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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18

kaela we are not teh competitors that they are.. and lets face i won a comp holding a button.. and peole are figuring it out that since i didnt put you guys up
Ali if johnny comes to you to use the veto i think you should encourage it

kaaela if he beats around the bush

ali he's going to say that thre is a special power that ryan has and he's nervous.. if he ssays maddy and paras to go up .. go to that person and say that johnny said yoru nae, and throw erica up.. and hope they will vote erica out..

akela if ryan comes down with the veto he's a vote for johnny's side

ali not if we get to him before it

kaela and if ryan wins the hoh for the triple it's the 4 oof us up there..

ali yeah its going to be us anyone..

kaela i dont trust ryan.. and i want to see what johnny's conversation is with me and he said that he is talking to everyone and then he will talk to me

ali he's trying to make sure that ryan goes hom
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