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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/25/16

5pm feeds 3/4 Kryssie he coulda watched thanksgiving from home

jason he woulda never watched it

kryssie his brain is jsut as cortoon as scotts

Kryssie danielle woulda died to be here .. alex, whitney.. i said that remember how shelby acted otu cuz of that tv spot.. he is acting worse.. all he has to do is stand there

jason i cant even speak aobut why i cant go to holiday but to be so anti thanksgiving.. cuz of some heritage.. c'mon! C'MON!!

Kryssie i can understand why he thinks that thanksgiving isnt a holiday

kryssie the antiquated reason on why we are celebrating it has nothing to do with why it's celebrated.. we are celebrating it cuz it's a milestone for big brother

jason thanks giving in history doesnt mean what it means now .. people are saying what they are thankful for now . they aren't saying they are thankful for saying they are giving out small pox blankets now .. why cuz the things people do like pilgrims vs Indians? that has nothing to do with

kryssie that's not what we are doing ehre.. they gave us cute outfits

jason did he mention it yesterday

kryssie no he's mentioned it all along.. i get it

jason his whole family is native american so how is he not down with thanksgiving .. it's whatever

kryssie i understand.. he feels that way.. but he signed up.. and people that would cut off thier right arm..

jaosn ther are people that go to casting calls and make videos.. and he just spits in the face of it all

kryssie he doesnt care..

jaosn alot of the fans dont respect the recruit thing.. and ive always said there needs to be them.. but if you are going to be nonchalant and disrespectful

kryssie the reason for recruits is to have a different outlook on it.. and if he says he';s not going to do that.. it gives me a shitty name

kryssie i learned the game before i came in. i watched it but i did my homework and i played the game.. him eating as a have not.. refusing to do that diner and refusing to go to the DR .. it's so disrespectful and shitty and entitled.. and we helped create this monster

jason yeah we did..

kryssie i made excuse for him

jaosn i had shots to take him out and i kept pushing it back..
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