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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday TRIPLE Eviction Day 4/26/18

kaela in
Johnny can you give us a minute we're talking

kaela no.. how does it feel that when someone wants time to talk you dont give it to them

johny ok

Kaela i just want to you to know that i want the time of day to talk and how it feels

kaela leaves

johnny you see.. she's savage she;'s going to be like ha ha ha savage.. slayla.. and derk is ging to laugh about it.. they make some promises in the game of BB fuck promises.. it's about numbers.. fuck that it's aobut being stregth

maddy in

WIll youa re part oif this

johnny ali wanted to talk and i just sent kaela away

maddy i feel that this is what is best.. for the 3 of us and if one of th 3 of us wins the 4 of us are safe

paras you ahve been voicing to derek to be on his good side and that;'s not cool and you said that you didnt know to ali.. and that got her worried

maddy i did say i didnt know and if you feel that then vote to evict kaela

Johnny please vote to evict kaela..

Will ive never been this mind fucked before

Johnny people making deals and swearing on this.. a word doesnt mean things vs $100,000
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