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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/21/16

james should we tell paul? maybe we should jsut tell them

natalie can we jsut think about it..

natalie he keeps going "we're putting nicole up' and im like i dont have anything to do with it and with michelle i keep talking to her..

james im going to tell paul ; does he think im going to vote out nicole over vic? c;'mon

nat should i keep pushing michelle? paul is playing the game.. more like hyou

james he's sloppy

natalie yeah sloppy and he's trying to sabotage peoples games.. and nicole checked him.. she said you are getting on my nerves fopr saying that.. and paul said wow.. she got mad at me for saying that ..

james.. wow.. .. im going to tell michelle whoever she wants out i'll vote them out and when she said " i want nicole out" and i'll say fuck it.. put nicole up.. " and then i'll start with paul.

james this wy it wont be a blindside
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