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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18

kaela if will comes down i will tell maddy and paras to decide which of them to go up

Derek if anyone wins except will or ryan it's the same

kaela if ryan comes down

Derek if we put johnny up we tell will he was never the target all along

kaela this is so crazy that it will work

derek we need 4 votes me ali liv paras

kaela and ryan he siad we will do what we ant

kaela i didnt give anyone the opportunity to talk about ryan anyway.. they were all talking about each other i took him out of the equation.. even when maddy came in that i heard her name.. and then i was stirring it up

derek so who sid names?

kaela ryan maddy johnny.. johnny thinks that maddy is after him and johnny siad ali.. and maddy was saying she cant trust paras or will and ryan threw each other under the bus. they all said each others names

derk you cant top that

kaela they were all sitting pretty for too long

Erica in to use the bathroom
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