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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 10/10/16

Monte up in HOH.. kryssie waas saying she didnt like when other people stick out their tongues at others when they were doing the comp.. and whiteny was having my back

morgan i asked her if she was upset with something i said and kryssie said no..

morgan her going off on whitney is yor best bet

monte she said i dont deserve to be here.. she's saying that im judging justin cuz he's black but im not it's cause he sexist.. i dont have anything against justin.. we both said it that we dont have anything against me.. we're just different

motne who do you want up

alex i ahve to talk to justin

scott i dont think that s good.. i think kryssie.. shane will vote out kryssie.

monte.. shane wants me out..

scott what if shane thinks that we;'re all voting out kryssie.. like your life is on the line.. and im ok with america deciding between me and danielle

monte we need to keep the target on danielle

scott we hav eto mkae sure justin/shane think we're voting out krysssie

alex jsutin said he would be willing to vote out one of them he didnt trust them

monte not danielle.. anyone else but cuz it;'s me

morgan can you talk to justin that you will keep him safe the next week

Shelby he;'s coming after you in macho style.. and he should want to get uyou out in a macho way

monte no i thik he will want me out any way he can

monte maybe neeley will vote danielle.. i'll say if she gives kryssie a vote this way it will be america who decides between me and danielle.

scott dont do taht.. she wont go for that.. she loves danielle..

Scott we need to shade them to think that we are voting out krysie.. if one of them do.. then we ahve the numbers

monte ooo i will tell shane if he doesnt vote to keep me that i will tell danielle that he said for me to put her up

Alex if you go home blow up their game
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