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hamsterAugust 4, 2006 - Day 33

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It's personal

I feel like I'm about done with BB7, and it isn't because Danielle won HOH or Janelle's nominated

I can live with both.. I can live with a well-played game with or without Janelle or anyone from BB6.. but this year's turning into another hate-fest and I don't want to live with that again.. negativity is contagious and I don't need it

My objectivity's out the window today.. if you don't like that don't send mail, just go to another site.. I don't need the extra traffic anyway

That said, I would like to see Janelle & Will stay, and see James & Danielle go.. deal with it, or not

What we've got here in my opinion - most everything today is my opinion - is Danielle preying on those weaker than herself (James, Erika, Marcellas) and feeding them fuel to hate her current enemy (Janelle).. James is preying on the trust & friendship of his one-time alliance (Janelle/Kaysar/Howie).. nobody's stepping out of bounds game-wise but stepping out of the bounds of decency disturbs me.. I'm not a soap opera fan

Will's also preying on those weaker than himself, which is most everyone, but he does it in a mostly good-natured way without the fabricated hatred or trash talk.. yes, he does find & use others' insecurities, but I don't think he does it in a cruel way.. he's playing all of them against each other but he's not doing it on a personal level and that's fine with me, whoever he's doing it to - and he does it with humor as a bonus

I've been posting videos as we go - I'll list them here to make my life a little easier.. the YouTube pages have more description for most

Danielle questions Kaysar, part 1 before nominations
Danielle questions Kaysar, part 2 before nominations
Danielle questions Kaysar, part 3 before nominations, after long flames break
Danielle talks to Marcellas before nominations
BB6 react to nominations with a pillowfight
Danielle & Marcellas after nominations - she says she plays a respectable game, and Marcellas gets angry at the idea of Howie going busto
James reports to Danielle (and Erika) what BB6 is saying.. just before recording James said he'd mentioned The Weak Story to Janelle and that she said she'd been talking about a week as her time left in the house (so apparently she doesn't even know what it refers to).. this morning James had suggested Dani mention it at the nom ceremony but she said no
Janelle spills to Willboogie Will told it all to Danielle soon after
Danielle tells The Weak Story to Willboogie Boogie was there at the time, and this isn't how he described it to Erika yesterday
Back from picking veto players Started as the strangest moment on the feeds for me to date.. Janelle picked Marcellas
Danielle wears down Kaysar to a nub.. this is after an hour or more of the same.. looks like she's shopping for a new Jason (and a replacement for James).. by villifying Janelle as the crack in the BB6 alliance
Danielle watches Howie's jack shack She's fascinated by his pre-lockdown visit (explicit language)
Danielle interrogates Howie about his jack shack In front of witnesses, building a foundation & getting ammo for her next villification project (explicit language)

A bit later Will's in the yellow room talking to BB6 - they invited him - I'm on quad.. I could have sworn he looks up and asks Danielle to please turn off the spyscreen or change the channel? She says no problem and turns it off.. others say no, it was BB asking her to turn it off.. I don't know.. "Back from picking veto players" keeps downstairs audio as she's flipping channels upstairs, but her face is interesting as she flips them, and it almost sounds like she asks "Did you hear that?" when Marcellas comes in (around 3:40).. if the spyscreen has sound and a daily time limit now we'll find out soon enough

Pics will also be lite today due to traffic/bandwidth problems.. thanks for your patience

The black widow

It's her name - she called it out when she came off the web apparatus

Danielle came into the game knowing more of them than most - she goes to all the wrap parties, she keeps in touch with many of them, and she seems to know the details of every season.. I haven't heard her talk about watching the feeds but I bet she does - she's obsessed like we are, if not more

I believe she came in partnered up with Willboogie, Marcellas and James (separately).. Willboogie is an obvious choice - who better? Marcellas because nobody would expect it, and James because he was in with BB6 and has a grudge against them for kicking him out last year

James did a good job for her and continues to.. his teamies know he's with her and not with them, but they keep forgetting and feeding him info - whatever that's about.. she's got what she needed from him now: divisiveness, chaos & mistrust in the group as well as their strategy methods.. she's ready to cut him loose if she needs to so under the bus/on the block he goes.. she's ok if he stays another week but no great loss if he's gone.. after all, how many times has James heard her say "You don't put someone on the block unless you want them out"

Why cut him loose? She knows he runs from side to side pretending to be with whoever's on top, and that he'll turn his back on his allies to save his skin.. sticking with that kind of partner is like marrying someone who cheated on their spouse with you: they might change and not cheat again, but the odds sure aren't in your favor

So the black widow's on the hunt for a new partner, and a new victim.. she's been cozying up to Kaysar for quite awhile now, working him subtly (and distracting him from watching James too closely) but she's kicked into high gear now.. she wants him on her side because he's the known good guy: honest, moral, spiritual and loyal - much like her secret partnership with Jason that helped get her to second place on BB3

She'll likely need a replacement nominee after tomorrow's veto comp.. she wants Janelle gone and Howie would be an easy exit for her ("you're safe" or no) but if she can get Kaysar in her web before the veto ceremony I think she'll dump James.. she's always thinking of Final Two and I think she'd rather have Kaysar on the jury than James

Today she worked Kaysar in earnest, starting before nominations where he began a long involved "Here's the thing" spiel - it was good stuff and very much the old Kaysar who's been missing, but after awhile he'd gone back into silence and she was doing all the talking.. she continued throughout the day off & on, and wrapped up in a very long and sippy session in the hammock

She's trying to appeal to his morals by talking up BB3 Jason's, and pounding her version of the BB6 alliance falling apart into him.. that's the version where Janelle betrayed them all but James is true blue

By the end of it he was once again worked down to virtually nothing - quiet and depressed - he knows in his gut Janelle wouldn't turn on him but Dani's arguments make sense, because they're true.. she just changes the names to attack the innocent.. never mind that she uses her Bible and Christianity to appeal to his Koran and Muslim faith.. I don't if that's going over with him or not, or how well if so

Which brings us to her victims.. Janelle's the current one obviously, and Dani's running around all over town with The Weak Story and general trash-talk and encouraging her minions to pay it forward, which they do

It's the BB6 Eric/Maggie/April school of gaming and it's usually effective.. (I am pretty sure it isn't Christian but if that's a problem, it's Danielle's).. fortunately for Janelle, she truly doesn't care if she's hated and she's got a knack of jumping around it all to survive.. we'll know soon enough if that still holds true

But Danielle should know this about Janelle and maybe she does.. it doesn't seem like it though - maybe because she's been listening to James, who doesn't have the truest picture of Janelle vs the coven, or of female/female interaction in general.. and she may not realize what a strong in-game bond there is between Janelle, Kaysar & Howie

Will's working with Danielle, but his loyalties seem to be with the winning team du jour while working equally with each side - he & Boogie are the true floaters - but since Janelle's been talking with/taken in by Will, it's put a wrench in Danielle's plan and Janelle picking Marcellas to play for veto dumbfounded the black widow more than anything else so far

James' own typical on-the-block paranoia and 100 mph speed raps all day didn't help though: Howie told her late Friday night that he would probably vote to keep her against James or Kaysar, but he couldn't guarantee it

Nevertheless Danielle sees Janelle as gone and/or not as much of a threat if her team numbers dwindle, so she's starting on her next villification project: Howie

She's been working against him subtly all along, talking up his obnoxious behavior and trying to get others on board.. but she doesn't quite realize that Howie's likeable in spite of his bad habits, and that the females he harrasses overlook or forgive him that too.. he is after all complimentary about it, and that's the part they hear

Tonight Dani stepped up Operation Howie when he visited his jack shack before night-time lockdown.. she stood at the window and watched the cabana box fascinated, and with drink in hand and slurry speech she talked it up to the others til BB turned off the lights.. nevermind that Boogie did the same in daylight, with an audience

A few minutes later she interrogated him about it - in front of Will and more importantly Kaysar - and tried to denigrate and demoralize him.. Howie's not falling for that though, and when Dani looked to Will for backup she didn't get much.. Kaysar's immune to Howie's stuff by now so it was all probably a wasted effort by a sippy Danielle, but I think she was just setting the stage for what's to come

As for Danielle's minions & cohorts, they're pretty transparent to anyone.. Marcellas will go wherever the safest wind takes him and complain about it when he gets there.. Erika will blend in as much as she can to avoid being noticed & targeted.. she's been getting a bit uppity the last couple days though and taking credit where credit may not be due - Danielle remembers that kind of stuff

The evil doctor is of course pulling all the strings and getting his way each week.. he would have gone home happily weeks ago but Kaysar & friends wanted to keep him til later so there he stays, running the show.. whatever deal he may or may not have with Danielle might be a priority, but you can bet he'd rather keep Janelle and Howie over some of the others.. he & Boogie are the only ones who keep good tv in mind and that isn't going to happen with most of them
Sometimes those Realplayer glitches make for happy capping accidents, like this multi-faced Dr. Will

Sorry about this rant.. I've stated many times I prefer entertainment & snarky fun than all this crap.. I'd much rather have had a bunch of fresh meat and watched them get to know each other without the shared experiences, mutual friends and existing agendas that this incestuous group brought with them.. but this is what they've given us and they're no fun at all, so this is the slop we're stuck with

By the way, my lost James rant has been revived and is back in place on August 1.. sorry about the site slowdowns but thanks for your patience and for visiting the site, and thanks as always for encouraging my behavior


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Daily ratings today are my perception of current solid alliances, and whether I think they were formed before or during the game. Arrows are my perception of how reliable the sum of those alliances are for each hamster's future in the game.


Amy isn't on BB7 so we didn't need 10 minutes with her when so much is going on in the house. Will's said on the feeds that he asks Diary what to say and he says it, so we can write off most of his game chat in there. Julie asking Janelle in HOH if she's falling for Will just proves Julie doesn't know what's going on - she probably gets a two paragraph recap on Thursday afternoon and hands it to an assistant.. nothing else would explain that question, and Janelle's been wondering WTF all night. They're helping Danielle, James & Marcellas villify Janelle and I just don't understand why.. they're using real people to write fiction again. You can say I support Janelle or you can say I misunderstand things, but I watch the feeds more than most people and I don't make up what I post here. As they say in the house, check the tapes. I give up.

Will, Erika
Everyone (Will's doing)

Will, James, Marcellas
Erika, George
She's ready to dump James for Kaysar

Danielle, Marcellas


Janelle, Kaysar

Everyone (temporarily)

Howie, Kaysar

Janelle, Howie
none (Danielle's working on him)


Dr. Will
Boogie, Erika


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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