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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/2/17

Feeds back veto players are Xmas Jason Alex Paul Kevin Raven

Xmas what is happening?

Jason the best case is that raven wins and leaves noms the same..

Josh jason is working his angle for jury.. he said as a joke that i had an allainc with xmas.. and i said that no we are friends.. so he's wroking the angel

Josh he wants me to vote with hsi guys.. and

xmas i told you to push back..

josh paul wants me to vote with him.. and he doesnt ant the blood on his hands

josh alex came to me and said that she hated me earlier and now that she loves me.. cu of the jillina vote.. and if jason goes then she will come for me.. so this agenda protects paul..

josh so either we dont say we are with him or we say we are.. we dont pretend..

xmas paul has to take a shot at raven

josh paul hs to stop playing the angel with him.. it will be 3-1.. and then he has alex.. and not me and you..
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