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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/25/17

Keivn in HOH i aint no chump.. i hav eto win something maybe there is a throw the ball in the air.. i dont know

kevin you are happy alex paul im happy.. i dont know who did the other vote for the kid.

jason if i were you id keep your math shut about that and ears open.. i did one but i dont know who was the other one

keivn it wasnt me it's fishy.. mark didnt say good bye to me.. and he hugged you.. but why

jaosn i was going to vote that way anyway.. i dont like the wya the voting was going

keivn you shoulda told me..

jason i didnt want to tell anyone

kevin would you ahve rathered mark here and matt gone

jason yes me and alex and maybe paul woulda liked that more.. but they were scared of mark and not scared of matt

kevin what about xmas and josh are they saying anything to you

jason it's coming.. but .. i cant say that. you dont know what is going to happen.. if raven/matt won i dont know who they woulda put up

kevin who do you think

jason me/alex or me/you.. and raven doenst like alex so they coulda BD alex they would never put up paul

kevin what should i do

jason you need to stop making like you dont know what is going on.. like it's making you look bad.. like doesnt he know the plan.. whatever teh plan is that is teh plan.. stop asking about it..
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