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September 2007 Just the facts please

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Old 09-26-2007, 07:35 pm
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Default Re: Jessica & Eric live video chat

no great revelations in this one, other than an interesting tidbit that Eric was "not allowed" to use the veto he won

he did most of the talking (no surprise there lol)

a few other highlights:

when asked what Jessica liked about Eric in the house, she said that "he was always very sweet, and very charismatic"

when asked about the silent treatment task, Eric said "I literally did not speak to Jessica from the time I was given the task until the veto ceremony" but then added that he'd "negotiated 30 minutes" with her before beginning the task

when asked if he'd apologized to Janelle for his comments about her, he said "there's nothing to apologize about", that it's "internet hype" and "not a big deal"

they both said they liked all the "tribute" videos about them, and thanked the fans who made them

when asked if they are dating, they looked at each other and said they guess so.. later Jessica was asked again and replied "Eric and I are.. 'dating' I guess" (she used the word as if it were in quotes - note they were in Seattle for this chat but after BB she went to Kansas and he to New York, so if this continues, it sounds like it'll be a long distance arrangement)
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