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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday TRIPLE Eviction Day 4/26/18

Johnny i cant beleive yo guys are thinking that derek and kaela mean what they are saying

Will they swore on their families.. that means more

johnny but dont you kow that they are like ha ha we got to stay.. and they wil put you guys upo. and liv on her own with out ali is just liv on her ouw.. and you knw taht this show nis about showmances and they get to the end

maddy it's over playing with out fear

Johnny maddy you know that it's %5 difference.. that there is no guarantee

Johnny i know that is how you feel i dont know that is how will feels

maddy i think that this is our best chance to go into the triple.. and that is what will help us get there

johnny what then>?/ you get then and then you can go.. and they are goiong to cockroach their way to the final. and ali who doesnt pose a threat.. and you are considering to keep kaela.. and you are thinking ath fans of the show think that this si a good move

maddy i dont think or care what the fans think.. I have to not think about what happens after teh F5.. i have to think about getting to the F5.. if you think that is me being a cockroach.. then that is what i am.. im thinking that this si what i can do to get the most of us to the F5

Johnny i disagree can i talk to will alone

maddy ok

Ali i want to tyalk to will im hearing so much shit.. im on the block im so confused right now
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