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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 9/8/17

Alex i dont trust xmas anymore.. obviously

paul we need to winveto

alex yeah i knew we shouldnt trust xmas.. i felt that she would vote out kevin but i dont rtust her at this point.. and she is nice to my face about kevin she already knew about teh plan when i told her and she was saying that was fucked up

alex i told him that josh was in his corner and you see how it unfold they all knew..

paul im telling you that week they wanted us out

alex if i woulda stayed on teh block i woulda been voted out so thank you

paul yeah i took yoru ass off..

alex theya re trying to take us out cuz we are good competitors.. if josh/kevin go up it will be a toss up

alex and xmas had the hoh's thrown to her.

alex i dont trust anyone but you.. josh went rouge

paul yeah josh went rouge

alex that ws weird to em i thought you were cool

paul i put him in check.. then he was fine(fake fight after eviction)

paul checking his dates with alex
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