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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18

HOH What the Bleep

Tyler Kaycee and JC compete

View video's by HG. I will tell you the bleep out phrase MIGHT be True or False
after 7 videos new HOH

Brett: i just had a vision PULL False JC/tyler point

2) Im so excited to ? everyone one of you SPEND TIME WITH Get to knwo. False
JC gets a point

3) out of the 5 people that coulda gone up and that coulda been me Disappointing selfsih all guessed true. all wrong

JC 2 Tyler 2 Kaycee 0

4) I want to apologize to the people i HURT CORRECT all correct

All gets a point

5) Rachel i nominated you you haven't really ?? TALKED TALKED all correct

JC 4 ATyler 3 Kaycee 2

6) last week tyler??? bayleigh SPOKE TO CAME TO

Jc tyler each get a point

JC 5 tyler 4 kaycee 2

7) who would you like to ??? in this game TRUST EMPOWER

Kaycee right

JC wins 5 tyler $ kaycee 3

JC wins HOH

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