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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/2/18


Tyler VTE Rachel

Sam VTE Rachel

Fessy VTE Brett

JC VTE Rachel

Haleigh VTE Brett

Rachel is evicted 5-4

Rachel gets up and leaves says WOW!!! hugs no one!!

Julie can you speak?

rachel yeah.. i dont know.. i dont know what happened

Julie do yu9 know who you are mad at?

Julie it was yoru allaince

Rachel tyler angela kaycee

Julie yes yes

Julie who else..

rchel JC Sam

Julie yep

Julei why do you think they did that to you?

rachel: i dont kow

Julie what did you think of brett and his lies

Rachel: i thought it was a last ditch effort to throw me under trhe bus

Julie: bay told you about the power house and you told angla

Rachel and she told them

Julie do you regret that?

rachel yeah..

Julie you were loayl to your alliance

rachel i was crying to the DR about Brett

Julie I KNOW!!

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