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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18

Swaggy with julie

Julie you ar a superfan

swaggy hmmm

julie you thought you were running the house

swaggy hmmm

julie what happened

swaggy everyone is soft. someone from my side flipped last weeka dn someone flipped this week

julie who do you feel that flipped

swwaggy haleigh.. kaitly

julie why haliegh?

Swaggy she said she didnt knwo how she was goig to vote and she was the only one who didnt wear it

julie she vote for you to stay

swaggy oh she did? i didnt hug her

Julie i noticed
Julie you said a lot of strategy about coming in the show.. they show a clip of staying in the midle

Julie what happened?

Swaggy it didnt help that i got a girlfriend day 6
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