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Update guidelines Please read before posting updates

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Old 06-29-2007, 02:50 pm
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Default Guidelines for update posts

First off, thanks very much for keeping people up to date about what's happening on the feeds!

Please keep to the facts - your opinions, likes/dislikes, etc. should go on the Discussions board.
  • If you feel an interpretation is necessary, be clear that that's what it is with an editor note. Example:
    "She apologized to him [but she didn't sound sincere - ed]" is preferable to "She apologized to him but she isn't really sorry"
  • Be careful with abbreviations, especially names - we have three D's and four J's. Example:
    "D and J won the food comp" could be about Daniele, Dick or Dustin and Jameka, Jen, Jessica or Joe!
  • Try to be brief about ordinary things and detailed about important things.
  • If nothing's going on for a long period of time, a short post saying so will help people looking in to see if they've missed anything. Examples:
    "Feeds are still off"
    "Everyone's napping"
    -- if you post something like this after 15 minutes or so, and after a half hour nothing's changed, edit your original post to update it.
  • Be descriptive in post titles so readers can quickly scan to find what interests them.
  • Feel free to edit your posts to add more information, fix typos, and tack on later events or conversations, particularly for ordinary things.
  • Big news should be posted ASAP with "more information to follow" if needed: get the word out, then go back and fill in the details.
Do not repost updates here from other sites! If something important happened that wasn't reported here but is posted elsewhere, go ahead and post a short recap of the event, the updater's nick, and a link to the other site's post. Example:
"There was a huge fight about the veto today! BBLover8293 has a detailed update about it on AnotherBigBrotherSite.com (with a link to the post)"

The same goes for reposting updates from this board on other sites.
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