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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 9/18/17

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Xmas tells josh to do what he needs to for his game re: F2

Xmas good job! I wasn't upset aht you won i was upset cuz i wanted to do well im a competitor.. i always compete agsint myself..

josh you ahve to be proud of yourslf

xmas i am i went thru a really hard recovery it was really difficult
josh you really recovered while you were competing

xmas listen if you win tomorrow i want you to take who you think you can beat.

josh i dont know what im going to do

xmas I want you to always know me and chu chu are always good im proud of you two and i want you to think about jury and what they see and think and i want you to o what is strategically best for you in this game.. ok? promise

xmas i dont want to know anything. i truly dont

josh the thing is i dont see myself beating either or

xmas you argue your case

josh the money.. my parent.. i can give them security.. i wanted that in live.. like here you dont ahve to worry about it.

xmas yeah to ahve things paid off

josh yeah i want to do taht for them .. but ive accepted it.. like whatever there is planned for me

xmas i think it's best case

josh i think that we're all winning.

xmas i came in here trying to keep my integrity.. and im proud of each of us in a special way.. i persevered with a broken foot this season

josh you gave everyone a run for their money

xms there was no way i wouldn't quit.. and everyone has their shinning moment..

x,mas i wanted to tell you how proud i am of you.. you've grown up so much..

paul y8ou guys chatting?

and convo changes
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