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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

Josh rehashing the jess fight

alex iscrew her she siad not to amke fun of her hoh letter cuz her mom doesn't speak english well and then made fun of you

xmas she doesnt even like her mom.. im not telling anything that she didnt talk open about.. but she feels guilty that her dad passed away..

josh she ahs her bitchy and mean side but you can tell she had a good hearet.. out of all those group

alex i didnt notice zipo.. the only time she was nice to me was to lie to me

paul i dont jsut people on shit outside this game

xmas i hope she and cody work out. i hope she doesnt hold any grudges.. i hope she see's .. find s what her lesson is

josh she's a strong person

paul she's fine..

xmas she will bounce back fast

josh pre jury she's one of the best

paul and cameron.. we talked aobut him the most..
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