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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/14/16/ - Thursday Eviction Day 8/18/16

HG's big news.. I have a BB baby announcement.. it sleeps all day cry's all night.. and cant stop throwing up.. please welcome.. BIG MEECH!!!!!!!!!

Michelle i cant deny it.. # vomit crybaby got what she deserves

natalie we all know that youa re not the brightest bulb.. what you lack in smarts.. you make up in arm pit hair..

Nicole watching you on BB 16 was a little tought.. you threw your game away for a showmance terrible in comps and ultimately have no chance of winning at all.. oh wait.. that's this season!!!! ZING!!

Paul.. you ahve a lot of catch phrases.. pissed.. friendship.. your boy. i got a catch phrase everyone will get behind.. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! (it was bleeped out )

ZIngbot.. now i ahve news to share i decided to run for president.. Veto comp!
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