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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/2/18

Save me speeches

Rachel shoutouts .Brett i hated being on the block with yo. i hope i can benefit your person game going forward when you go through those doors that i hope you vote to keep me. love all you guys I ave a lot of fight left in me and i still want to play this game.

Brett: I want to call out the elephant in the room i know i was bayleigh target.I also know that rachel was her pawn. how do i know that? rachel told me. why does that matter cuz rachel also told me that bay has that power app.. That power app gives bayleigh the ability to change the noms net week. with me being in the house as a target that will make sure all you guys are safe when bayleigh uses that power. Now why would bayleigh tell rachel about that information? That is because rachel is the head of the all girls alliance called THE MANEATERS Besides Sam being in that alliance, 3 of the 4 guests that have left have been male the 5 target is also a male think about that when you go to vote

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