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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 8/8/18

Angela this veto meeting is adjourned

bay i never expected my name come out of angela's mouth and im not the hacker but no one else knows that. im not going to let what anyone else says drag me down. once a queen always a queen.

hal; i feel guilty that bay is there right now. i was focused on no one suspecting m,e and never thought they would suspect bayleigh. now i have to choose between 2 of my favorite people in the house

angela: i just made a huge move it was a complete and total blind side and bayleigh never saw it coming now all i have to do is make sure she goes home this week

tyler i knew i could trust angela with the veto . bayleigh's the hacker and even if she's not she has a pretty dangerous power app and i don't want her sticking around and end up on the wrong side of that thing

till tomorrow!!
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