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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16


Ok i dont know how im going to follow those cuz im a terrible speech giver

i never thought i would be here ther were so many ups and downs and i can say that i never let this game break my spirit . im the only person left standing in my alliance and on my side of the house . im the only americva's nominee who survived and is here right now . i hope those points prove to you that im a fighter and i deserve this $250,000

all of us have played very different games but i think i can say i played a great social game . i embraced the role of being a non threat i knew it would take me far in this game and i showed that when my back is against the wall i can win competitions to get me further in this game..

I did have a twist i did have to play with a sister and that was stressful try playing this game with a sibling in the game . i knew week one that i wasnt going to be the biggest super fan or strategist and i knew i wasnt going to be the biggest personality so i embraced the non threat role and it kinda stuck and to say that i knew it would work and i knew that being likable would take me far in this game

there was a house division but i worked very hard with the house to make sure taht i was well liked and i made sure week to week taht every person in my alliance was a bigger threat than me. and yes they did all go home before me but this is why im at the end

when numbers dwindled i showed that i could win my way to where i am right now., i won the HOH that got me to the final 4 and won the head to head challenge that got me here to the final 3 and that shows that i didnt have to piggyback off of anyone esle and i won my place here fair and square.

I hope america you see that i did work so hard to get here and i might be the underdog but i fought my way her.. and i might not have made big game moves but i knew what to do to get to this point

so a vote for me would mean the absolute world to me and a vote for me will not only mean a vote for myself but for every single one of my alliance members that went out that door before me . for alex shelby whitney scott even monte . ya know im still here the only one fighting because of them

so it would mean the world to me and for the last time ever.. Bikini girl OUT
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