

Brendon opened Pandora's Box which gave him a night out and let Rachel back for 24 hours.

Matt opened Pandora's Box which held the return of the saboteur (in the form of Ragan) to WREAK HAVOC, and gave him diamond veto for 2 weeks.

Britney opened Pandora's Box and got an hour of BB10/11 Jessie insulting her while the others had a luau

Ragan won $20k for performing 3 tasks a week for 2 weeks undetected. His identity will be revealed to them at the finale.

I use Stabo/Staboteur/Stabotage because of the typo in an early official CBS BB tweet

Annie & Monet were sequestered until Andrew was evicted. Nobody knows why.

The first saboteur was Annie. She'd have won $50k if she lasted 5 weeks undetected.

Ragan's tattoo says 'Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave' ('Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave')

Have-Nots have their own room again, cold showers again, slop again, plus additional food items decided by viewer votes.

Nobody knows why Paolo isn't there.

The winner of BB12 will win $500k and 2nd place gets $50k. Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.


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    That's all it was, just a little peni peekaboo, barely noticeable and hardly worth posting, but not much else today warrants posting either.. it figures the first peek of junk of the season was Lane of Special Shower fame, but it's unheard of that it took this long for one of them to slip

    The camera came out and Britney wrote her blog, and Matt kept alternately nervousing and shmoozing.. he hasn't outed his former teamies yet, and apparently The Penguin wasn't penalized for his peanuts

    I wasn't even going to do a full episode today, but I stumbled upon a sort of theme for daily pics, so here we are.. nothing much happened except they rolled out the ball launcher contraption from last year for them to practice.. oddly, that's all they got: they're still not on lockdown as of midnight, which is really unusual since they have two other comps to build for tomorrow

    Britney ventured into the downstairs bathroom and found lines of ants, which she sprayed.. they don't always make it that far, but remember they have cockroach backups this year, and this is a far dirtier habitat than usual.. Hayden made what sounded like a pre-emptive strike against Matt outing the Brigade around 1am.. there's no telling what Matt made of it, or whether he does or doesn't have plans to out them, or when.. I'm not giving up hope until Julie makes me

    CBS will never be able to unravel this clusterfuck
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    I don't think even CBS-only viewers were fooled by Brendon's little cap to cover his baldness when he talked about the veto comp like he hadn't lost his hair yet, and I know they weren't fooled by '24 hours' of green slime handcuffs, when the first dip was at night and they were unlocked in bright daylight. I ignored Jessie, like I do, but they should have shown him telling Britney she's fat and her telling him he's a douche. They set up for Britney to break a tie tomorrow and keep Matt, with her 'I'll kill you' to Lane if she finds out he's got another alliance, and that would also explain why Penguin's penalty vote was overlooked, even though few things have run more rampant on the BB interwebs in the past. But a tie would require Matt to out the Brigade convincingly enough to get Brendon's vote.. it could happen.

    Won: A night in Malibu & massage; shaved head; 24 15 hrs chum dips chained to Britney
    He was doing the ball chucker way too fast, but then he focused a bit more. He practiced a lot, but he practiced bowling a lot too and look how that turned out. If he sticks, he's going to be more insufferable every day with his Cliff Claven factoids and stories about someone he knew once who <fill in the blank, with anything or everything>. If he goes, the place will fall into even further filth and disrepair, and hopefully be condemned. But even he's not being as fastidious as usual, sitting down to eat in shorts that were completely soaked with sweat.

    Won: $10; 24 15 hrs chained to Brendon; 1 hour with Jessie
    She didn't practice the ball chucker much since they all ass-ume it'll be an HOH comp, and a single HOH comp now since they didn't lock them in for construction. If it's for the veto she's doomed, as she isn't tall enough to see over the top of it to aim. If she goes, we'll be stuck with farts, belches, and sports chat for the duration, and the aroma of sweaty feet will ooze through our monitors.

    Won: 42" 3D TV; 1 week penguin
    Lost: his clothes
    He has the best look on the ball launcher, being a penguin, but if they make him wear his beak he'll have a huge disadvantage since he's worn it all of two minutes in aggregate since he got it, and it'll knock his balance off. All this ass-uming he sticks, and while I enjoy him on the feeds for the most part, I hope he doesn't. Happy anniversary to him & Mrs Penguin.

    Won: $5,000, Hawaii trip,
    24 18 hours solitary
    He put in some serious practice on the ball chucker and his baseball skills should help him with it, maybe. He also looks good for the second HOH comp, if it's a skating-in-oil plus precision endurance thingy as it has been in the past.. so does Brendon. He switched his game into overdrive when he hinted to Matt that he has his vote but that it'll be a tie with Britney kicking him out. He also asked that Matt doesn't out the Brigade. I sure hope Matt saw that as the shmooze it was.

    Won: $1,000; phone call
    He's got no chance in any comps, but now that Rachel's gone along with the girls who showed their boobies in the shower, he's all that's left for the pervy feedsters who wait for sex events or nudity. Yep, I know.. slim pickings.

    Won: $1, Diamond Veto
    PLEASE OUT THE BRIGADE AND DO IT RIGHT, AND AT THE RIGHT TIME (which may have passed). Hey, it's my dream - please don't ruin it unless/until Julie does.

    Won: $20,000, Veto ticket
    He's got a slight chance to win either the ball chucker or skating in oil and a good chance to win Q&A, but I don't think he can hold out against the Brigade remnants for long. He made BB history tonight for mentioning Occam's razor on the feeds.. that had to have been a first.

    She spoiled a lot of early fights by being the peacemaker we didn't need. An early illness laid her low but once she recovered, she didn't bring much to the feeds other than sucking up to whoever was in power. She was the only regular smoker this season, which was an odd juxtaposition with her cancer survival and announced upcoming relapse. She took over fish feeding as well as Hayden's sock monkey, her mascara'd eyelashes had storylines of their own, and she's the first bleached blonde hamster who started off with three weeks' worth of dark roots.

    Won: $5,000, 24 20 hour revival
    The buxom bombshell role and star of the 1st half thanks to her total lack of self-awareness and her adolescent slurpmance with Brendon. She talked up her game but both her HOHs were wasted on non-threats for purely personal reasons. She was chaos, volatility and mood swings deluxe but rarely boring. She'll be remembered for indecipherable blogs, farewells to 4 of 4 who came between her & her man, tacky outfits & tack-on hair, her dysfunctional showmance, and 'I AM VEGAS!'

    Won: $100, 1 week wig & catsuit
    She was barely there the first couple weeks but she came alive and participated in some juicy spats and was the subject of Andrew's scorching exit speech. She was half a showmance with Hayden, wore a silly wig & catsuit for a week, and ate a spider, yet for all this, she still was barely there. She spent most of her time horizontal with Kathy or Hayden, and would only talk with others one-on-one.

    He promised chaos and delivered on that, leaving them and us wondering what he was up to most of the time. He was a good early guess for the staboteur but he WREAKED more HAVOC just by being himself. He was early-to-bed & early-to-rise so I missed a lot of what he did, but he brought some Orthodox education, travel companion/fingerbang stories, and he made lots of threats to make good tv that didn't pan out until his final moments.

    Won: $10,000
    She promised princessy but failed to deliver, opting instead for poor-me tears, complaints about being fat, and a lot of moping around. But she wasn't all doom & gloom: she rode the slip 'n slide and made fun of her keep-warm sleeping layers, and she was Britney's #1 mean girl cohort. She tried out for ANTM and might have fared better there, as they wouldn't have flashed her boobies.

    She turned her nomination into the House of Annie and wheedled everyone for days, to no avail. She promised catfights with Britney and Rachel but nothing came of it, leaving her in the 'Who?' category for future BB trivia, even including her stabotage. She's lucky she went early: she might have cracked bad and the chops would get really brutal.

    Paolo Aviles
    30 - Unemployed real estate agent

    Lucky #14 got away before the season began without any secrets exposed or embarrassing incidents to live forever on the web. Her dirty laundry will remain in the hamper, but boobies fans will be forever disappointed and wonder 'what if?'

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    Britney via @BigBrotherHOH: How am I the ONLY girl left with 6 guys??? Now my risk of running out of mascara is a VERY serious situation!

    Hayden: The duck's a dark horse to win
    Enzo: He might float to the end

    Ragan about Diary: At the end they said 'So, is it fair to say that you love Matt?'

    Britney about Hayden's ASU mascot: Is he a scientologist? Why is this devil living on the sun?

    Ragan: Throw the ball underhanded to me
    Lane: You DO have testicles

    Matt to Hayden about outing Brigade: Cross my heart I won't


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    Hamster revivals: 1 Rachel

    Diamond veto blindsides: 1 Matt

    Pandora's Box events: 3

    Nominee speech scorchers: 1 Andrew

    Makeout/sex event pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    Self-service: 1 Lane

    House meetings: 2

    Major fights: 2
    Rachel vs Ragan (Round 2) 8/14
    Brendon vs Ragan & Britney 8/10

    Noteworthy fights: 8
    Rachel vs Britney 8/14
    Rachel vs Ragan (Round 1) 8/14
    Rachel vs Kathy 8/7
    Rachel vs Ragan 8/6
    Andrew vs everyone 7/29
    Rachel vs Kristen 7/29
    Andrew vs Kristen 7/28
    Rachel vs Annie 7/12

    Deaths: 6 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 4 of 7 shows
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals
    -Rachel the waitress chemist
    -Matt's wife's fake illness
    -Kristen's boyfriend & Richard Simmons
      Collection hippytard

    TMZ TV mentions: 1
    Rachel being Rachel + Harvey's bored

    'The View' mentions: 1
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 3
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika
    Rachel & BB2/7 Boogie
    Matt & BB8 Joe

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


    Big Brother 12
    Round 1: BBQ ½, Brendon 0
    Round 2: BBQ 2, Britney 0, Lane 0

    Big Brother 11
    Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
    Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0
    Big Brother 10
    No title events
    Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
    Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
    Round 3, BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Big Brother 8
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
    Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
    Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1
    Big Brother 7 All-Stars
    BBQ training sabbatical
    Big Brother 6
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0
    Big Brother 5
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
    Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
    Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Nakomis 0, CBS 0

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