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This site is about the Big Brother 12 feeds and contains spoilers! It isn't necessarily thorough: it's what I catch and/or what interests me. It also isn't necessarily about who will win, who should win, who's cute or who's horrid. It's about watching hamsters: who's doing what and why, who's fun and who's dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.

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Rachel & Brendon go at it

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Matt is Head of Household
Brendon & Rachel are nominated
Kathy is Have-not
Ragan is Staboteur 2.0

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Next CBS show is Sunday 8pm: Endurance comp, Pandora's Box & stabotage, nominations, assorted dramas

Veto comp Saturday
BB11 Jordan Lloyd & Jeff Schroeder visiting the veto comp for a cross-promo opp for Jeff's CBS webshow
Pandora's Box has returned but nothing's known about it yet other than it released Stabo 2.0 HAVOC - see below

Thursday's eviction show won the hour with 7 million viewers, 4.2 rating and 8 share, ahead of 'Wipeout' rerun on ABC with 6.5/3.8/7, 'Glee' rerun on FOX with 3.8/2.5/5, and 'Community' and '30 Rock' reruns on NBC with 2.8/1.9/4 and 2.4/1.7/3 respectively. 'Big Brother 12' also won the 18-49 demographic.

Rating = % of all TV households
Share = % of households watching TV

Who do you want to be the new staboteur to WREAK HAVOC?
- Ragan

Two hour finale is September 15

The first 'evil' from Pandora's Box was the return of the staboteur, in the form of Ragan, to WREAK HAVOC.

Ragan will win $20k if he lasts two weeks undetected. He addressed the hamsters August 6 (for August 8 show), and his identity will be revealed to them on the finale.

I use Stabo/Staboteur/Stabotage because of the typo in an early official CBS BB tweet

Annie & Monet have been sprung from sequester so we won't have Revive-a-Hamster after all.

The first saboteur was Annie. She'd have won $50k if she lasted five weeks undetected.

Have-Nots have their own room again, cold showers again, slop again, plus popcorn, plus additional food items decided by viewer votes.

Nobody knows why Paolo isn't there.

The winner of BB12 will win $500k and 2nd place gets $50k. Hamsters earn $750 a week including pre-show hotel and jury sequester.

The habitat has 52 cameras and 95 microphones.

The recorded Big Brother in-house announcements are the voice of producer Don Wollman.

All feeds stay on one 'scene' when someone's in Diary.


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>> Matt is Head of Household - Rachel & Brendon are nominated <<

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    Body language

    Say what you want about Brendon & Rachel - and you do - they are definitely the most mismatched couple in Big Brother history, and possibly all history.. this was their mismatched pose for a bit this morning as he ranted (again) about the unfairness of the endurance comp and she ranted (again) about the unfairness of being Rachel

    Matt was locked out of his HOH room and all of them remained locked in from the backyard for hours so they could set up Pandora's Box to set up the stupid stabotwist again.. it gave us a sense of giddy anticipation but it made them lifeless, as usual.. The Powers That Be are soliciting stabo ideas again, so Ragan must have accepted the job - I'd like to know what they did with the many really good ideas submitted the first time, and why they opted for such ridiculous non-pranks for Annie to pull.. I'm not expecting much from round 2

    Apparently Diary told Matt he wasn't allowed to renege on a money deal, should Rachel bribe him with her $5k - he was hoping to take the money and put her up anyway, so now that fun is spoiled.. he spent the night and morning avoiding her, as any sane person would.. when she finally did corner him (after a visit to Diary), it turned into a fight between her & Ragan because she called Matt & Ragan a pair - Flashback to 1.25pm any feed to see it

    Matt was offered Pandora's Box - he told them he opened it but nothing happened other than he got a dollar (or maybe his original first comp dollar back again), at least not yet.. it was behind bubbles naturally, so for us who pay to "see everything, live and uncensored", it was a big fat nothing

    Rachel on the block, Stabo on the screen

    After a long afternoon and many bubbles, Matt nominated Rachel & Brendon.. apparently he kept it businesslike and "not personal" but the feeds came back to Rachel WHACK WHACK WHACKing at an onion, with a knife

    She finally finished WHACKing and she & Brendon took their food into the spa/gym/cabana room where they ate an angry dinner alone, bitching about Matt, everyone and everything else.. it was quite fun but then BB came along with a distraction in the form of Stabo 2.0

    They all ran for the living room monitor when they heard some static over the loudspeakers, and there was (Ragan) on the flat-screen telling them he was back, and that he was in the house (in other words, not Annie).. we got to see it on the feeds which was not the case with the first twist fail

    They all sat around discussing it for far longer than they ever did for the early stabo videos, and they wondered like we do about the logistics & sequencing of (Ragan) accepting the job and Matt unleashing it.. they finally all returned to their corners to bitch and moan some more

    Midnight brought a big bowling lane in the backyard, with three pins and small wooden bocce-type balls.. Rachel said she's lousy at bowling and Brendon said he'd give her tips later, but he didn't do that great in practice.. when Rachel was called to Diary, they all commented about how immature and pissy she's being, and she followed up by wracking sobs alone and to Brendon that she can't do it

    An interesting tidbit from @varien2009 who reports Spike TV ran a Hooters bikini pageant where the host gave Matt a shoutout for his wife's fake disease.. it was recorded July 10, two days after BB12 began - did that come up on the premiere? Reruns this weekend - check your local listings

    Big ups to BB9 Natalie Cunial for a nice visit to Hamsterwatch Chat today! She's following BB12 and answered questions about how it all works.. come back anytime, Natty!

    Things are finally getting nasty in there - see how it really happens
    before CBS gets hold of it and turns it into something else for the air show
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    Screencaps du jour

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    Daily Ratings - The Horizontal Season edition

    Ratings are based on entertainment value. This is the one day they didn't all sleep through but I'd already made my pics before the activity started. They were all capped today, if that helps.

    Ups for an interesting day for once, between Pandora's Box (even though that was withheld and we're still in the dark about it), sharing the new stabo video with us (no reason why they shouldn't), and backyard bowling for us overnighters. I don't think Stabo 2.0 will be any better than the first round but at least the hamsters seem to be parannoying (© BB5/7 Diane) about it a bit this time. Odds are good Jeff & Jordan will be there to help out with the veto comp tomorrow, and the earlier hints by Julie and Allison about an overnight stay may have been exaggerated. Speaking of exaggeration, still waiting to find out how/why this week's is the MOST POWERFUL HOH EVER.

    He's every bit as bummed about being nominated as Rachel but she stole all the poor-me limelight without even trying, so he's reduced to random cussing and pep-talking her breakdowns. His loop of excuses for why he loses comps is getting tired but I don't think 'my feet are too big' will work when he loses the bowling veto, and that's too bad since he & Rachel are both counting on him to win it. A couple times today PRESET 6 OK showed up on his feed which made me wonder if maybe he's not a Ken doll after all, but a cyborg.. nothing else explains his penchant for cheesy dialog.

    Won: $10
    Was I right when I told you to follow her around as she retells convos or what? She started the day retelling last night's girls-on-girls arguments and she carried it through the day until Rachel's bowling meltdown. In between she theorized about Pandora's Box, stabotage, upcoming competitions, eviction scenarios, viewer voting, and everything else under the sun and all of it in her quick, bright, and most importantly, her funny way.

    Won: 42" 3D TV
    As usual his running commentary backed up all of the day's unusual events and when the bowling came out, he was the first to roll it right. If he wins, Brendon can claim the comp was rigged for Italians since it uses bocce balls. Enzo might be regretting his fake alliance with Brendon & Rachel about now since they yack his ear off about game, and he likes to get his game chat done in a few words and then move on to something interesting.

    Won: 24 18 hours solitary
    He's still in there. I wish I had more to say about him but that's about all I get most days. He did have a good Line of the Day today when they were discussing viewer faves 'n hateds, when he asked 'What if America hates all of us?' They clearly hadn't considered that possibility before.

    She woke up today, participated in chats and activities, joined in the Rachel-trashing, and stayed upright for most of the day and into the night - I know! Unbelievable! She was also mostly silent during the stabo discussion so it's just a matter of time until they realize that and suspect her. Late night update: the Brigadier Boyz strongly suspect her - three of them, anyway.

    Won: $1,000
    I don't think he knew Britney before all this but I don't much care either way as they're just so funny together, whether doing a comedy skit or impromptu wrestling or back-walking. Ups for all his varied & famous animal-killing experience coming in handy today when a cockroach needed stomping. Don't report him to PETA yet as roaches rarely travel alone and his services will probably be needed again. (Coincidentally, last year's Pandora's Box came with a woman in a cockroach costume.)

    Won: $1
    Chances are good that he got more than $1 and a stabo video when he opened the box and he just isn't letting on.. we'll find out Sunday. I'm hoping for his sake that he got a visit from Stacy like Natalie got her twistie-tie proposal last season. If so, it's ironic that one of Matt's HOH tweets last time was a random funny about same.

    Won: $5,000
    What a tragic day for our redhaired heroine. She fought with everybody's good buddy Ragan, she got nominated, she had her own words thrown back at her about 'strong competitors' and 'somebody has to go up' and the like, she almost cut through the kitchen counter with her WHACKy knife, neither she nor HER MAN won the viewer stabo vote, and she sucks at bowling. She had more than a few meltdowns of various types today that got even Kathy talking. Big ups for giving us the whole gamut today of what we watch the feeds for. There's just one thing I don't understand: she knows her BB history, the CBS versions anyway, but even CBS shows the outgoing HOH is almost always nominated the following week, so she really shouldn't be so shocked.

    Won: Veto ticket
    Ups for EASILY winning his fight with Rachel by using logic and remaining calm, both of which derailed her attempts to fly off the handle to the point that she didn't even want him to tell anyone who missed it what it was all about. His run of stabotage started off with a bang, but he overcompensated too much afterward when trying to come up with alternate options or explanations. I'm sure he'll win his $20k bonus since BB10 Dan was suspected by all of them and he still got his AP cash.

    Won: $100, 1 week wig & catsuit
    She was barely there the first couple weeks but she came alive and participated in some juicy spats and was the subject of Andrew's scorching exit speech. She was half a showmance with Hayden and wore a silly wig & catsuit for a week, yet for all this, she still was barely there. She spent most of her time horizontal with Kathy or Hayden, and would only talk with others one-on-one.

    He promised chaos and delivered on that, leaving them and us wondering what he was up to most of the time. He was a good early guess for the staboteur but he WREAKED more HAVOC just by being himself. He was early-to-bed & early-to-rise so I missed a lot of what he did, but he brought some Orthodox education, travel companion/fingerbang stories, and he made lots of threats to make good tv that didn't pan out until his final moments.

    Won: $10,000
    She promised princessy but failed to deliver, opting instead for poor-me tears, complaints about being fat, and a lot of moping around. But she wasn't all doom & gloom: she rode the slip 'n slide and made fun of her keep-warm sleeping layers, and she was Britney's #1 mean girl cohort. She tried out for ANTM and might have fared better there, as they wouldn't have flashed her boobies.

    She turned her nomination into the House of Annie and wheedled everyone for days, to no avail. She promised catfights with Britney and Rachel but nothing came of it, leaving her in the 'Who?' category for future BB trivia, even including her stabotage. She's lucky she went early: she might have cracked bad and the chops would get really brutal.

    Paolo Aviles
    30 - Unemployed real estate agent

    Lucky #14 got away before the season began without any secrets exposed or embarrassing incidents to live forever on the web. Her dirty laundry will remain in the hamper, but boobies fans will be forever disappointed and wonder 'what if?'

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    Kathy about Matt's wife's disease: I forgot that she had that thing

    Rachel: I'm so far away from who I really am that..
    Brendon: I know, but I'm still here with you

    Brendon: Kristen was a conniving bitch, hands down

    Brendon: Ragan's like a 75-year-old woman

    Matt: I hope there's a Pandora's Box

    Rachel: Let's call a fucking peacock a peacock, I'm pretty over-dramatic

    Rachel during her fight with Ragan: I don't even know what just happened and I'm really sorry

    Rachel after her fight with Ragan:
    Ragan, could you just settle down and.. the whole house doesn't need to know everything
    It's called expect the unexpected and Big Brother for a reason

    Hayden: What if America hates all of us?

    Rachel: There's no POV tomorrow, POV's not til Saturday
    Brendon: Tomorrow's Saturday

    Matt after noms: I guess they don't have the coup d'etat

    Rachel after noms: I can't wait til they go to Vegas, see how everybody likes them there

    Rachel: I wish we could rewind this season and redo it

    Hayden about feeds: So season 10 when Ollie & April were doing it, were there always cameras on them?
    Britney: Yes

    Rachel: I don't think an HoH should be stressed about getting put on the block the next week

    Rachel: I fucking shared my bottle of Martini & Rossi rosé with all those bitches for Matt's birthday, and then he puts me up.. how little they forget
    Brendon: Ungrateful fucking bitch

    Brendon to crying Rachel: This is not the feisty redhead I fell in love with

    Lane: They're voting on America's Trainwreck - they're not voting on popularity

    Hayden: This whole sabodouche thing sucks


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    BSide Blog with Thursday's show

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    Nominee speech scorcher: 1 Andrew

    Makeout pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    Sex event pairings: 2
    Brendon & Rachel
    Hayden & Kristen

    House meetings: 2

    Major Noteworthy fights: 4
    Andrew vs Kristen
    Andrew vs everyone
    Rachel vs Kristen
    Rachel vs Ragan

    Deaths: 4 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 3 of 4 shows
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals
    -Rachel the waitress chemist
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    'The View' mentions: 1
    -Matt's wife's fake illness

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 3
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika
    Rachel & BB2/7 Boogie
    Matt & BB8 Joe

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


    Big Brother 12
    I'm hoping for some killer matches

    Big Brother 11
    Round 1: BBQ 0, Jeff 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Jeff ½
    Round 3: BBQ ½, Kevin 0, Michele 0
    Big Brother 10
    No title events
    Big Brother 9 Winter Edition
    Round 1: BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Round 2, BBQ ½, Adam 0
    Round 3, BBQ ½, Ryan 0
    Big Brother 8
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Dick 0
    Round 2: BBQ ½, Zach 0
    Round 3: BBQ 0, Dick 1
    Big Brother 7 All-Stars
    BBQ training sabbatical
    Big Brother 6
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Ivette 0
    Round 2: BBQ 0, Howie 0
    Big Brother 5
    Round 1: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Drew 0
    Round 2: BBQ 1, Drew 0, Diane ½
    Round 3: BBQ 1, Cowboy 1, Nakomis 0, CBS 0

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