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Have-Nots have their own room again, and slop again, and popcorn.

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  July 10, 2010 - Day 8       Bookmark and Share

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>> Hayden is Head of Household - Rachel & Brendon are nominated <<
>> Brendon holds veto <<

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    The twist goes thud - or not

    They got a new stabotage video, in which s/he told them something about two of them in there knowing each other, a "lifelong friendship" or somesuch.. being hamsters, none of them could give a direct quote but it was something along those lines

    Since Julie already told them the staboteur would be stabotaging them, there was very little havoc wreaked this time: most of them realized the ploy for what it likely was: a ploy to develop the twist a bit, but hey, they've got some footage for CBS now for all their ads hyping up havoc, and they also got some feedsters making guesses even though we were all warned this would happen, too

    Other notable events today included Andrew eavesdropping from the HOH balcony, and Annie getting her mic cord caught on something, which pulled off her bikini top for a second - I don't think it was on feeds but she does, and shortly before that she was saying how much she hoped something like that wouldn't happen.. Rachel & Brendon did some straddling/massaging which led to some slurpy kissyfacing, like it does

    We had more laying around than we should this early but we had a few spatlets about who told Annie about the backdoor plan; some excellent comedy sessions starring Britney & Enzo plus Matt, and Ragan & Brendon plus Matt - Matt gets around; and a sudden rain downpour when they were on outside lockdown which was quite fun for us

    They got some booze for Showtime and had some impromptu drunken gymnastics by Monet, Rachel & Kristen (except slopper Rachel wasn't drunk), and some drunken cheerleading by Britney.. evening Diaries resulted in the usual waffling, and now they're all talking as if Annie isn't even an option

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    Daily Ratings - Getting stabby edition

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    The staboteur's video visit got the dopey ones guessing but the brainy ones just laughed about it, taking a little wind out of the WREAK HAVOC sails. But then they got childish about it by forbidding the hamsters to discuss the subject, probably so people playing at home wouldn't catch on too. Hello? What's the point of having a Duct Tape Staboteur if you don't even let them talk about it? Stabotage, shmabotage. As for feedsters who fell for the whole thing and started looking for connections that would have turned up a week before the premiere if they existed, well, those folks clearly aren't listening to me anyway. BB6/7 James Rhine has the best idea and the only one that could save this sorry mess: if they told each of them they were the staboteur, we'd have a show.

    He's still operating on a lower profile than our first introduction to him, but he's got some good moments and he's terrific fodder for the others to laugh at and/or with. When sundown came he tossed his yarmulke aside, and had yarmulke hair the rest of the evening.

    This girl is drama with a capital D, and isn't that what we want from our hamsters? She cried, whined, grouched, nip-slipped, made grumpy faces, and wore a big plastic flower most of the day, and then she outted herself to Kristen and confessed she has a girlfriend rather than the deeply detailed boyfriend she told them all about. After that kind of evictable behavior, she suddenly wasn't an option to send home anymore. Exactly how does that work, unless Diary wants needs to keep her around as their twist mascot? However it happens, I hope she stays as she's volatile and kind of odd, and she's my selected victim for amateur psychoanalysis this season.

    He's the real HOH this week, and not just because he's got the veto. He also seems to be in a lot of alliances - most of them, in fact. For the psychological profile file, he told Ragan today that he was bullied as a child. He reminds me of BB5 Drew since all he wants to do is sleep, lay around and slurp with Rachel. He's a lot brainier than Drew was, but like Diane, I suspect Rachel's smarter than he is.

    Won: $10
    She keeps coming up with one-liners and funny stories, even as she's getting a little bitchier every hour. And that's okay. She seems to be stringing Lane along which may or may not mean anything, but I have a feeling that might lead to some fights or fireworks sooner or later.

    His act is going to get old but it isn't yet: it's been a long time since we had a true comedian in the habitat. He's a keeper, at least for now. I'm not on board with this whole Brigade nonsense: Enzo said before going in his crew was going to be called Meow Meow and that's the only alliance name I'll acknowledge this season.

    Qualified ups as his head is getting ready to explode and I like the buildup. Of all people, he's the one who said Diary's been working on him to keep Annie, and that they wouldn't want to cut her loose if she's the staboteur. That's logical enough but I'm stunned he put that together by himself - I didn't think he could even find his way upstairs without a guide.

    I know for a fact she isn't Britney's mom so you can all get right off of that train. She finished her meds and is feeling so much better that she got on everyone's nerves in just a few hours. I lucked out somehow and didn't catch her talking herself up too much, so I can't complain about that. Now that she's up from her sickbed she's getting around even more - when she gets off slop, look out! She's reminding me of BB5 Karen, who was a BB mastermind wrapped in a ditzy package, but without the ditz. Her roots are epic: it's only Day 8!

    Won: $100
    She's coming out a little more and she's starting to talk up a storm, but only in one-on-one situations. If there really was a lifelong relationship in there, I'd guess she & Hayden are twins. But there isn't and they aren't, so they're free to pursue each other.

    Won: $1,000
    He keeps saying he doesn't want to get involved in any of the roundabout strategizing and alliance switching, and that's okay because there's plenty of pizza in the pantry.

    Won: $1
    He's one of the brainier brains in there, which is saying something considering we have a doctor, a PhD, a PhD-to-be, a cop, and a bikini chemist something. I would really like to hear some interesting conversations one of these years, and we actually have the potential for that with this group if Team Brainy can stick around and get rid of Team Dummy. But with our luck, it'll be the other way around. The tattoo they make him cover up is the Nirvana logo.

    Won: $10,000
    Who? The only thing I saw her do today was announce adamantly that New York time is four hours ahead of California, but that's enough to promote her from negative to neutral, even though she didn't do it with nearly as much pizazz as BB10 Renny.

    Her laugh remains a problem and her slurpy slurp with Brendon is icky, but you have to give her credit for staying afloat when all the girls hate her, for not griping about being nominated and knowing she'll stay nominated, and for not only not complaining about being on slop, but she actually starred in drunken gymnastics when she couldn't even have any booze.

    He knows the staboteur hasn't been revealed to us yet, but he won't say how he knows. He's working real hard all the time but he's doing it quietly, which is the way to go. I'm concerned about his swollen lymph nodes and it doesn't sound like BB has gotten a medic in to see him yet. He keeps saying it's stress or whatever, but they should override that as lymphs can be very serious business. His comedy is coming out gradually and it's good, and he does some great impressions of former hamsters, particularly BB11 Jordan and BB10 Keesha.

    Paolo Aviles
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    Britney to Ragan: Don't be the new Brendon with your horniness

    Annie to Lane: Ooh you smell like a man

    Lane: I've done a lot of asshole things to women

    Hayden: I want to know what's going on

    Brendon: My goal is to take a nap

    Andrew: Another fish has died, the blue one.. we should start eating them if they're gonna keep dying

    Brendon to Rachel: I hope you put yourself in my hands more often

    Britney to Lane: Why do you have to yell at me? Can I not have a frickin opinion?!

    Enzo: If they have a big All-Star reunion, Meow Meow's not coming back

    Hayden: I don't know - there's a lot going on

    Brendon to Rachel: You haven't even seen me naked yet

    Enzo about HOH basket requests: I put a newspaper

    Enzo about stabo: He's like saboteur in training right now

    Britney about stabo: Right before that video came on, we were just talking about how lame he is

    Brendon to Annie: They've been tweeting for about 3 hours about your boobs

    Hayden: The problem: people are smart

    Ragan: I have titties in my armpits right now


    Makeout pairings: 1 Brendon & Rachel

    Sex events: TBA

    Major fights: TBA

    Deaths: 3 fishies

    'The Soup' mentions: 1
    -Intro & Britney's flaming homosexuals

    Pap smear incidents: 1 Andrew & Annie

    Pre-season connections: 1
    Hayden & BB4/7 Erika

    Absentee hamsters: 1 Paolo


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