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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

xmas its the reactions.. now she is going to go top jury and jeapordize our game to the jury

paul now she is bringing up the jaosn vote

josh i didnt say anything

paul your actions are fuckingup our game

josh split vote..

paul i dont feel comfortable. doing that i dont know if you would do that.

jsh split vote..

paul you were mad at us for asking you if you were ready to take the hoh and then yoou do this

xmas we were worried ath you can handle these emiotions.. i can hadle it more and i can check my emotions

paul even after i told you .. you fell into it.. i did everythinbg to help you and you tossed it right now

josh no i didnt

paul did you jsut ahve a conversationw ith her? she is saying where all the votes are and xmas..

josh i didnt say anthing

josh send me out next week

xmas no

josh if i fucked everything up send me out

xmas no

paul you lost your mind

josh i dont know what to do.. do a split vote and i will send her out and then if i fucked everything up then send me out.. if i cant have a conversation

xms no

paul she's going to go to jury and fuck everything up
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