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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16

Kryssie 3:22 pm feeds 3/4

after the 1st 3 weeks i was the 1st in my alliance to win hoh and come close to.. so that they would take me to the end

I had that knowledge in the double eviction

I threw that tie breaker so i wouldnt be the 1st person to ahve 2 HOH and to take the target off my back and put it firmly on danielle and then i flipped danielle to save jsutin at the last minute knowing justin would stay loyal to me.. but i knew he would turn onj her when he found out that he was the back door initially.. I was able to bring him back in and then make a F3 with morgan and shelby for that week on teh condition that danielle would be our target for that week and jason would be safe for one more and that justin would get a care package .. and the fact that h jason and i are here is not coincidences.. he and i made a final 2 deal back on night 2. ride or die .. knowing that no matter what i did knowing that jason would want to be at the end with me

i didnt come here to be afraid of people i came here to play a strategic and smart game and i did. I didnt come here as a smart girl pretending to be a dumb waitress.. so she can appear dub and that is exactly what she did.. cuz the real un apologetic real waitress who wants to be a rock star with the social skills she learned waiting tables for 12 years in a row have helped her get to the very end of this game.

this is why my investment of jason paid off getting me to the final 3 ../ and also the team work behind the scenes and not jsut the individual games would shine that much brighter and hopefully it earned the monetary reward

so america that is why i deserve teh $250 g's .. thank you for making this possible and i luv yu from the bottom of my heart..
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