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hamsterJune 30 & July 2, 2006 - Pre-season

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Letters from home

We might think of Janelle as the party girl always on the go, but she watched the June 21 casting special quietly with family in Minnesota

It looks like she & little sister don't know quite what to make of Chicken George - we'll probably see more of that from all of them soon enough

By the way, the person posting around as Janelle's sister is definitely an imposter.. that's pretty low

Janelle's hometown rally will probably be shown on the July 6 premiere - CBS was there filming.. they also shot at least one other hopeful's hometown rally - sshhh

Thanks to Ann Pierzina for the pics - see more at Janelle's site

George is a winner! (maybe)

Speaking of George, Hamsterwatcher Attw x found this pic in an ad for Hooters Casino in Las Vegas, with the caption "We won BIG on all our favorite slots!"

Is it our George? George of chicken-feed, shower blastoff and walkout threat fame? There's no way to be sure, but his site says "he has been a keynote announcer, entertainer, and promoter at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Las Vegas".. maybe he's branching out to other slots halls

Compare the Hooters pic with one from his site and the official CBS: the shape of the head & face, the teeth & smile, the hairline & style.. wait, to heck with all that - he wore the same shirt to Hooters and CBS

So chances are George didn't really win BIG at Hooters, but was hired out for the everyman shot in the ad.. his Vegas agent has him listed with Males rather than Mature Adults or worse, Specialty Acts - that's something

Hello what's this, CBS?

Some of Real's many BB pages show this quad view featuring George, Janelle, Danielle and Marcellas - all in their BB7 pics

Those four wouldn't surprise anyone if they "win" a spot in the house, but look who else is featured, and with BB7 wordage

Not many are expecting Ivette or Jase.. few were expecting Nakomis either, until Alison said "some who deserve a second shot" - linked below - if anyone deserves that, it's Nakomis.. we already know CBS has been a bit sloppy this year - oopsing the 20 on their website etc - but I am pretty sure they wouldn't approve this content for Real unless it was a sure thing

Which begs the question, why are there seven pictured? Producers are only supposed to pick six, according to the official spiel anyway

Enough with the intrigue & guesswork - Thursday can't come fast enough for me

(insert requisite beg here to sign up for your feeds thru my links, thanks yet again)

Look, up in the sky!

The feeds began feeding Friday, kinda.. it looks like they're greasing up the machinery that delivers our fun

It wasn't much: a video loop of sunlight trying to break through stormy clouds over a semi-animated sea, with a color bar test pattern, logo and "The House Guests will be right back" - they're lying to us already

The TV and/or Housecalls theme song looped along with.. you almost expected to see The Chosen Twelve float down the sun rays to us, one by one, in slow motion.. ok, now I'm hoping we get the fireplace rather than this for three months

I caught it on F1 for dialup, and later a full-screen color bar pattern on F4 for dialup, so they're probably getting all our channels set up

Update: Yep, all feeds are live now in sea/sky or rolling flames motifs - get yourself set up and ready with one-click, no time-out links for Hamsterwatchers on the new feeds page

Pre-workout warmups

This year we've got a practice pad for the summer.. meet Kieran

Kieran's a 30-something, very animated, hyper germophobe who's letting his feedsters make all decisions for him for six months: what to wear, what to eat, who can visit, and so on

He's live at a site called Our Prisoner and they run with that theme.. they have quick polls for things like "should the Warden's kids visit Kieran?" Voters said yes so here he is having hot dogs with them under (presumably) the Warden's sponsor's billboard

It isn't as nicely lit or mic'd as the BB house but it has multiple cams and audio which most home webcams don't, and Kieran's a funny guy.. when the kids asked him if he wanted anything he said "Maybe a tranquilizer".. "A what?".. he also talks to us a lot, as hamsters should

The site is a mess of ads, cookies and too-frequently-refreshed plug-in permission nags (or not, depending on your browser settings) but you can bypass them with this direct video link.. but check the site to see which decisions are being made or lived out, or to vote.. thanks to Hamsterwatcher Diana for this one

Sadly, the Meow Mix House has shut down their 24/7 feeds.. they claim they'd always intended to run them for 10 days only, but I suspect the live kitty cams were getting more viewers than the show.. the short edited segments are kinda cute though - they run on Animal Planet Friday nights during "The Planet's Funniest Animals" at about 9.15 or 10.15 (air times vary).. episodes are also archived at the Meow Mix House site

And we've always got Patrick's Place, the one man BB show in Indiana, always in linkage and a good friend to Hamsterwatch and Hamsterwatchers.. especially during east coast air times

The daily rumor mill says there may be an unannounced, alternate former hamster added to the mix when Julie whittles down the 20 hopefuls


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Yes, it is a long week. Happy & safe 4th of July to all Hamsterwatchers

Feeds go live Thursday 6pm BB time/9pm Eastern.. so they say

Move-in show is Thursday, July 6 at 8pm. It won't be live. First HOH comp is usually endurance but will likely be long over when the feeds come on. BB will air Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday, all at 8pm

Pre-season ups for a terrific casting special! They jumped right in at the start announcing names instead of waiting til the last 5 minutes like many of us expected, and they gave us good highlights for each of the 20 potentials. The mix of hopefuls is so varied and volatile they really should put them all in there and let them fight it out, but we'll have to settle for 6 of our picks and 6 of theirs (or 12 of theirs, depending how you look at it.) Julie teased about something worse than PB&J and an HOH room surprise (but not surprisingly didn't mention that the CBS site had already leaked the list of 20 on June 5.) Here's hoping for more shows like this one this season.. we've all had enough of the misdirection and created drama. Hamsters in the house, plain & simple, is all we need to see to stay happy.

Individual daily ratings will start when the feeds do.. I think they move in Monday but we won't see anything til Thursday, so we're stuck with empty wheels til then

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This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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