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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

paul i wanted to make sure that i didn all that i could doi.. but i dont know..

alex i wanted you to win

paul now this thing with the kevin thing.. i had to promise a lot of things to keep him.. and if i lose him to jury.. i won't get that vote.. im not taking him before you..

paul i .. it's super hard for me.. and the more i see these fuckers laughing it pisses me off more .. i dont know what to do

alex you ahve to do what you have to do dude

paul i was alone didnt think i was goiong to make it you always had jason. i as on my own. even if those would work with me they all had their own thing going on. it's been a rough tough journey for me. i dont want to disappoint people again

paul im not beating around the bush or ambiguous.. i dont know if elena will keep that promise to you and those 3 once i make this move i lose those 3 votes. do y8ou get what im saying. they would be pissed. they would be bitter salty.. xmas would be.. josh..

paul it's hard to say that. i dont think im being selfish but it sounds wired.. even though i want to use I dont see me winning and i would be the enxt target.. i know that.. it was like vic and i last year.. i wanted that if it was like that last year.. and if it was like taht i would leave over you ahdns down.. and it makes me feel taht i let uyou down i should ahve won that hoh

alex just keeps nodding and has her heard down

paul if you think you can work xmas and josh then that is a differnt story.. then i wouldnt ahve to cross them and then keivn wouldnt be so mad..

alex i didnt want to throw the comp to you but i did and that saved you adn I but i wanted to win ity and save jaosn.. bso that ws a stupid move on my part. i trusted that we weer going to do this together.. i put you before jason.. and that is why im so upset the whole backdoor thing

paul that was real?

alex yo think so? i think that xms didnt like jason.. should have pulled jason off

paul i wanted to do taht but they said that to trust them..

alex we should ahve sent kevin home on that one.. and ive beens screwed left and right

paul im not trying to screw you.. this nitty gritty in teh game.. i dont know what to do if i make this move i lose if i dont then i ahve a chance.. and it's really hard
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