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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/23/18

Johnny they both lie a lot to make you feel comfortable. but in a game that no one can be trusted you go with what you got

Will the said that they would put up derek maddy paras..

Johnny so much of this game they talked aobut how much of a threat you are and how good i am with you and erica..

wil you can trust maddy paras

johnny can i?

will as much as anyone.. .., kaela said taht she wouldnt put me up if i kept her.. you should mention that to ali

johnny they are jsut saying that to get your vote .. and why would ali/liv want to go to the end with maddy/paras

will 4 girls

johnny my fear is maddy/paras win and then they put up derek ali liv and then one comes down and i go up and get voted out

WIll no i said i'd keep you

johnny but youa re one vote.
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