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hamsterJune 28 & 29, 2006 - Pre-season

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Season's greetings

Big Brother season, that is.. although press releases now say we'll be looking at a burning fireplace instead of fishies this year when being denied the "everything they won't show you on TV" that we pay for

Yep, aside from having a continuously burning fire going in the 80-90-100° SoCal summer, they're going to replace the fishies cam with a fireplace cam - I guess we complained too much about the fishies and/or the televised live yule logs on Christmas got extra good ratings.. watch us get a gas log, for even less action

Other official announcements pouring out lately are that every episode will be available to view the day after it airs on Innertube, the same CBS sub-site that will host Housecalls (and is currently featuring Best of Housecalls bits).. I guess CBS is taking a cue from ABC, who's been day-after webcasting some of their shows for awhile now

It sounds like the CBS BB site will be much the same as last year - HOH blog, hamster photos, etc (even though they're announcing most things as "all new") but this year they've also announced a cell phone package with "video clips, alerts to action inside the house, and contestant diaries".. if they're anything like "The Apprentice" text message alerts were, save your money

CBS and Real have also sent word all over town that the feeds "may be blocked or delayed for certain events" - delayed is new - and that the quad view on the feeds will allow us to "simultaneously see four different video feeds".. I'll believe that when I see it

In other news..

The 20 hamster hopefuls are headed off to sequester, although nobody can figure out why: early alliances have probably been formed by now, and they all know who the others are.. they're surely aware of the power-vote trends & results and CBS isn't announcing any official results until Thursday's show.. remember, official results may or may not have anything to do with the auto-vote tallies

Final numbers in the auto-vote game had Kaysar on top at the big numbers machine Cybonica with Janelle leading at, and Cowboy second on both.. strong last-minute efforts by Howie & James fans placed them 4th & 5th at TheSleaze and 3rd & 4th at Cybonica, where Janelle was 5th.. Dr. Will & Diane landed 6th & 7th on both tallies, and Dana came in last on both

Aldav was one of the leaders in getting out the auto-vote all week, and watching the counts go up & down made for some good fun during an otherwise mostly dull week

It's been said that Cowboy's rise to the top was a cruel joke played by people who want to laugh at him if he gets in.. I'm sure that's true for some, but I think more would genuinely like to see the guy in the house again: his good heart and die-hard loyalty would surely be a twist in what's bound to be a cutthroat game full of lies & schemes, and some hamsters (say, Dr. Will, James or Ivette) won't know what hit them when they meet Cowboy.. anyway we can all benefit from his vocabulary: words like nervousing and moreless are truly handy

And speaking of James.. let's just say I never wanted to start or be involved in website wars.. it's all strictly about entertainment for me.. after some of the stuff posted at his site (thread linked below) I exchanged emails with James privately and wished him well in the game, and he in turn promised to try to be more entertaining.. it's all good.. best wishes also go out to Swampy, his site admin, who's ill

Oh yea, a couple last things to clear up on all that: hamsters are the folks inside the house/cage, not me, hence the name of this site, HamsterWatch.. also, I was hoping the James Gang tag would catch on - I thought it might around mid-season, if at all - but it really refers to James his allies (pre-game perceived or in-house actual) not his very strong & vocal fanbase, who have adopted a Kiss-type fan moniker

Oldies will remember Joe Walsh's James Gang - reminisce, listen to clips or buy at it has nothing to do with the Old West outlaw (although a distant relative of mine was an official at the time the Jesse James gang was broken up.. nope, it has nothing to do with Sandra Bullock or custom cycles)

Last tidbit for the day: Nakomis' MySpace page has been found and added to the ballot.. I'll bring forward all the official sites & MySpaces for the 12/14 when they're announced

"Never worried, just buxom"

see all the 'Early Show' segments here (direct, ad-free links)
Janelle held an impromptu chat at her site Tuesday night, telling her fans that she'd had a great good-bye party at home and was ready to go into the house if selected.. she kept saying "if" but it's a pretty sure bet by all accounts that she'll be in

She said she hadn't made any alliances yet and didn't give up any dirt about plans there.. she wondered if she'd done enough campaigning (see above), and she asked her fans to keep voting

She was very diplomatic about questions or comments about the other hopefuls, saying she likes them all, so no dirt there.. she did say she finds Cowboy's vocab "interesting" - don't we all? She also had a few choice words for a certain poster on another site, but I won't get into that here.. and she said she's looking forward to sequester because she can entertain herself just fine

She's hoping to avoid backdooring people and she may throw HOH comps.. she also vehemently denied that someone posting around as her younger sister was her - little sis is only 11 and doesn't type.. when asked if she's worried about having to deal with some of the tougher players she said "Never worried, just buxom"

She said she's a size 2 now but isn't worried about gaining some extra pounds in there as last year's came off easily.. she says to expect to see her in sweats & shorts, her Ugg boots, cozy robes, and some new t-shirt slogans this year

Thanks for having the chat, Janelle! and thanks to her site admin Zack for putting it on

Cowboy riding home

I said I wasn't going to get into all this but nothing else is going on this week

Cowboy has shot ahead in the auto-voter race in the most surprising Big Brother event since he finished second in BB5.. what was a Kaysar/Janelle/Howie/James race for first has turned into a stunning upset by the lil cowpoke.. so far

Dr. Will, who was pretty much a non-player in the auto-voter game at first, has put some major efforts up in the last day or so and has gained a lot of ground - possibly because someone posted a screencap of the totals on his MySpace page when he was down near the bottom.. Diane, Lisa & Nakomis seem to be in a revolving three-way door in the top half.. George (who's probably a producer pick) lingers near the bottom with Bunky (who probably isn't).. Dana remains last.. Marcellas may never get over losing to Cowboy, not to mention the other 10-15 who have stayed above him

Will these votes count? Probably not.. whether CBS tallies them or not is irrelevant - they can't ignore them

Some folks on James' site found & posted my James piece and called me a couple names for quoting his "Early Show" 27/teacher self-intro.. yea, I'm aware of the background of the teacher story - I noted it - but I don't know if the entire "Early Show" audience can be expected to know every detail and nuance from the feeds, and that's where it aired

A few also denied his team was using auto-voters to push James' numbers up, yet he's been sending bulletins to his MySpace friends saying things like "it's rally time - I'm slipping in the polls" and giving the auto-voter URL.. <shrug>.. Howie's also been using his MySpace to campaign

Anyway I'm all about entertainment - I really don't care who gets in or who wins - and James just wasn't very entertaining in there.. his MySpace page last year even said "I'm rather boring. Actually... I am booooooooooooring" so he can call me a dumbass and his minions can call me idgit or moron, but he said it first.. although he did provide a few yucks when he held a diary interview with himself towards the end of last season.. give us more of that stuff and I'm a happy camper

And yea, I know James & several others have been having chats - I've linked a few - so why am I highlighting Janelle's here? Because Janelle enjoyed this site when she got out (and let me know she did), she & her mom have been more than kind to me, and because I was invited to this one

Dear hamsters,

As you pack & prep for the summer ahead, please keep us feedsters in mind.. we dwell on your every word, analyze your every gesture, and obsess, argue, and often complain about your every word

Bearing that in mind - and the fact that we are your public, your people - please heed our pleas.. we aren't asking a lot

  1. Please pick up your feet when walking - <scuff scuff scuff> can really irritate people and ignite chat wars
  2. Please don't smack your food when eating - those mics are close - see #1
  3. There's no need for the Thursday primp-a-thons - Thursday live shows have far more time devoted to clips of you in various states of undress or looking rough than it has of your done-up do's and dressed-up outfits
  4. Please don't shuffle cards more than necessary, if at all - you have no idea how grating that sound is on the feeds
  5. Please keep your mics away from the sheets & blankets during pillowtalk
  6. Howie: please keep flossing to a minimum, and do it in the bathroom - nobody wants to think about those little flicks of food flying all over
  7. STOP SINGING! Sure, you may think it's fun but every time you do it we get fishies.. and please don't start singing to get away from us either - half the time we're trying to follow an entirely different convo than yours and we still get fishies
  8. STOP WHISPERING! Half the reasons some of you are disliked by some feedsters is due to misunderstandings because nobody could understand your whispers.. also we have to turn our volume way up, and then somebody drops a frying pan in there - ouch!
  9. Please remember we're here and watching.. play up to the cameras (us), talk to them (us), play with them (us).. tell us what was a lie and what was legit.. give us a song, give us a dance - oops, forget that last bit - see #7
  10. If you've said something twice, stop repeating it ad nauseum
  11. If you trash people behind their backs, you might as well say it to their faces - we are noting it all down anyway, and we want more fireworks
  12. Drink more booze
  13. Be more fun
  14. Stay up late
  15. Remember that editing can make you come across as somebody else on CBS - leave no room for doubt when hatching plots, assassinating characters, etc
  16. Please don't make all-male or all-female alliances, it's boring as hell (unless CBS throws that at you, in which case it'd be fun)
  17. Please drop stronger hints when returning from comps as to what it was about and who won & lost.. veto winners should wear the veto necklace thingy for at least 4 hours in case we get here late
  18. Never assume that we are or that we aren't seeing you on the feeds.. and yea, mirrors are cameras
Thanks very much,
Your BB7 feedsters

Thanks to Attw x for contributions to this list


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The polls are closed - it's going to be a long week

Feeds go live Thursday 6pm BB time/9pm Eastern.. so they say

Move-in show is Thursday, July 6 at 8pm. It won't be live. First HOH comp is usually endurance but will likely be long over when the feeds come on. BB will air Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday, all at 8pm

Pre-season ups for a terrific casting special Wednesday! They jumped right in at the start announcing names instead of waiting til the last 5 minutes like many of us expected, and they gave us good highlights for each of the 20 potentials. The mix of hopefuls is so varied and volatile they really should put them all in there and let them fight it out, but we'll have to settle for 6 of our picks and 6 of theirs (or 12 of theirs, depending how you look at it.) Julie teased about something worse than PB&J and an HOH room surprise (but not surprisingly didn't mention that the CBS site had already leaked the list of 20 on June 5.) Here's hoping for more shows like this one this season.. we've all had enough of the misdirection and created drama. Hamsters in the house, plain & simple, is all we need to see to stay happy.

Individual daily ratings will start when the feeds do.. their wheels are being readied but remain empty for now

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This site isn't necessarily about who should win, who will win, who I'd be friends with, or who is cute. It's about watching hamsters: which ones are doing what and why, which are fun and which are dull. If they aren't entertaining, get rid of 'em! Thanks for encouraging my behavior.. that dingo

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