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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/2/17

3:05 paul and josh talk in SR feeds 3/4

josh dont you think it's smart of raven wins

paul if i win then i pull off alex and kevin goes home

paul kevin said some stuff and he jsut says stuff.. and thinks its a joke but it rasies things.. he asked me after noms if i planned this

paul i cant take Raven anymore if you notice my face i cant do it anymore..

paul listen kevin is jsut fucking with you

josh if he thinks that alex stays and he will link me and xmas to that vote.. and will put us up..

paul not if i can help it

josh alex said that she use to hate me but ive grown so much.. josh im going to vote the way i want

paul so what will happen i will be the other 2 votes.. save alex.. i will say they're coming after me and you

kevin into SR breaks up convo

kevin gets m&m's and says he's getting in the shower

Paul so if i use the pov to protect you.. and worse case she wins hoh i will say is she stupid to put up josh/xmas cuz they wont win anything.. or i can get alex to throw it to me

josh she is so bitter....

paul she is just bringing it out to make you feel guilty

paul im going to say throw me the veto..
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