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Old 08-10-2018, 10:35 pm
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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/10/18

Im done for the night!
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Old 08-11-2018, 08:34 am
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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/10/18

Backpost 1:09am BBT Feeds 3/4

Sam and Angie talk alone

Sam: is there anything personal you ant to tell me

Sam; we both agree that we are strong and listen to our gut right? our hunch and inutition right?

angie: yeah

Sam: so you say it 1st

Angie: did you hacked me on the block

Sam: No game talk.. forget it.. im not saying anything and trying to say anything I don't want to talk. it has nothing to do with game

Sam: i can trust you right? promise?

Sam; what do yo think about.. i need you to tell me the truth and make like we are outside for my own mental health.. do you want to talk where we are safe?

they head to the jenga room

Sam: I need you to pretend we are out of this place and what do you honestly think about BRETT

Angie laughs

Angie: he;s growing in me like a fungus.. i didn't initially think about him or like him cuz he called me out on national tv

Sam: has he said anything to you about me?

Angie: no . no we don't talk about

Sam: what's your gut feeling about him as a person? personally?

Amngie: it's hard to say

Sam: outside this house?

Agnie: I think he;'s a nice young man. he's a musician and can be nice

sam; you think that he genuine?

Angie: maybe. outside of here it;s hard to say

Sam: does he have a thing for haleigh? a real thing?

Angie: No I dont think so.

Sam: does she have a real thing for him?

Angie NOO

Sam: are you sure?

Sam: Im very sure

Angie: i made up in my mind that they met in college and they sometimes have people that come in knowing each other. but I think Brett 's a charmer

Sam: do you think it's part of his game to charm all the girls and then pit them against each other and become jealous?

Angie: absolutely! TOTALLY! 100%! I hate that cuz whey do guys always get to do that. That;s why he gives all those massages and even every fucking speech he jokes about . every time he's on the fucking block he says yoru beautiful like even to scottie.

Sam: he doesn't say that to me

Angie he doesn't?

Sam; hmm

Angie: he doesn't say that to me if that makes you feel better

sam; i feel like something happened. i feel like im going cazy

Angie: do you want him to be charming to you

Sam: no . i don't know.. i think im vulnerable and sad. Charming? Of course. i never once thought in a million years that guy would be interested in me. So i don't think that he is. I think it's all bullshit and part of the game thing and im letting it get to me and i really shouldn't.

Sam: i was giggling like a school girl yesterday like a pathetic piece of shit. And it made me feel really bad and the more i thought about it i let it get the best of me. and im not going to let someone make me look stupid because of my heart strings.

Angie: yeah

Sam: but that really pisses me off that he's willing to pick on me for being sensitive and vulnerable and for being honest.Like im the last person you need to do that with . I have been real with him from the very start. and i have been real with these other girls too. I've never been catty or jealous or flirty but now if he is trying to fakle me into some false reality im like this super special girl that deserves this super special guy whatever bullshit. THAT'S MEAN. I hope that's not happening and not making it up in my head.

Angie: it sounds like it's all in here(house)

Sam: this is all in my mind. no one has said or done anything to make me feel this way. These are all just hunches. this is all stuff that is coming to me that is making me feel bad. and not in a kaitlyn way but in a me way

Angie: you are lonely. and i think it;'s really clear that whatever happened before you coming out here.. that you are potentially in love or not over that . that's clear to me

Sam: that is vey true

Angie: that is not a discussion that is being said around the house. that is me. it puts you in a precarious situation. it';s lonely sam.

Sam: but im not out to lead someone otr whatever. i guess i get this delusional fairly tale feeling and what if it;'s serendipitous.. and that is me being me and lonely and to be taken advantage of .

angie: i think it's fair to have your guard up..

Sam gets up to check who;'s around

Sam: i got to go to bed. and im nt going to let that hapen.. i did it to myself and it's the only thing that i thought about for 3 .. i dont dont how long..

Angie: in a situation like this i can understand developing a crush on someone

Sam: I have a crush on brett? what;'s not to like about him. but yeah i refuse .. im against having a romantic thing on Tv I don't know this mother fucker. i don't know anything about him, cuz nothing in here is real

Angie : he;s got a lot of lines

sam; i just dont know and i dont believe anything anymore and so basically yeah i want to put my foot down and say if that is part of a bigger plan. i would rather leave than be pa part of that. im not going to have my heart ripped out on national tv for the world to see or be pitted against other girls. I will lose my mind

Angie: i will tell you haleigh really likes yo.. and even though you put her on the block. she thinks that you are strong person and you are opening up as a game person so i dont think she is being pitted against you in any way. and Im not interested in brett so im not being pitted against you. that is at least 2 women that's not. I don't know what is making you think that way

Sam: it;s all in my head. so what is wrong with me

Angie: it's just lonely. i dont know why

Sam: i just feel that there is an ulterior motive. it;s made to make me jealous. if i were to let it keep going. im going to be like take out every girl with in 100 miles of me. but i wont do that

angie: i will pinky swear.. i wont say anything.. were there advance made?

sam; this is all in my mind. he could just being nice to me. and that surprises me. it gave me tickles

angie: he made you cookies

Sam: what a bitch if he was genuinely being nice to me.. and Im like dont be nice to me. lIm a BITCH!. I dont mean to do that either. I dont know how to handle this I never had to be around other guys that are like this.

Sam: i really had a hard time finding a way to talk to him, winton, tyler, scottie in the first place.

Angie: i dont think haleigh has a genuine interest in anyone in here. I think she likes them. likes to flirt with them. i think outside of this house anyone of them could be her type but she is not interested in a showmance a. as a 21 yr old girl she would want to flirt. if i was 21 i would flirt too. it doesn't mean i would make out with any of them. and for someone to tell me im pretty. why the fuck not.. im not in that situation. but i understand.. It's nice to hear nice things to hear about yourself..

Sam: at the smae time i think that me being here it;s very like. i dont know. i ahve no confidence . i use to but it;'s all gone and especiallly beinbg here. im all i dont know. im having a hard time getting over that part

agnie: i think you feel like shit for whatever happened and you are not forgiving yourself. and you don't see whatever one else sees.

Sam: I do not. i feel like a big fat disgusting piece of shit and i wish i was dead 1: 28am BBT Feed 3/4

(to be continued)

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Old 08-11-2018, 09:03 am
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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/10/18

back post continued 1:28am BBT feeds 3/4

Angie: that is not what everyone else sees at all. and im sorry you feel that way and im sorry thats what you see that is not what the res to fio us see

sam; this is the big on big one the big u ugly cry that i promised that wasn't going to happen on national tv. Im not crazy. im not bipolar. im not

Angie: it;'s ok if you were. im not saying you are.

sam: JC in the bathroom asked me if i a a familiar history with .. im like shut up.. NO this is just a stressful situation. im a talker and i need to talk shit out and i have no one to talk to except the DR and they are getting sick of me

Sam; yeah i cant see hw a guy like brett could be interested in me and i dont think i need that

Angie; i think all types of guys would be interested in you.. but i would not advise exploring that inside of this game
sam: yeah no..

agnie: i think you are beautiful and creative

sam; and crazy

Angie we are all crazy.

Sam: yeah but im not the one hiding it though. yeah bat shit crazy

Angie: The reason i don't vibe with Angela and kaycee is because they hide their crazy so much

Sam: yeah like pull that stick out of your ass.

Angie: exactly ! that is why I wanted them out of here from the beginning cuz they dont interest me. they are fuicking boring

Angie: if nothing else im sure they are nice outside of her.. but in hee they are snooty. im just saying that everyone else is fun wild. crazy sure. i get it they're playing a game. but they are playing a boring fucking game, that is who they play their lives inside here. i prefer interesting and slightly damaged.

sam; yeah that's me.

agnie: you cant be so hard on yourself. you need a place to do some self work.

Sam: i know but i got here..

Angie: outside of her i would tell you to do stuff for yourself fake it till you make it. you're cool as shit. it's a weird place to do self worth cuz it's a fucked up place. there is a lot of different techniques. but a great start is forgiving yourself for whatever you are so angry about.. and we don't have to talk about it. it make you feel ugly and fat and stupid and when you look at yourself you see this terrible thing. and you are carrying t al this guilt and that is the ugly monster

sam: how do i do that

Angie: say sam. I love you. and not every mistake made its not a mistake it's a lesson and whatever i did it was a lesson or a blessing and i forgive you sam cuz you are just a person and im going to forgive myself

sam: I forgive everyone else..

Angie: yeah it's ok. whatever the fuck. forgive yourself.

Sam; fuck that.

1:35am BBT to be continued
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Old 08-11-2018, 09:12 am
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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/10/18

back post 1:35am BBT feeds 3/4 Continued

Angie: see the beautiful sam that everyone else see.s and leave the monster someplace out. kill it.. it;s counterproductive to sam's existence

Sam; im going to love you forever. you don't know how important you will be in my life

Angie: friends for ever

Sam: I feel better. you're the only one that has made me feel better..

Angie: it;'s the work.. let it go..

Sam: I know that you got haleigh in the game. but can we promise to be inseperable for the rest of time im here..

Angie: sure. i come and see you when im not upstairs with haleigh..

they hug and muffle their mics so we cant hear what they are saying

Sam: Im over it. thank you

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Old 08-11-2018, 09:30 am
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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/10/18

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