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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/29/17

paul he was asking me why alex doesnt like him.. and he thinks you are taking him to F2..

josh he will beat you

josh he's been friends with everyone in the jury as they walked out..

paul we ahve to throw it to you or xmas

jaosn i talked to kevin this morning.. i said im done protecting you.. that there is nothing going on here.. i said that to stay calm and stop aggravating people.. and he's like what do you mena.. and i said youa re my pal.. no one is saying they are agsitn you.. and paul and you are like me and alex..

paul what did he say to that

jason he was like what do you mean.. and i said josh never talk shit about you

paul he said to me that i was never going to beat him and i was like what?
and kevin said jason and alex..

jason what? no one is going to beat you! are you kidding me

josh youa re protecting someone that the whole house wants out

jason it's like you need to be pissed.. youa re stronger.. and your brain shuts down.. it's going to be rough.. i like the people that are left.. i hope he's not a total fuck ass.
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