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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

paul i wasn't going to not talk to yo

alex i appreciate that

paul you are not my enemy.. i wanted to be honest with you.. and im not going to not do that.. and i dont want you to think im selfishly fucking me over it;s not that

alex to be honest it does feel like that 100%

Alex i thought that you or jason would win over me and i would be ok with it.. but not them. i shouldnt ahve thrown those comps

paul i want you to get it out..

alex i dont wnat to keepo throwing shit at you

paul no it's ok yo can if i am doing this to you

paul yuou say im securing you losing.. i am securing me losing if i do the other

alex well it;'s $40,000

paul i dont care about tehmoney

alex it is about teh money for me

paul well it is but i cant say what i want about taht and i know hyou are locking up what im putting down. its not that im living the high life

ale it jsut sucks.. i i worked really hrd.. she;s tearing up a little

alex we dont have to talk about it any more it;'s jsut worse

paul im sorry dude im going to do what iu can for this

alex we are stuck..

paul maybe xmas i can promise her soemthing

alex thank you

paul its not taht i dont want to go to the end with alex it's that i lose those votes..
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