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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

josh im sorry it made me feel better we can keep going in a circle.. i fucked up

paul it made you feel better and it created more problems

paul you're high. snap out of it ..

paul leaves

xmas i want you to be ok. you can lean on me or paul

josh im fine.. she's gone..

xmas im sorry for snapping at you

josh i dont care that you snapped . i do care about being questioned

josh i dont know who is fucking with you 2.. but that offends me a lot

xmas you know what offends me. ? that is the only way i can put into perspective on how i was feeling that is how i had to check you all this other stuff didnt work. i dont doubt yoru loyalty and ability.. but when you're chasing her around

josh you guys dont know she told me

xmas you followed her around.. and now she tapped into thing..

josh i dont know how she got to the conclusion from me just saying im sorry

xmas it's yoru actions from this week and last week..

amex i needed you to see those options.. it felt like you were questioning our plans. it was a very aggressive way to spell it out for you.. i had to and i think you got my point.. i love and support you.. and if i can take this from you

josh im fine

xmaws you get me so frustrated!~! FUCK!!
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