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Default Re: Live Finale Show Thursday 12/1/16

Morgan's journey

Morgan even though my friends were in power the nominated my allies and they went home.. and then i invented the ball smashers.. we got out shane and neeley

morgan i was nominated week 4 and had to win veto to pull myself off.. then we noticed our alliance member was getting to clos to the other side of teh house

morgan all of these events lead to alex walking out at the DE.. i felt hopeless but america award me the CP .. i got the POV i got to keep me and shelby shafe.. and whitney went packing that';s what you get for jumping ship.

morgan when it was jsut me and shelby we formed the jumbalya group but they werent loyal.. shelby wins HOH and then america nominated me and then shelby won Veto and pulled me off the block

morgan the biggest turning point was me winning HOh and i wanted to return the favor and help shelby oput.. jason won veto and i ahve to nominate shelby.. i knew i was truly alone.. when i ahd to watch shelby walk out the door.

with my back agaisnt the wall me and justin went head to head and i won it

morgan winning this money would mean the world to me
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