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hamsterAugust 3, 2006 - Day 32

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Diane walks the plank, again

At least it wasn't a surprise this time, and it wasn't done to her by her crush

The other day after she was veto'd onto the block, she put on a shawl and sat alone in the red room (redrum) for awhile.. it was so unlike the Diane of BB5 or even the first week nom this time.. I knew she was done

I guess it's better to give in (or give up) gracefully than to stomp or cry, but Diane didn't even campaign to stay this time, other than a feeble last minute attempt last night.. granted the vote was already stacked against her but anyone who saw BB5 knows that wouldn't have stopped her from going all out and probably staying

Even BB seemed to want her to stay, what with no voting yesterday and an eight-person live vote tonight, but it wasn't to be - Erika's got too many partners in there for that including Will, who was behind Diane leaving just like the other three that came before

From what I can tell, Diane spent the last two years in SoCal working as a model and extra, hoping to make it into the big-time.. she'd said she was about to move back home when BB7 came along.. she exaggerates most things about herself so when she said she was homeless/living in her car, most ran with it.. anyone else would have said "between apartments" but not Diane.. if it were a movie, the (mostly) nicer-than-before Kentucky girl's Hollywood dream fading would call for a hankie, but when it's "Big Brother" she's reviled for it - go figure

She had the most potential for explosive fireworks, hissy fits, tears, and hardcore full-out game but she gave us little of that this time.. I think she came in defeated, and losing her partners one-two-three didn't help.. but she is an all-star and deserves every bit of credit for that.. damn skippy, she'll be missed

She has a better experience than last time in Julie's boudoir - no tears.. she thinks Janelle sent her out for personal reasons but she'll find out otherwise.. she tells Julie she knows nothing of M/M Smith and maybe she doesn't - maybe ex-roomie Toni just planted all those seeds to win their feud
As for Diane's feud with Janelle and thinking she was put up because of it, Diane doesn't have any space to resent someone trash-talking on the feeds - she spent much of the summer of 2004 doing the same - but it's human nature to notice it most when it's aimed at ourselves.. Diane was manipulated by James, Danielle & Will, and that just shows how not-ready she was for All-Stars.. all three of them refueled the mostly-over Janelle feud in Diane's mind and in front of the other voters, and Will worked on Janelle to ensure Diane went out rather than Boogie or Erika.. it wasn't personal, Diane

Julie sends them out to the web and offers up the prizes.. they climb on and get slimed, and Julie says the HOH Coup d'Etat is coming next week: it will enable one person to "overthrow the HOH at a moment's notice"

Web of deceit

Will is first out of the HOH endurance comp at about 6.15pm - watch the video - he gets a rotten egg

The apparatus moves & tilts periodically - watch the video.. they also get sprayed with goo

Will & Janelle settle in to watch.. he tells her he gave Diane a sympathy vote, and that he's telling her so James doesn't get blamed for it.. he later tells the others on the web the same thing
All of them and all of us expect a very long night, but it turns out to be a quickie
Thanks to Attw x for show caps and Zack for Diane's shades

7.45pm They're told they have one minute to find a position with head & torso under the net.. James comes off and gets the chance to cancel somebody's eviction vote in a future week

7.50pm Boogie & Kaysar come off.. Boogie gets $10,000 and Kaysar a rotten egg.. Danielle says "that's all I needed was Kaysar out"

7.55pm Marcellas comes off - he gets a free week slop pass and the prizes are done

8.00pm George comes off, hard - watch the video.. Danielle starts complaining and fakes a fall-off.. she & Howie offer a free pass to the others if they'll drop

8.07pm Howie comes off.. Erika says "You got it Dan".. Danielle says "Erika, give it to me" and Erika comes off.. Danielle wins - watch the video (watch Marcellas - he's thrilled)

Dani in charge

The Thursday night follies start up on cue, and without a very long endurance comp like we were hoping

They sit around waiting for the HOH room to be ready, and waiting for food - especially the sloppers

Former(?) arch-enemies are sociable again, but Marcellas is usually sociable on Thursday nights.. James is happy again too, for now.. Janelle not so much - she keeps saying she's depressed
The waiting game goes on.. Boogie diddles himself, or something.. the cam crew notices it too as they zoom in on his crotch a few times afterward

Boogie & Erika celebrate Danielle's win in the gym, and clear something up for us.. Boogie tells her about how upset Danielle got yesterday when Janelle said they'd brought Kaysar back for her & Howie since they were only two and needed help "kinda like how you are now Dani".. and how Danielle had come into the gym irate, saying Janelle had called her weak - watch the video - Erika explodes with laughter about it

George eats his slop, alone, like he does.. food arrives for the rest of them - gobs of it, and they jump on it like vultures
George lays down alone while the others feast on pizza & groceries - it's very poignant, if not orchestrated.. they call him out and Marcellas offers up his No Slop Pass
George is suspicious at first, asking if it's a trick? Will he get disqualified? They assure him it's all legit, and he sits down to pizza - watch the video.. he hangs on to the No Slop pass as he eats
Marcellas wouldn't eat the oatmeal slop and virtually starved both weeks he was on it - Gretchen said on 'Housecalls' that he fasts regularly, but still.. Danielle later says she talked him into giving his pass to George but he was called into Diary just before the food arrived - maybe they suggested the idea since editing hasn't been kind to him lately.. they all confirm later that there's no food comp this week.. regardless of how it came about it's a nice moment when George gets to eat again

Boogie & Erika meet up again in the red room (redrum) and talk about how Janelle "turned" on Erika.. Boogie says "I'll just do what you guys say".. George, Danielle & Will come in and they have their nomination meeting.. Danielle says she's thinking of putting up Janelle with James as a pawn because he's the "veto king" and has the free vote pass.. if Janelle comes off she'd put up Howie, and points out the difference between not nominating him and telling him on the web that he's safe - watch the video
Danielle doesn't really respond when Boogie suggests putting Marcellas up with Janelle

Kaysar & Janelle aren't at all happy in the bugs & platitudes room

Then it's a procession up the stairs for HOH room debut - it's greenish this time
Pictures and stories and wine - watch the video
Howie being handy and Bubba the doggie and smiles.. Will pops into the shower
Danielle reads a letter from her mom.. it's very long and, call me cynical, but it sounds like she's read it before (or possibly wrote it herself?) - watch the video

James meets the bus

Janelle, Kaysar & James linger in HOH for awhile, swapping stories etc.. everyone acts like a big happy family

When James & Danielle are alone she tells him her plan to nominate him.. he's not pleased

He suggests Marcellas and she says "Maybe.." then assures James he'd be safe, that he's the "veto king".. she says they've got the votes and anyway, he's got his one free vote pass

He tells her to talk to everyone else about it, and she says she already has - watch the video

He also talks about Janelle, saying "she's not the person she was last year - she's like a fat piece of shit this year"
So James goes under one wheel of Danielle's bus.. I suspect she's ready to cut James loose if need be - he's done his job for her by reporting BB6 plans, then showed how volatile he can be.. she's very aware of every season and every player, and she knows he can turn on his allies.. I think she'd like to keep him, but if he goes it's not a great loss to her now

James wastes no time starting his rounds, beginning with a card-playing, nonchalant Marcellas who doesn't act surprised by the Janelle/James ticket.. he says "Sure, I'd let her go" and adds that he can't talk to her

Boogie & Erika bed down and whisper.. it's hard to hear much but Erika says "By the way it was me who came up with the plan to tell Janelle" (which plan I'm not sure about).. she also says "Fuckin' Will's gonna throw everything".. Boogie says "Erika with a K, the quiet assassin"
Speculation continues if they are or aren't a couple.. they don't sound like it to me the way they talk to each other alone, but there was that foot job thingy

George comes to visit and promises Danielle his jury vote if he goes to sequester, saying "You're the only one who comes to me at night and tells me what to do" - watch the video.. I don't know if he promises his vote next week but it seems a logical ass-umption

Danielle tells the "you're weak" story again, this time to Marcellas & Erika, who's really rocking the Janelle hairstyle now.. Erika says "Where was I?" (I thought she was there - she was according to my caps as posted yesterday, unless she'd just left), and "If I was in that room it would have really been on!" (yah right) - watch the video
It seems Dani prefers her misconstrued idea of what was said - it wasn't heard the way she tells it by anyone in there or out here; Boogie told it to Erika the way I heard it - you'd think she'd take what was said (Janelle saying she's on her own in there) as a compliment that all her secret alliances are indeed secret

Erika floats away, and Marcellas tells Danielle that James had just asked if he'd vote for him or Janelle.. Danielle says "I got a plan" and fleshes it out for him.. Marcellas says if he'd won HOH he would have told "The Four" he was putting up two of them, and for them to hash it out (originally Will's idea)

James continues his rounds, cornering George in the pantry with "I respect you".. George says he won't hold James' nominating him against him

Next up in HOH it's Will & James.. Will puts his split the money idea forth again - five ways this time.. Danielle presents the James plan as if Will hadn't been there when it was formulated.. now she says Kaysar would go up if Janelle comes off
Will: Mike Boogie is my number one priority.. you're second, James is third
Will: After next week I'll be a different player cuz there'll be no turning back then

Danielle continues to villify Janelle through the evening to all & sundry, much like Maggie & friends did last year.. along with "you're weak" another of her loops is "Janelle promised Diane she wouldn't nominate her".. this is flat out untrue, but even if it were true, most were all for the same when it was Jase

Another Ebay item

Danielle reads her Bible downstairs in the dark, and Kaysar sits silent

She asks what's wrong with him, he says nothing, then finally says last year he had a purpose in there - this time he's not sure, he doesn't want to be in it just for the money

They talk awhile.. she says he should stick with it.. Janelle joins and also says she's just not into it this year.. Danielle doesn't take the opportunity to tell them she can (and will) send them home to set them free

Danielle finally goes off to bed - downstairs, as Will is sleeping in HOH.. Howie comes along and Janelle tell him & Kaysar that she's figured out Danielle's going to put up her & James, and then Howie if one is vetoed off

Howie says "She told me I'm safe!" and kicks his hat to hell and back all over the bathroom & hallway, and they take turns stomping on it.. Howie says "it's another Ebay item now" - watch the video.. it's funny stuff

They talk a long time and figure out where all the players played them.. they figure out James too (again) but then slip back and seem to forget (again).. what's up with that?

They decide to go along as usual, being nice and playing along.. but Janelle's going to work Marcellas like he worked her, and Howie & Kaysar will work the rest.. they're upset but funny too, like this trio is.. Howie says "I can't believe we got taken by a Floater Herd" and says he'll go Busto on them eventually


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Amy isn't on BB7 so we didn't need 10 minutes with her when so much is going on in the house. Will's said on the feeds that he asks Diary what to say and he says it, so we can write off most of his game chat in there. Julie asking Janelle in HOH if she's falling for Will just proves Julie doesn't know what's going on - she probably gets a two paragraph recap on Thursday afternoon and hands it to an assistant.. nothing else would explain that question, and Janelle's been wondering WTF all night. They're helping Danielle, James & Marcellas villify Janelle and I just don't understand why.. they're using real people to write fiction again. You can say I support Janelle or you can say I misunderstand things, but I watch the feeds more than most people and I don't make up what I post here. As they say in the house, check the tapes. I give up.

Third out
VTE Diane
He's using the Cowboy coat-tail strategy and admitted it tonight by being so excited to still be in the game, and telling Erika 'I'll just do what you guys say'. Will talks him up every chance he gets but what does Boogie do for Will, or any of their many teams? You had to laugh at the irony though of the successful restaurateur winning the $10k over all the money-grubbers.

Head of Household
VTE Diane
Is it necessary to trash the people not on her team in order to advance? You'd think those on her team (which is just about everyone) would see the pattern and realize their time is coming but no, they all think they'll be exempt. If she keeps it up I'll start using Maggie's pic here cuz it's getting hard to tell them apart. 'Redemption' my ass. Maybe she & CBS think we like seeing this kind of pissy behavior by supposed adults, but a lot of us aren't into soap opera storylines or behavior.

Eighth out
No vote (nominee)
I got nothing - she's a drip.

Sixth out
VTE Diane
He gave it a good shot, outlasting heavy hitters James & Kaysar (after two weeks on slop, no less) and I don't think any of them gave him credit for that except Will. He came down hard when he did but all his woes dissolved when he bit into that pizza.. you had to love that moment. Whether Marcellas thought it up or Danielle or Diary talked him into it, I was awfully glad to see George get that Slop Free pass, and that it's already doing more good than Janelle's BB6 PBJ Pass ever did for her.

Seventh out
VTE Diane
Nobody's more disappointed that he finished third than he is so I'll let him off on that one. I guess he's fair game for the CBS 'Howie's confusion' routine as he has flip-flopped some lately, but that just shows what a trusting guy he is. His pre-dawn tantrum on his hat was hysterical though.. stuff like that gets ups any day of the week.

Second out
VTE Diane
While it wasn't a truly entertaining performance, I have to give him ups for the moment Dani told him she's putting him up, and that all their cohorts already knew. He didn't visibly freak out (that'll come before & after noms) but his shock was palpable even thru cyberspace. It's about time he gets the other end of the stuff he dishes out.

Not competing
No vote (HOH)
She's getting it from every direction: 1/3 of her allies, the rest of the house and CBS.. what's up with that? While not all love her, she's definitely a feedster favorite but CBS is still portraying her as a dumb bunny falling in love. Yes, she fell for Will's charm but she did get her target out and even though it means the bigger players Will & Dani get to keep Erika, she thwarted James and that's more satisfying from where I'm sitting this week. She figured out the whole flowchart overnight proving she's still on the ball - we've just caught on to the whole picture ourselves and we have the benefit of a couple whisper convos a day. Extra bonus ups for naming me in her HOH blog :) I never thought I'd see the day I'd be mentioned on

Fourth out
VTE Diane
His performance on the web was disappointing but let's face it, another week of BB6 upstairs would have been dull and likely resulted in another mistake. It was Kaysar who wanted to keep the evil doctor way back when and now he's got what he wants.. too bad he didn't reckon on half the others being nearly as strong and cagey as Will. He was suspicious of Marcellas early on and gets kudos for that, but he still doesn't seem quite convinced that James is not on their side. Let's hope he doesn't fizzle out again after tonight's epiphany because Queen Dani's asking for redemption - he could be the guy to give it to her.

Fifth out
VTE Diane
CBS' treatment of him tonight was far worse than anything I could dish out. He gets a free pass to neutral.

Dr. Will
First out
VTE Erika
I'd been giving him the benefit of the doubt til today, but while a surprise sympathy vote for Diane sounded like a good story it was also a clear signal to Janelle that he's back to his old lying ways. Beyond that he still owns them all - just give him the money and let the rest of us go home.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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