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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 9/8/17

Paul whats going on pal

kevin whats he doing that talking

paul a little alex is..

kevin whats he doing

paul you know the plan..

paul i think it';s going to be alex and maybe me

kevin i can tell you drank last night

paul they were already drinking when i went up there i ahd one beer

kevin i dont know why she couldnt give me a beer

paul she was never going to do that

kevin that's so mean. and stupid.. why? and then afterwards you want me to talk to you when this is over it's so stupid.. and she put his hat up there like that.. i put my sunglasses on the bed to go to the bathroom and they were put back on my bed.. she is the one that fucked up his game

kevin i'm fine by myself i dont want to listen to justin bieber.. this is what im supposed to do right>

paul 12 more days

kevin tell me what will happen we got the pov tomorrow

paul that;s the one you should win

Kevin if they dont put me up you know who im voting out.

paul i know i dont have to worry about you
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