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hamsterJune 13 & 15, 2006 - Pre-season

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BB producers: take note

Dr. Will might like this one too

It may be a parody but the Animal Planet Meow Mix House has already done at least one thing better than Big Brother has managed in six years: they've got true quad feeds - see today's linkage (give them a minute or so to fire up).. they're also not bothered if their interacting humans show up on the feeds.. there's no reason to go to fishies, we know staff people come & go

Edited segments start June 16 at 9.10pm on Animal Planet and will air every Friday thru the finale on August 18.. check out the website - they've made it fun with bios, blogs, etc that are as good as anything that's been posted on the CBS/BB site in the past (maybe better)

Spoiler: Belle is the first of the ten kitties to be evicted/adopted - she didn't perform well in the Climb-A-Thon comp.. oddly, she made a blog entry the day after she left but hey, it's early - they'll work out the bugs

So now we wait

Most of the hamsters below continue to log into their MySpace pages daily, exchanging friends and joining groups - is that typical? These aren't high schoolers or web geeks in need of social skills.. I'd wager most of them only visited MySpace on a weekly or monthly basis before all this, if ever

Nominations will air on Sundays this year rather than Saturdays, making the CBS schedule Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday all at 8pm - I'm glad they'll wrap up before the best block of reality TV gets underway on VH1 at 9pm Sundays

I'm not looking forward to voting week - the phony feuds and name calling by potentials has gotten tedious already.. there's a reason most of them remain "aspiring" rather than having become successful, established actors

Aldav's posted snippets of the June 14 Howie/Janelle/Erika/Dana/Kaysar chat.. no great revelations other than Erika calling Julie "the chenbot" and saying "it never seemed to me like she knew the show at all".. if Erika hopes to get on the show and stay on, she might not want to talk about the boss's wife like that, even if it is true

It looks as if a few of them are making their site/board mods designated hitters for some of the faux fighting - that will likely continue throughout the season <yawn>

20 questions

Since I've got nothing to lose, I'm going out on my usual pre-season limb to predict that the leaked list on the CBS site last week was the real deal.. Tom at MySpace has provided handy research tools for looking into these things

I'm thinking that was an oops rather than a hoax because: a) it hasn't repeated since the revised list showed up for awhile that same day; b) I'd think the staff would be too busy having meetings to play games with us - any leftover time the workerbees have after meetings would be spent getting ready; and most of all c) I just can't credit them with having that much imagination.. let's face it, the most creative they've gotten over there in the past was HOH Blog and Revenge of the Houseguests - the cats in the Meow Mix house could come up with those (see today's must-click special)

So let's try leaping to one possible conclusion and see if we have any evidence to support the Leaked List Theory, with the disclaimer that I don't necessarily believe anyone is who they say they are, let alone believe anything anyone says

Alison BB4 She's mentioned along with Kaysar & Dana in a new TV Guide snippet and also, although her site was quiet for a long time, scroll past the girl feud to April 23 when she posted "Shhhhhhhhh... Don't tell anyone that I told you, but watch for me on this summer's blockbuster hit Big Brother 7 - All Star Edition".. also, posts by other people (maybe) mentioned All-Stars in prior posts from March, February and December.. hmmm I didn't think it was official til April

Bunky BB2 "Bunkysniece" is campaigning for votes and says that Bunky's "under contract" - see Big Brother 7 All Stars and TV Clubhouse

Dana BB4 I had nothing except she's pictured along with Kaysar in the TV Guide snippet, but then she showed up at Howie's June 14 chat

Danielle BB3 Morty's said on May 16 they will have an interview with her (note: this is definitely not her official site)

Diane BB5 She's been one of the busy ones at MySpace lately, exchanging friends & comments with fans as well as the other busy hamsters on there: she's logged in to her page on June 12 & 13 and has joined at least four BB7 groups.. she also did an interview at Morty's on June 8 where she mentioned Marcellas, Danielle, Alison and Howie as formers from other seasons she'd like to see in there, plus Marvin from her year

Erika BB4 She's also active at MySpace with logins to her page on June 12 & 13, she's joined at least two BB7 groups and exchanged friends-ness with the other hamster MySpacesters, plus she's been chatting all over town lately

George BB1 Nothing here, except that he's not got cancer after all (good news!) He said in December "I am in perfect health, it was just something somebody made up. I may need psychiatric help, but that has been the case all my life"

Howie BB6 He's all over MySpace from his own page to everyone else's, with logons June 12 & 13.. he also did an interview at Morty's on June 10 and is doing lots of chats, many on his official site

Ivette BB6 She's been quieter than some but she logged into her page at MySpace June 11 & 12 and has joined at least one BB7 group.. and oddly enough, she's the only person listed on IMDB's BB7 page besides Julie

James BB6 Another busy guy, logging into his page at MySpace on June 12 & 13 and showing up on most every hamster friends list along with Sarah.. he did a May 26 interview at Morty's and he's also doing lots of chats at his official site where he's started a Howie feud.. meanwhile one of his site minions "Swampy" seems to be in a loud feud with Kaysar, as posted on Howie's site.. yea, I know, it's all a mess already

Janelle BB6 She logged into her page at MySpace June 11 and is on most of the others' friends lists.. a friend's post at Joker's says "Janelle has left employment [at Mansion], but may return to work in October" which some took to mean she's definitely on the list

Jase BB5 I got nothing

Kaysar BB6 He's as busy as James - no surprise, the two of them are probably the most anxious to get back in there - he logged into his page at MySpace June 12 & 13 and is on everyone's friends list and vice versa.. he's also been chatting everywhere, getting in fights with BB2 winner Dr. Will and Swampy of James' site, and the Orange County Register said it appears he & Michael "will be on the slate" (as reported here previously)

Lisa BB3 I got nothing

Marcellas BB3 Nothing again, except that he's already committed to spending the summer doing "Housecalls" but he said at one point he could easily go into the house in addition to/in spite of that.. I guess the next question would be who would co-host with Gretchen if he does go in?

(Michael) Michael BB6 or Cowboy BB5 I think it's last year's version as he logged in on June 12 & 13 to his page at MySpace, shows up on most of the others' friends list, and was mentioned with Kaysar in the OC Register as a yes.. Michael got a raw deal last year thanks to Jennifer's Harassment Alliance and anyway, I got nothing on Cowboy

(Mike) Boogie BB2 or Mike BB4 or The Don BB5 this one's a wild card although The Don was a smart and potentially popular hamster so maybe he'll get another chance

Monica BB2 Again, nothing.. maybe this theory is crap

Nakomis BB5 I've got nothing current but she definitely got the rawest deal of any of them and deserves a chance to play on an even field without surprise siblings showing up

(Will) Mega BB1 or Dr. BB2 or Gay BB5 In spite of Dr. Will's act on Sunday's chat at Kaysar's site (now it's being said that maybe was a Dr. Will imposter, by the way) I'm going with BB5 Gay Will on this one due to MySpace logins June 12 & 13 to his page and recent friends activity with the rest of the above MySpacesters

Granted there isn't a lot in all this to confirm anything, but it's perhaps more than suspect that so many on that first list have been surprisingly busy and visible in the last few days & weeks

I don't know what to think about those without any activity but for what it's worth, other recent MySpace login/friends activity and interviews include Amy BB3 (who is a newlywed), Roddy BB3 (whose quote says "don't go on a reality show"), Scott BB5, Beau BB6 and Holly BB5.. as it happens, Amy & Roddy were on leaked list #2 - maybe they're alternates in case someone on list #1 spills the beans and is disqualified (Alison & Bunky)

That's about all the research I plan on doing this year.. MySpace pages are generally a mess of flashing graphics, colored text on same-colored busy backgrounds, hugely oversized pics, hanging/loading pages and cookies/script hell so I hope I'm done there

As far as the feuds and bad behavior we're seeing already, whether in or out of character, I think it's all staged for pre-show hype, possibly paid, and it would be just like the people behind this show to "create" their Good vs. Evil theme with these kind of shenanigans.. we'll find out soon enough

Thanks to Attw x for a nice convenient list of all seasons' hamsters all on one page

The credits roll

TV Guide has some pics of the new house redesign (along with the above-mentioned Kaysar/Erika pics and Kaysar/Erika/Alison mention).. scans were posted at Reality BBQ and Jokers among others

Aldav has gone ahead and cut to the chase by adding lots of us to the kitchen scan Dreamer posted at Jokers

I thought for a minute Aldav and I were going to arrange a feud but he spelled Hamsterwatch right so I guess we can put that on hold for awhile


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